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Where are the best HOT DOGS???

The location of the Hubba, on Main St, used to be the Texas. It has the best hot dog (split & grilled on the flat top), served on a toasted bun with delicious, greasy chili. That chili has been around for many years. My grandfather worked there in the late '30's...I grew up in Port Chester, in the 60's...and the chili is still the same. Love it.

Great INDIAN in Northeast New Jersey

Try Aroma in Montclair. The spinach & chickpeas made me swoon.

Angel Hair Pasta with Spicy Vodka Sauce

This sounds delicious but you should be careful when adding vodka to the oil & garlic mixture. It could easily flame up.
How would it be if you added the tomatoes first? Then add vodka and reduce a little

Aug 02, 2009
gailms in Recipes

Need help from the Babbo pasta experts

Go for the Black Spaghetti. I had it with rock shrimp and I loved it....especially with the crispy salami. I've never had a bad or indifferent pasta at Babbo or Otto.
As for the gnocchi, the braised oxtail is yummy. I've never had the Lamb's brain...I tasted brains in cooking school and that was the first & last taste of brains for me!

Jul 31, 2009
gailms in Manhattan