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Ten best things to eat in Boston

Hey guys this is my humble list. I regret that there are many culinary experiences in boston I have not yet had, but I do love food and the stuff I have found are all really really good, so please try this stuff if anything try the number one pick. My number one pick is:

1. A slice of passion fruit cake at padaria brazilian bakery. There is one in allston, somerville, framingham and more.

2. Veal parmesan at Eunos restaurant in the north end.

3. Osso bucco at Eunos restaurant in the north end. Yes I know I listed the same place in a row but damn you'd understand if you had them as well. Osso bucco is the mecca of all tender cows meat. If you think tenderloin is tender... well just have the osso bucco and tenderloin will taste like biting into a rock.

4. malai kofta at the kabab factory in somerville. I've tried a couple things here and to give you an accurate report on what you should get here I would have to try more dishes but NOTHING I've had has dissapointed me.

5. Steak quesadilla with rice, pinto beans, salsa, hot sauce, guacamole and sour cream at felipes or annas taqueria (both recipes are made by the man known as felipes and are practically the same). Yes it is relatively cheap but damn is it good!

6. Fruit tarts at the fresh whole foods bakery on river street in cambridge.

7. Chicken tikka masala from cafe india in harvard square.

8. the kebab sampler at the kebab factory

9. chocolate sundays with recees cups kit kats and chocolate fudge with two scoops of oreo and one scoop espresso from jp licks with hot fudge on top.

10. Please note that while this is at the bottom of my list it was my favorite place for many many years. It is such a treasured place in the entire boston area that it is in many ways a holy relic. Perhaps the reason it is not on top of my list is because I have not ben there for a while but please please please stop at bartly's burgers if your ok with clogging your arteries (I'm not so I usually shy away however you have to go there in order to prove your from boston). Yes the boston globe did award them the title of best burgers in America! You could try the skip gates burger(teriyaki burger with grilled pineapple) or the joe biden (burger with bacon cheese and BBQ sauce) or the george bush jr. (double cheddar BBQ burger) but I like the double kraft burger. Oh and don't forget to try the lime rickey or the raspberry lime rickey!

Best Burrito in Boston

I'm totally going to have to go with anna's taqueria. Some guy from L.A. said to me "dude anna's is nothing like the stuff we have in L.A., we have much better in L.A.". So I went to L.A. for a semester in college and tried all of these burritos and trust me NOTHING touched anna's. I think pretty much everyone in boston knows that anna's is totally killer. Oh and this one guy told me that anna's was his favorite place to eat and he always ordered the chicken burrito and I was always like "dude if you like the burritos get the quesadillas". He finally tried them and know he no longer gets the burritos, he's now a quesadilla man. Someone writing in Boston magazine was writing "forget verdes forget annas...... go with burritos express". I'm totally thinking that this guy is just as bogus as the guy from L.A. but still wanna hear from people who have tried both burritos express and anna's. As for the record annas is the best I've ever had and doubt even ferran adria could make a better one himself.

the great croissant hunt

Before I went to Paris I would have considered au bon pain to have good croissants. Now I can't eat there without ranting about how they are so inauthentic and comparably terrible they are. I am letting you in on a gigantic secret. The best croissants in the area are surprisingly at the elephant walk only for breakfast. If you have never been to Paris than these croissants will blow your mind and forever change your idea of what a croissant should be. There are only two places in America that I have been to that have had authentic croissants and the other one was the metro in porter square which was better but now doesn't exist. I am in the process of hunting down the pastry chef that used to work there and am also going to new york to the top rated croissant places in search for authentic croissants. Wish me luck. But oh if you want to have an authentic croissant before you die (which none of these places mentioned have) go to the elephant walk. P.S. I haven't eaten at burdick which I respect and will be going there shortly to see how the croissants compare, oh and if you are ever blessed enough to go to paris eat your heart out with pastries, french pastries are the most impressive food I have ever had.