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Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking "Sweetie"

Hmmm. Rubo writes: "I have to tell you that you completely lost me at ordering eggs Benedict in a diner. What the fuck? Who does that? Stick to the basics: pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon, etc. Color me perplexed." I'm thinking, 'Colour you inattentive', not perplexed. The correspondent didn't say they'd gone to a diner to order eggs Benedict, they said they wanted to leave one of their favourite diners after being seated, but before ordering, to go to a different restaurant for Florentine eggs Benedict. Perhaps Rubo had an F in their eye, and thus didn't clearly read what was posted. Vulgarity is the sign of a weak vocabulary, Rubo. Oh, as to the reply regarding 'primi' and 'secondi' menu sections: the common (very common ...) expression is 'Absalfuckinglutely not!' "Absolutely fucking not" is a poor excuse for profanity. And this 'piece' is a poor excuse for humour, too. To the inquiry regarding a polite way to tell a server that calling members of the table over the age of perhaps 8 or 10, 'sweetie' is at best unwise, and at worst offensive, one effective way to let the server know that it was offensive is to offer the server an alternative: "(Use server's name, here), you may call me .... (fill in your preference)". If the server uses 'Sweetie' again, the server evidently does not consider their job very important to them. Your next and most effective move should be reflecting your displeasure with the 'sweetie' routine in the amount of gratuity you leav, perhaps with a parting 'Here, this is for you, 'Sweetie' ....' as you leave. But in the long run, if this is the worst thing that the server has done, it's really not worth getting bent out of shape over such a minor infraction. We should all be so lucky that being called 'sweetie' is the worst and most annoying thing that happens to us.

Dec 20, 2010
ElkRiverRancher in Features


Aldente, once the chicken is browned (in the recipe for Basque chicken), then put on the piperade, the piperade will certainly have sufficient liquid, from the tomatoes and other veggies (onion, peppers) to provide enough moisture for the chicken to 'stew' or 'braise'. Too much water, and you just have a tomato/chicken soup! ;~}

Aug 03, 2010
ElkRiverRancher in Recipes

Tea at the Plaza

Just Googled to see if Tea at the Plaza was as I remembered it, from the Holiday season of 1998 ... sigh. At that time, in the Palm Court, you could have either the 'prix fixe' tea, or you could order À la carte . The À la carte selection was excellent, and a remarkable value. A 'ploughman's lunch' of cheeses and breads was very well received by my guest, a vegetarian. I had a more traditional selection of tea sandwiches, but not from the prix fixe. We selected our teas (I'm partial to Earl Grey), and we also had sweets. The À la carte lunch did not cost as much as just grabbing a sandwich and a soda at the Carnegie Deli, and of course the surroundings added a priceless pleasure - plus, for the holidays, they had a string quartet playing carols. We were mid-week, and there was only a brief wait for a table. How sad am I to read that now, (and not even opened, yet, as renovations continue ...), it seems the Palm Court is not offering À la carte. Frankly, I think $60 pp for tea is absurd. I think I barely paid $30 for the two of us - which left me able to leave a very generous tip, what with it being the holidays. I realise there is a difference in dollar values, from '98 to 2009 - but honestly, $120 plus perhaps a tip of 20%, for tea, is prohibitively expensive, imho.

Jul 31, 2009
ElkRiverRancher in Manhattan