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Help: Butternut Squash Lasagna - add protein?

I've made butternut squash lasagna a few times and am making it again this week but thought it'd be ideal to add some sort of protein or meat to it to make it a full meal.

Any ideas?

Nov 16, 2014
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Tribune Tavern Debut [Oakland]

Bummer. I was hopeful for it.

Tribune Tavern Debut [Oakland]

Any updates? Did the dry-aged beef end up working out? I went about a year ago and wondering if I should go out of my way to go back. Thank you!

Sunday Brunch SF

Waterbar on the embarcadero has the best bloody mary with shrimp and bacon as a garnish. Also has $1 oysters starting at 11a or 1130a. We were both very happy with our entrees as well.

Looking for Resto Reccos in SF

My first suggestion is to make your reservations ASAP.

If money isn't a concern, definitely check out Saison.

For food that never disappoints: NOPA, La Folie, and Wayfare Tavern

For cuisine you might not have tried before: Bar Tartine and Aziza

More low key night or lunch: Mission Chinese and Burma Superstar - be prepared to wait

If you feel like giving more specifics like price range and neighborhoods I'm happy to give more recommendations.

Happy eating :)

Pea Shoots

I recently ordered a 1/2 pound of pea shoots through my delivery service and didn't realize just how many pea shoots that adds up to. Living alone, I have had to get very creative with them:

1. sauteed with eggs (they cook quickly so I just added at the end of eggs cooking)
2. Protein shake - vanilla protein powder, pea shoots, macadamia nuts, and almond milk
3. Olive bread, goat cheese, pea shoots, black pepper
4. Pea shoots, avocado, ranch dressing
5. Miso soup - tofu, mushrooms, miso paste, pea shoots added at the end
6. Pasta, mushrooms, pea shoots, lemon, butter, white wine

Believe it or not, still have quite a few left!

Jan 29, 2014
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Intimate 30th Birthday Party in SF. Looking for a good venue. Any help much appreciated :)

It's one of my friend's 30th birthday's in early January. Looking for a place that could be somewhat private for 15-20 people. Preferably: nice view, good food and cocktails, somewhat dressy attire. Any neighborhood can work and budget is not an issue. Thank you in advance for your help!!

Question about Shiro's...

Are you going to be by yourself? I went on a weekday, by myself, and didn't have any trouble getting in.

Sep 05, 2013
Ashley12 in Greater Seattle

Cocktail party venue in San Fran?

Naked Kitchen in the Mission. It's basically just a venue but they have all the serving necessities.

Critique my menu please

Looks great so far. In terms of a salad, what about tomatoes, basil, and burrata? Tomatoes are fantastic right now. You could also do that over romaine or arugula to incorporate a lettuce.

I love beets but perhaps a veggie that's in season right now could be more special.

Where are you from? That piece of information could help us give you better suggestions since we'll then know what's realistically available to you.

Good for you for hosting a great dinner party! Cheers.

Aug 14, 2013
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Meat CSA delivered, need help deciding what to make!

Oooo that sounds good. Maybe add some mushrooms too...Thanks for the idea!

Aug 14, 2013
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Meat CSA delivered, need help deciding what to make!

Made Osso Buco - used some of the beef stock, white wine, fresh tomatoes, carrots, celery, and onion. Brightened it at the end with fresh parsley, lemon, and dijon mustard. Served over pureed fingerlings - delish!

Planning on making the goat sliders tonight...

Aug 14, 2013
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Is it just me or is it rather difficult to find good steak in the Bay Area?

Had the filet at Epic Roasthouse last night and it was quite good, pleasantly surprised. It was a tad under salted but they had two different types of salt on the table. The truffled mashed potatoes might have had a bit too much truffle oil in them IMHO.

Meat CSA delivered, need help deciding what to make!

Just received a fabulous CSA from 4505 meats and there are a few cuts of things I have never made. Thought it would be fun to discuss it here, get your feedback, and share the results. Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Thank you!

Here is the inventory:
2x Osso Bucco
1 lb Ground Beef
1 quart Beef Stock
1 lb Goat Shoulder Chop
5 Chicken Apple Sausages
4 Harissa Goat Sliders
2 lb Pork Sirloin
1 lb Pork Porterhouse
1 lb Top Round Steak

Aug 11, 2013
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

How do I pan-cook salmon without it flaking off into bits

Salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika, and mayonnaise spread thinly on top of fish. Place that side down in a hot pan and sear until blackened (3 minutes), flip and sear skin side (3-4 min), and then cover pan and turn down heat to medium/medium-low for an additional 3-4 minutes. Comes out so tender and cooked perfectly.

Jul 29, 2013
Ashley12 in Home Cooking

Cheap-ish dinner in Berkeley, but still sit-down

sabuy sabuy - best Thai food in the area hands down. There are 2 locations - 1 on San Pablo and the other is on College. Highly recommend!

CHOW Reviews: Vitamix 5200 Standard

I agree with rasputina. I definitely don't need an additional blender and will go further to say that my Cuisinart could even be discarded with the addition of the Vitamix on my counter.

Jul 01, 2013
Ashley12 in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: Vitamix 5200 Standard

I agree with all of the other posts but what concerns me most about this review is that it sounds like someone just used a Vitamix for a day. I use my Vitamix everyday and will admit that on the first day it took me a little while to figure it out or get used to it, since it is quite different than typical blenders. However, now it is my favorite tool I have in my kitchen and recommend it to everyone. I have never seen a blender that is as easy to clean and produce such smooth results.

This review is the first I have read of the series and must admit that if all the reviews are done so quickly I won't have much interest in reading anymore. America's Test Kitchen relentlessly tests, gets feedback from numerous users, and therefore they have trustworthy reviews.

I am not impressed in this first review and hope that Chow can take future reviews more seriously.

Napa Valley Wine Tours...without a car

My friends and I went on Craiglist once and found a driver for a last minute day trip at a very reasonable price.

Best quality sushi in Oakland or Berkeley?

Yume is definitely the best. But the value is at Geta. Kirala is also pretty consistent. Yoshi's and Ozumo are both okay.

Best quality sushi in San francico

Tataki in SF claims to have only sustainable fish. As a result their fish menu changes and they don't always have everything a typical sushi restaurant would have.

Best quality sushi in San francico

I agree with everything stated in this post regarding Sushi quality in the Bay Area. However, there is one diamond in the rough that I believe is notable and has not been mentioned yet.

Yume in Alameda. It is a tiny sushi bar that is only open if they have fresh fish and you need to show up around 4p to get in line to wait for a seat. If you don't get seated in the first seating they give you a playing card to hold your place and you need to be back before they start seating again. Price is reasonable considering the quality and the experience.

Is there such a thing as a poor man's French Laundry in Napa?

No, it wasn't a chef's tasting. But I just looked on the website and they do have a chef's tasting menu that comes in at $105 with wine.

Looking for a Few Dinners in/near the Castro [San Francisco]

I was underwhelmed with my experience at Frances as well. Firefly in Noe Valley is a much better choice.

Bacco also in Noe Valley has pretty great Italian food at a reasonable price. I always joke with my boyfriend about just going for mash potatoes, green beans, and creme brûlée. All 3 the best I have ever had.

Commonwealth or Commis?

I'm curious as to why you wouldn't do the wine pairing again at Commis. What about it was unimpressive?

Commonwealth or Commis?

I have been to both two times each and I would agree with the other comments in terms of Commis consistency.
The thing that I really feel makes Commis stand out is the flow between each of the dishes. I don't quite know how to describe it but there was a common thread/taste that went from dish to dish.
The first time I went to Commonwealth I was blown away and the second time I went, I was underwhelmed.

Is there such a thing as a poor man's French Laundry in Napa?

I recently had a fabulous dinner at Angele. I think the bill was about $160 including wine for 2 ppl.

Do people ask you random questions…

At the farmer's market people come up to me and ask where they can find certain things. I guess it could because I have the approachable look you all have mentioned but also because I look like I know my way around.

The best was when someone asked me where he could find Marcona Almonds from Italy. I had to politely explain that everything at the market is made or harvested locally.

May 12, 2013
Ashley12 in Not About Food

Pizza in the Bay area

I second Dopo as best in the East Bay. Also love Paisan in Berkeley.

Anderson Valley wineries

Esterlina has been a favorite of mine for some time. Toulouse is great, super friendly people, and great '09 Estate Pinot. Love the chardonnay at Standish and Harmonique.

Headed up there this weekend and would love a new stop. I have been to Goldeneye, Navarro, Bink, in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Any recs?

May 09, 2013
Ashley12 in California