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Grocery delivery in the area?

See if Relay Foods has what you need since they have similar products. They have a pickup spot Thursdays 3-7pm at Eisenhower metro (with no delivery fee), or they deliver for $30 a month or $15 a delivery. This code is good for $30 off of $50 on your first order:

about 4 hours ago
Foodgeek in Washington DC & Baltimore

Stout Craft Beer Lovers in DC this November

In general, RFD and Rustico have great beer lists. I also see that Churchkey and Right Proper were mentioned too, which are good (but I don't know which stouts they have).

City Taphouse has Victory Storm King and Sly Fox oreily stout.

Cap City is based in Shirlington, which is where you will be, and they have a porter (Prohibition) but I've never tried it.

If you are looking for some beer to drink at home, try Total Wine (various locations) or the Arlington Whole Foods (which actually has a beer cafe upstairs).

Chowhound Meal Sunday, August 23rd, House of Mandi

Oops. Saw this after the fact.

Washington reco for a mixed group

Osteria Morini (kid can have pizza). BTW, vegans don't eat pizza (cheese).

Jaleo or Zaytinya or Taberna Aladarbero (sp?) for tapas.

How about an upscale trendy indian place like Rasika (2 locations)? Indique would work too.

Arlington - Looking for beer bars and kabobs

I've only heard it 20 times and experienced it twice myself--after that I learned to only eat at the original). If you are happy with the quality in the one that all those families and groups know not to eat at, eat there. I stopped making that mistake years ago, so it is possible they corrected the huge and consistent difference in quality since then. Let us know if you try the original so we can know if the problem was corrected or continued.

Thanks, Jason,

Arlington - Looking for beer bars and kabobs

I agree. When I covered Savor for this year, I was in a Salon taught by the Right Proper guys. Great guys who know how to brew good beer and cook good food. :) They are openeing a seperate brewing facility from the restaurant, BTW.

Arlington - Looking for beer bars and kabobs

If you don't see a difference in food quality, by all means, eat there.

Arlington - Looking for beer bars and kabobs

Kabobs: Ravi Kabob 1 (not the one next to CVS), Kabob Bazaar.

Beer: Rustico has a great beer list.

Ground Lamb

Relay Foods has it frozen from Over The Grass Farm in Plainsville, VA. I haven't tried it but they carry good quality meat directly from farmes (I've tried their Wolf Creek grass fed beef). Relay has a Saturday morning pickup spot in Annapolis (at Ceremony Coffee). This coupon gives you $30 off of $50 on your first order:

Fresh Figs?

Eastern market (inside) had some great ones last week, but they were pricey $6 a pint.

Fresh Figs?

When I see them, it's often late summer (August) so they should pop up soon. Some farmers markets should have them but some markets will too. It's a bit random.

Navy Yard dinner

Osteria Morini is very good. I wrote about it here: Where did you wind up eating?

Short DC trip

I googled it for you. Try calling these and asking or checking their websites:


good dinner spots for DC next week

Within walking distance (more or less): Brasserie Beck, Dino's Grotto, Jaleo, Oyamel, Zaytinya, Delcampo, Centrolina, Mastro's (the walk is getting a bit longer now). You should try Thip Khao in Columbia Heights for Loatian cuisine or Mitsitam cafe at the NMAI at the Smithsonian for native American lunch (4 regions) since you probably don't have them where you are coming from.


Exotic Sodas

I've seen it at World Market, but don't remember which location.

Tsedey - Ethiopian in Van Dorn St Alexandria - Report

Jolley's was good. the night club is all the way back. The restaurant is before that, but you have the make two sharp right turns. Tibs was a good dish. Very friendly staff.

Tsedey - Ethiopian in Van Dorn St Alexandria - Report

I will try it soon. It has good reviews and I have a Groupon for it.

Need Persian/Ethiopian/other Ethnic Suggestions

Me Jana is a Lebanese mezze type place in Courthouse (one metro stop from where you are staying).

For ethiopian I like Etete at U street and 9th in DC.

Tsedey - Ethiopian in Van Dorn St Alexandria - Report

Have you tried Jolley's? It's also Ethiopian near Van Dorn metro.

Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

The Italian Store is my top choice.

For something very different, Bulgogi Hoagi at Mackie's. Picture here:


It occurs to me that you might not know what "Old Bay" is. It is a spice mix from this particular area that locals put on nearly everything including seafood, fried food, french fries, eggs, etc. It's been around forever. This is a local suggestion for sure and any grocery store would have it.

Oh, and there is a tea store in Dupont.


There's a nice grocery store in Dupont: Glen's Garden Market. You won't be far form Adams Morgan if you want to look for Chillies in Latin Markets. Cocova is a good chocolate store in Dupont with all kinds of cocoa related products, BTW.

Where is Europe do you live?


There are various local hot sauces. Uncle Brutha's is made in DC and has won multiple awards. There is also a Thai one made in Herndon. And a really good one made in alexandria that they serve in Bungalow's but the name escapes me.

Virginia Peanuts. Good peanut butter.

Chillies shouldn't be hard, since there are ethnic markets all over the DC area. But sounds like you are sticking to DC proper so you can try the Spice Store one in Georgetown. Or, Latin groceries in DC (Adams Morgan comes to mind).

Old Bay.

I'm a fan of Dizzy Pig's spice rubs, especially Raging River (for seafood or vegetables). They are out of Manassas (grilling supply store) but are carried in various places.

Route 11 pickle flavored potato chips.

Jason, dcfud,com

Experiences with Relayfoods?

Yeah, Freebird whole chickens are good. And, Farm Friend and Nature's Yolk are good since they are part of Trickling Spring. Mission home has some good products too (pumpkin bread, oatmeal bread, etc.) Eden mustard is good too.

I did buy the hanger steak of sale last week (was frozen). Just ate a steak sandwich from the leftovers.

BTW, if anyone wants $30 off of $50 with their first order, here is a coupon:


Next DC Food Blogger Happy Hour is Feb 4th in King Street at Mackie's

I'm cohosting this one. Thought you guys might be interested in attending. Details here:

Experiences with Relayfoods?

What are your experiences with RelayFoods (online farmer's market)? It seems like the kind of service people here would use. Favorite products of theirs?

I wrote about them after my first order: I've used them a bunch of times since then.

how did i miss "slade's" closing in tyson's?

In that area, my favorites are Wildfire and Paladar.

Any genuinely good Tex-Mex in DC/Arlington?

Oh, LOL. why was t at the top of topic threads?

Any genuinely good Tex-Mex in DC/Arlington?

I have yet to find good tex mex in this area. Chuy's just opened two, one in fairfax and one in the springfield mall, but haven't tried it yet. There used to be a good New Mex Mex place (only when the owner was in house) in Rosslyn but it closed a couple of years ago.

I've had good Mexican here at various places (Casa Oaxaca, Oyamel (tapas-ish), Rosa Mexicano's guac and drinks), but that isn't what you are asking for.

Feast of the 7 Fishies in DC/Baltimore

I did last year in Fairfax: