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In search of Lyle's Golden Syrup

Saw it at the Maple Leaf Gardens Loblaws two or three days ago...

LOBLAWS Maple leaf Gardens

The store is beautiful and impressive in a lot of ways, but it is also rather difficult to navigate and lacking in some things I would consider basic. For example, even though they have all sorts of fancy ready-made foods of all sorts, there are NO halal products offered in the store - not fresh meat, cold cuts or frozen products. Longo's Maple Leaf Square carries several kinds of fresh halal chicken and also frozen halal products under the Maple Lodge Zabihah brand; even the trashy Metros underground are starting to carry some halal frozen products. Most No Frills throughout the city carry several halal options. For a store of this size in the centre of a very multicultural city to not have ANY halal products and not many international food items is ridiculous, if you ask me.

Basha restaurant in Toronto?!

I was walking up Yonge Street the other day, between Bloor and Wellesley, and from across the street, I swear I spotted a very familiar looking logo - the logo for the Basha Mediterranean restaurant chain from Montreal. I didn't have time to cross the street and investigate further, but could it be?? Is the Basha chain actually coming to Toronto, or is it just another place with the same name and a suspiciously similar logo??

Home made hummous just not as good as restaurants

The best hummus recipe I've tried at home was Nigella Lawson's recipe from her "How to Eat" cookbook. Her "secret" is to start with dried chickpeas, and to tenderize them by soaking them for 24-36 hours in a large amount of water to which a runny paste made with of 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp salt and a bit of water are added. Once they've soaked for the required amount of time, drain and rinse them, then cover and cook for 1.5-4 hours over low heat until they are very soft. She says not to lift the lid on the pot for the first hour at all or the peas will harden. Her recipe also says to save 3/4 cup of the cooking liquid to use to thin the hummus when you blend it. (You usually end up only using about 1/4 cup of the water; I think she says to save that much in case certain processors/blenders end up needing more liquid to blend a smooth batch of hummus.)

Her other secret is to add a few tablespoons of greek yogurt to the mixture of the cooked peas, tahini, lemon, garlic, cumin and olive oil at the end of the blending process. She says this helps replicate the "whipped" consistency of restaurant-style hummus and prevents the "claggy" texture homemade hummus tends to take on once refrigerated. I know this is untraditional, but it's worked for me!

Sep 12, 2009
ACCritic in Home Cooking

Mango Lassi

Agree with polarmate about substituting canned alphonso mango pulp for fresh. It gives the lassi a more intense mango flavour.

Sep 12, 2009
ACCritic in Recipes

ISO - Billy Bee Honey Barbecue Sauce

The Rabba Fine Foods at Queen's Quay and Rees Street had several bottles of the Billy Bee Honey Garlic BBQ sauce. Not sure if this is the one you're looking for or not...