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Smoked Fish - DC Metro Area

Yes, and sonetimes tj carries one of their lox as well, but Wholefoods carries a much larger variety of their products.

Smoked Fish - DC Metro Area


Union Market has a vendor that makes various flavors of smoked salmon.

Also, wholefoods carries Ducktrap Farms, which makes various products (including smoked bluefish), all of which are good.

Looking for restaurants for monthly dinner club (DC)

Zorba's in dupont is Greek and could work too. You order at counter and sit upstairs in a large room.

BTW, nando's = nando's Peri Peri, a Brazilian/slightly African concept.

Looking for restaurants for monthly dinner club (DC)

Individual checks? Really? for 15 people? Ok, I'll focus on that:

Check with Hill Country (BBQ)in gallery place area. That may eb your best bet. no need for seperate room.

Vapiano (including Chinatown location) gives individual checks by default, but is an international restaurant group (chain). Not my favorite place by a long shot (I'm not a fan) but should work for your needs.

How about the Nando's in dupont (another international chain)...they have an upstairs room they can seat in although probably doens't need to be exclusively yours...and individual checks wouldn't be a problem. no problem with checks since you order individually.

Maybe carmine's can give you a special menu with a set price? It's family style. they have tons of private rooms that would work (you wont be taking over the place by far).

How about Chinatown Garden? They have an upstairs room upstairs (there we go again, private room) they can put you in. Unsure about seperate checks, maybe. You'd probably have one of those center-rotating tables to share...but you don't have to share.

Jason, www.dcfud.com

gooseberries and other fruits

I saw both colors of Muscadine grapes are at Shoppers in Franaconia.

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

He Wasn't. He Was Just Acknowledging It So.that Someone Doesn't Try To Send Him To The Burbs. :)

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

Israeli. A full Argentine Bakery (Tango Pastry is good but limited). A steller but traditional kosher style deli near a metro in DC or Nova.

What types of restaurants does DC need now?

There is a halal Chinese place in Springfield which is Pakistani Style Chinese. It is called Mandarin. They have mango lassis. If you order well, you can do well here and it's a good places for sauces and spicy food. Avoid Egg Foo Yung. I order off menu a lot and adjust their sauces (extra garlic, extra spicy, etc.)

Jason, www.dcfud.com

Seeking spicy ethnic food in Dupont Circle or Adams/Morgan neighborhoods!

Try Casa Oaxaca in Adams Morgan. Good moles. Regional Mexican. Different happy hour specials on different days.

You could try an indian restaurant...like Rasica (2 locations), or Indique (Cleveland park so not far from Adams Morgan) although those are all a little upscale.

U street has a lot of good Ethiopian joint...my preference being Etete but I don't know any of the new ones.

BTW, Indique's sister restaurant, Indique Heights, is closed for remodeling.

You may want to ask around about Thai restaurants. I hear a lot about Thai Xing but have never been.

Jason, www.dcfud.com

Nice Cream Factory

they sell pints but i don't know if you need to order ahead or anything. The sooner you eat it the better.

Chicago-style Hot Dogs & Eats?

Shake Shack serves their version of a Chicago Dog. DC-3 serves Chicago style hot dogs too.

Jason, dcfud.com

Where can you purchase good ground beef made with quality meat that tastes like steak?

I bet the Springfield Butcher will grind to your specifications. I hAven't tried their normal mix.

Happy hours/cheaper local treats for guests from Europe

Good beer, to name a few with happy hour food/drink specials: Alba Osteria, City Taphouse, RFD, Right Proper Brewing Company.

Happy hours/cheaper local treats for guests from Europe

There are SOOOOO many options so I'll name a few. Most restaurant/bars have happy hour specials.

Taylor Gourmet, G Sandwich, and various lobster shacks (and trucks) for sandwiches. The Shrimp rolls at the lobster places are usually good values.

Ramen at Daikaya (downstairs) I think is about $15 but very good.

1/2 price pizzas on happy hour at Alba Osteria. They have good craft beers too.

Taqueria El Charrito Caminante in Arlington and Taqueria Distrito Federal in DC. Caminante is tiny and only has stools.

I like Etete in DC for Ethiopian.

Burger night (mondays) at Whitlows) Wing Night (weds) at Hard Times in Clarendon.

Casa Oaxaca has a discount appetizer night (I forget which night).

Jason, www.dcfud.com

Nice Cream Factory

Yeah, they have great icecream, and it is a little expensive. It is so creamy because it is made on the spot. Their two sizes are practically the same size and price.

I wrote about them last fall (before they had the Clarendon storefront): http://www.dcfud.com/2013/10/11/mobil...

Their pistachio is my favorite, but I also like the lemon, salted chocolate, and strawberry basil. They have 2 flavors at the Kingstowne farmers market Fridays 4-7 (and 4 flavors in the store). They can't always handle the rush on a Saturday in the store...running out of lids. not putting napkins out when they run out in the holder, and being a general mess.

KFC ~ Bon Chon Etc

Oh, they write DMV for DelMarVa? Yeah, the KFC confused me too.

Seeking local insight (DC)

Here is an article I wrote about Jardenea in Goergetown: http://www.dcfud.com/2014/03/17/farm-.... It's pricey but within the budget you list in the thread. My GF and I had a great meal there. It was filled with people there for dates and for special occasions.

Hamburger buns in Nova/DC

I understand that good hamburger buns are important to you. (I feel that way about bbq sauce and tomatoes.) Here are a few ideas:

King's Hawaiian makes hamburger buns and they would be on the unique side (sweet, fluffy, nice texture). Unsure of who would carry them around here (I know safeway has a lot of their products but unsure if they have this one) , but I bet you could find out or order them directly from King's online: http://store.kingshawaiian.com/kings-....

Relay Foods (a local grocery delivery/pickup company) carries Mimi's Wholegrain Honey Wholewheat Burger buns, and has various pickup spots around here. Mimi's is based near Richmond. I haven't had that particular Mimi's product but her cinnamon rolls are good. (I have a $30 off of $50 discount code on your first relay foods order for you: https://www.relayfoods.com/friend/9WZ...

I/m not sure how these would work as buns, but Nall's Produce stand sometimes gets a package of good looking onion rolls in their Friday bread delivery. I bet the rolls would work for this.

Ok this one is mail order. How about these etsy brioche rolls? I don't know the vendor, but looks like what you are asking for. https://www.etsy.com/listing/18798271....

Lastly, here is a recipe you can try to make at home: http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/b...

-Jason, wwww.dcfud.com

The Mall and Visitors

I'm a fan of the cafeteria you mentioned at NMAI. :)

E**a's Wood Fired Pizza

I agree re Matchbox and Ella's. Try Alba Osteria at 4th and I NW. It's half price pizzas (any from menu) during happy hour.

Not sure what AV is though.Vace I like. Paradiso...is decent but not a favorite of mine.

My faves are Pupatella in arlington (my #1 but the rest aren't in order), Vace, Alba Osteria, Pete's (yes, a New Haven chain), and because I'm from Queens...Johnny's pizza (the sicilian or Papa Joe's) in Franconia. Johnny (Awsim) owns several pizzarias in Queens, so his pizza feels like home to me. Oh, the nutella pizza at Osteria Marzano in Franconia is good and has been gettign a lot of press lately.

E**a's Wood Fired Pizza

Really, you are going to exaggerate so fully that people who won't even like the place have to defend it? LOL. Ella's isn't terrible, but you can definitely do better. Pi and Matchbox are close by, although I prefer Alba Osteria's pizza (especially on happy hour) at 4th and I.

Good Restaurant near Metro Center Marriott?

Jaleo, Oyamel, Cuba Libre, Alba Osteria (a little farther at 4th and I NW), City Tap House, Nopa. Coco Sala for Cocolate themed.

Best Seafood Dump on the table in Baltimore

seaside in Glen Burnie, MD is good too. :)

Hidden Gems in Reston or Clarendon?

I wouldnt call these hidden ges but...There is a Kumo (Japanese) in Herndon. Very good sushi, and good tempura, and chinese and Thai. Iffy teriyaki. Mellow Mushroom (Pizza) is a bit unusual and there is one in Herndon.

You may want to look up some of the Indian places in Reston/herndon since there are a TON.

Unusual dessert it Clarendon (and its new so maybe a hidden gem): Nicecream Factory, where they make it in front of you with liquid nitrogen. I wrote about it here before they had the storefront: http://www.dcfud.com/2013/10/11/mobil...

There are also a ton of good restaurants in Clarendon....I'm sure there is are many threads about it.

El Patio in Rockville - Report

I had a horrific experience there several years ago and happily thought they went out of business when they changed locations.

Argentine Restaurants in DC or Northern VA

My family is Argentine too and I grew up somewhere (Queens, NY) with easier access to Argie food.. :)

I am NOT a fan of El Patio. The food is mediocre and their people skills are horrific . Here is my 4 year old report of their old location: http://www.dcfud.com/2010/06/19/long-....

I've heard good things about Del Campo (it's pricey though). I was recently one of the judges at the DC installment of the Lamb Jam where their chef, Chef Victor Albisu, won "Best in Leg" with an empanada dish. I wrote about it here: http://www.dcfud.com/2014/05/24/winne....

You may want to just go Brazilian rodizio and go to Chima or Fogo De Chau but they aren't cheap either.

On a side note, you can get good facturas, masitas (sp?), and empanadas Thurs-Sunday at Tango Pastry near Huntington. Their Argentine Pizza didn't wow me, but I've had better versions in Queens, NY.

BTW, there are local Latin markets where you can get Argentine style sausages and morcillas if you want to fire the grill up. :) (Euro Latino in Arlington comes to mind).

Happy Hour in Penn Quarter

City Tap House if you like beer.

I like Alba Osteria but its a few blocks away at 4th and I. They have good beer selection (and of course wine) and have 1/2 priced pizzas on Happy Hour.

RFD has a good beer selction.

There is a new wine bar at 6th and H, but I haven't tried it yet.

It's Saturday Night--dress up, stay home or casual dining?

If expense wasn't an issue (and you want fancy), Jardenea in the Melrose Hotel in Georgetown.

Why does the meat in my bolognese sauce completely absorb the tomato puree?

Sounds like it just cooked down, you didn't have enough liquid. Don't blame the meat.

If you want to use a bottled sauce (I've never used bottled puree), add some water.

I usually use a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes or whole tomatoes (and crush them myself) and add 28 oz (the empty can) of water. Or I make it from 3 lbs of fresh tomatoes (peeled) and add water.I also use maybe a 1/3 to a 1/2 of a little can of tomato paste as well (to thicken it). The closer to fresh the tomatoes are (fresh vs canned vs tomato sauce), the longer it will need to be cooked.

Jun 25, 2014
Foodgeek in Home Cooking

Retail brats, sausages, bangers

I've been there 6 times or so. Half of the times (weekends or even evenings right before holidays) it was busy and the other half they weren't busy at all.

I ask for recommendations and make them run all over the place getting me this and that (4 scallops, 2 pieces of fish, a pack of venison sausages, and chicken thighs)...and often am right at the certificate amount, and they still answer my questions, make suggestions, tell me how to cook things, and don't roll their eyes at me.

That said...I have really good food karma, give really positive energy (and friendly), and show a lot of interest. Also, I expect them to ask like workers in a butcher shop someplace like NYC and they do. They have never been grumpy or surly with me like Chutzpah in FFX has.

I think the "best steak today" phrasing might have been the problem. Of course he will say they are all good. I might have asked what his favorite is or asked what would go well with particular cooking methods of pairings. In general, I find that I get good results when I ask for recommendations in stores (butchers, cupcake stores, bakery cafes, etc) because it shows that I value their opinion. BTW, they highly recommend the ribs they cook in house but I haven't tried them.

You may want to get on their list because they do suggest special items and such when they get them or make them.

BTW, they get fresh seafood in every day but Sunday, and they carry good quality seafood.