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Providence, RI Recommendations?

We'll be visiting Waterfire in Providence this weekend, staying at the Westin downtown, and are looking for some help to plan our time. We'd like to stay somewhat near the hotel and walk for the most part.

- Would like to take a picnic to view Waterfire on Saturday night. Will we be able to pick up all supplies at Venda Ravioli? Any other recommendations to pick up supplies? Is it ok to bring wine and beer? (Side question - any tips on the best place to set up our picnic and watch the festivities?)

- About how long is the wait at Nick's for a Sunday brunch? Is it worth the wait?

Thank you!

6/09 Geronimo,, New Haven, Ct. : Southwestern? Oh Noooooo, Mr. Bill!!

We ate here a few weeks ago and I agree that the majority of the food was not fantastic. Not bad, but nothing great. One dish I would recommend is the Apache BLT, the smoked bacon was wonderful. Wish they weren't out of the Buffalo Chili Nachos, I would have liked to try those.

This is more of a place for sitting outside with drinks and tasting tequilas. The staff was really nice and generous during our visit. Between that and fun outdoor seating we did have a really nice time. I would be willing to give it another chance.

Best ice cream in CT

In Milford, the Walnut Beach Creamery was a great surprise. The Honey Vanilla is amazing - made with local honey.