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Best Noodles in Boston?

Thanks. I think I might try Beijing Star, I know Moody and Main St. have a lot of great eats and my friend goes to Brandeis.

Best Noodles in Boston?

Hey, I live and go to school in the Boston area, and i was looking for a good noddle place. I tried Noodle St. by BU, and it was good but our meal was tainted by friends showing up an hour late. I am not looking for any specific in types of cuisine, just some good noddles. Oh, and for those who have not had the chance to try, I recommend the Rice Barn in Needham Center, where the old Chinese restaruant was.

Cape Cod Help (Martha's Vineyard Too!)

In Orleans there is Land Ho! Has a bar, always crowded though, great food, the usual though, burgers, seafood. I highly recommend it even there is a wait. Also in Orleans, if you are looking for a good italian place Rosina's is very good. Entrees however can get a bit pricey but I have enjoyed a few good meals there.