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Pie Eyed in San Diego

Okay Guys, The Dining Diva and I are on the lookout for some places that make really good dessert pies. I'm not talking Coco's, Marie Callendar's or even the Chicken Pie Shop, but bakeries, restaurants or coffee shops that may turn out a to-die-for Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Silk or Banana Cream. Thanks for the tips in advance.

Chef Vinny

Jul 05, 2007
Chef Vinny in San Diego

Anthology, At Long Last

True Gayla, I haven't met a cheese I didn't like.well, maybe a Limburger. Anyway, I was willing to share, but you're just not quick enough. As Gayla told you I have a big sweet tooth but I did think the donuts were too sweet--cloyingly sweet. I loved the Tapioca though--you forgot to say it was topped with a scoop of Orange Icicle Ice cream and that it was perched on top of a warm gingersnap cookie. It looked like a floating island in the middle of the warm tapioca. The tapioca was the large pearl variety and it almost tasted as if it was cooked in creme anglaise--it was that rich and inviting. As you ate it the ice cream melts into the bath of warm tapioca giving it a orange flavor burnt sugar taste..Yum!

Jul 04, 2007
Chef Vinny in San Diego