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Your disappointing purchases from Costco

Not only is it offensive...I actually took my receipt back for a refund....which I received. Threw the "sushi" in the trash. So gross.

Jun 27, 2011
dothepuyallup in Chains

If you could only eat in five Seattle restaurants for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Red Robin
Sun Ya

May 22, 2011
dothepuyallup in Greater Seattle

What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

Emm, I don't think we live in the same 'hood (no FOF seasonal special here in the secular Northwest), but your FOF sounds identical to the one I received about a week ago. I eat these about once every two years when I give into a craving, and the one I got sounds just like yours: half a piece of cheese flung half hanging of the bottom bun, barely hitting the fish, a dab of tartar and the top bun hanging off the other side. Looked like a Picasso, tasted like crap. Never again, and I paid $3.69 just for the sandwich!

Mar 02, 2010
dothepuyallup in Chains

Food that Most People Love and You Don't...

Bread Pudding - it's a texture thing
Anything with Chervil

Feb 24, 2010
dothepuyallup in General Topics

Best Burgers for a sunday afternoon?

I second Pick Quick, and yes, they are open for the season, was just there. BTW, they do not have goop on their burgers, and you need to request your onions grilled if that's how you want them.

And, yes, cash only, no ATM, no potties.

Best Burgers for a sunday afternoon?

Last time I was there it was cash only. I decided not to buy (even though there is an ATM) because of all the political signs all over the place that I personally found offensive. Didn't complain, but I did walk out.

MacWrap - What do you think?

Finally tried the MacWrap today (Puyallup, WA) after having read about it for the last year or two (Japan, Canada).

First, I realize now that I was much hungrier than anything the MacWrap could have handled sufficely, that was my mistake. I would definitely try it again, when I wasn't verge of hangry.
Even though my local franchise offered two for $2.49, I went with a single for $1.49.

That being said, the single (regular hamburger size) burger patty was nestled on an American cheese slice, laid out in a flour tortilla, squirted down with Mac sauce, sprinkled with shredded lettuce, and folded up like burrito (ala their other wraps) and wrapped in a kind of natural (beige) colored wrap paper I had not seen before.

Presentation was good, but I gotta say the flour tortilla just doesn't do it for me. There is something unpleasantly moist about McD tortillas that someone on another topic akined to
human skin. I don't know if they forgot the onions and pickle, but this wrap lacked both, and I missed them for a true Big Mac flavor. Honestly, I may try them one more time, at a different franchise, to see if this was a glitch.

Full Disclosure: I love, love, love a Big Mac when made well. All too often recently I they are not hot enough (all problem with McD burgers in my neighborhood), the bun tastes stale (weird because the bakery is in the next town over, about five miles), and there is either too
much or too little sauce. But when done right, a Big Mac satisfies my like no other...

Other Opinions? Are they supposed to have onions and pickle?

Jan 09, 2010
dothepuyallup in Chains

SEA: NYT article on Seattle and Teriyaki..............

I was really excited to see it. I have contemplated Seattle Teriyaki as a regional favorite/specialty for a quite a few years now. I started eating at Toshi's back in the late 1970s, and have eaten at the little place down the stairs in dt Seatle since the 80s.

Disappointed that Edge poo-poo'd any cultural authenticity. I was born and raised in Seattle and lived next door to my uncle and his born-in-Japan war bride. She and had lots of girlfriends that married GI's and settled in the Seattle area as well. She used to make the best teriyaki chicken with a simple marinade of mirin, sugar, and ginger and would broil it (bone in cut up pieces) in the oven or weather permitting, not often enough here, would grill outside over charcoal. Heavenly. My mouth waters at the memory.

Jan 06, 2010
dothepuyallup in Greater Seattle

SEA: NYT article on Seattle and Teriyaki..............

Tokyo Garden closed and now is open again. I don't know why.

Jan 06, 2010
dothepuyallup in Greater Seattle

Wanted: Your best "Over the Top" appetizer for New Years

My local Chinese-American place, Main Garden, plainly calls these "Shrimp Roll":

for each:

1 large fresh deviened prawn
2 slices Chinese-style BBQ pork
1 slice bacon
tempura batter

Make a slit in the deviened part of the prawn. Stuff the two pieces of BBQ pork in the slit and wrap the whole thing with bacon. Stick a toothpick in to hold together. Roll around in tempura batter and deep-fry about 2 minutes. Serve with hot mustard.

Dec 28, 2009
dothepuyallup in Home Cooking

No more Hebrew National Hot Dogs at Costco?

They are now gone from the Puyallup, WA Costco. They are selling the leftover deli dogs in a cooler case, 5 pounds for about 9 bucks. Different packaging and price than the ones you could always buy (but not for long) in the cooler. Beef or Polish.

Feb 21, 2009
dothepuyallup in Chains

Sub Wars. Subway went cheap, Quiznos follows.

Eww. I tried one of the "new(ly)" priced $5.00 subs at Quiznos this week for lunch. First of all, they offer maybe four choices, Turkey and Cheddar(?), Roast Beef and Cheddar, Tuna Salad, and I-can't-remember-the-other-one.

I tried the Turkey and Cheddar on Wheat, and it was gross. The turkey part was slimy and wet, as if the time the sammie spent under the crisper ended up steaming the turkey meat. So, the turkey was a big wet mess. I picked it off, and ate the rest of the sub (because I was hungry) and it was just so-so. I won't buy it again.

May 08, 2008
dothepuyallup in Chains

taco time....

I have been eating Taco Time my whole life here in Western Washington. Taco Time is actually the name for two different companies doing business as TT. Confusing, I know. You are probably getting the TT that is not the same as my beloved WW TT. WW TT are well known for their emphasis on freshness and flavor. They are not a cheap FF chain ala Taco Hell. I totally love their Taco Salads and Soft Tacos. There is one near my house, and for about 20 bucks I can feed three people good fresh food fast. I too love JIB Tacos (had four for lunch one day this week), but it is a completely different...animal...from TT.

Apr 25, 2008
dothepuyallup in Chains

McDonald's Confession

Don't tell anyone you heard it from me:

Use an Apple Pie as a "spoon" to eat a Carmel Sundae. Just say'n.

Jan 31, 2008
dothepuyallup in Chains

McDonalds or Wendy's or Burger King??

There is a Carl's Jr in Tacoma on 6th Avenue. Been there at least several months.

Aug 08, 2007
dothepuyallup in Chains

Mexican Coke at Costco--how widespread is it?

Just bought another case today at the Puyallup,Washington Costco for $17.99. My 25 year old son is hooked on the stuff.

Jul 30, 2007
dothepuyallup in Chains


I've got my cherry flavored Kool Aid, my Dill pickles and my container. Any tips? Comments? Concerns?

Jul 06, 2007
dothepuyallup in Home Cooking

What is with the smell at Subway??

There's alot I'm embarrassed about here, but anyway, on the morning on the Fourth of July, my BF and I were shopping at Walmart and from the time we walked in we were enveloped in this quasi yummy smell of pizza, you know, the yeast, tomatoey sauce, cheese. Even though we had just finished brekkie at Mitzel's (The Chain That Doesn't Suck, Usually), after our shopping we followed our noses to the Subway outlet in the WM. They had big signs advertising their new pizzas. Having heard about them on CH, I told my BF we needed to take one for the team. After all, if it was disgusting after one bite, we didn't need to finish it. We never even got that far. After being ignored by the two employees, we gained their attention by asking if we could order a cheese pizza. I kid you not, she reached into a freezer and pulled out a cellophane entombed frozen pie. We cancelled and left.

Jul 06, 2007
dothepuyallup in Chains

Best Fast Food Chain Breakfast Item

I agree, somehow the food is less (or can be) mysterious in the morning. That reminds me, I thought I had heard or maybe read somewhere (here?) that McD was going to be selling breakfast all day. Anyone?

Jul 06, 2007
dothepuyallup in Chains

Best Fast Food Chain Breakfast Item

Breakfast sammies come and go, but no one beats the classic, Jack in the Box Breakfast Jack. Simply a fresh fried egg, a slice of american cheese, a sliver of fried ham on a squishy white bun. This has been my fave hangover cure, just getting over the flu and/or comfort food for over twenty years and at .99 cents the price is more than right.

Jul 05, 2007
dothepuyallup in Chains