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Bofinger DDO - Normal?

If that`s true, it would be because of their inferior advertising tactics. I understand that they want their product to speak for itself, which would work in the downtown or NDG areas, but on the West Island, people usually go with what is safe and known.
Word of mouth doesn`t go very far in the West.

Jell-O Shot

Though some may be more than willing to experience vodka in its natural format, most of us need something to help it go down smoother.
Jello is there with its vibrant color and smooth texture that can easily disguise the sharpness of most vodkas and help the consumer get to their state of choice without the discomfort or burning on the way.
Also, there are many different ways to enjoy your jello shots and many ways to make them. For example, one can layer the different flavors so that the end result is striped in appearance, or one can simulate real shots in a jello format (fuzzy navel, anyone?).
So for the rest of us who are either too skiddish or wary of the classic vodka shot, as-is, behold! jello will come to the rescue!

Aug 04, 2009
apple blossom in Recipes