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Barbecue: GEORGIA

I built a map of all the barbecue places where i want to eat.


hopefully this is resourceful.

Feb 18, 2010
3rd Degree Berns in Southeast

Barbecue Road Trip

Thanks! I've added it to my map of restaurants to try - http://www.communitywalk.com/3rddegre...

Barbecue Road Trip

Thanks a lot for your recommendations and link to your blog. I ended up eating at Interstate and was fairly disappointed especially since I had heard great things. I thought BBQ Shop was incredible (best in Memphis) and I also liked the ribs at Germantown Commissary.

Central BBQ
2249 Central Ave, Memphis, TN 38104

Barbecue Road Trip

I created this post before I started documenting my travels and forgot to share the URL...

You can read my documentation & reviews here... http://3rddegreebbq.blogspot.com

I will appreciate any recommendations and suggestions for future travels!

Barbecue Road Trip

Agreed about Dreamland. I can't believe that they grill the ribs over an open pit rather than slow smoking them. A more tender smoky rib would do wonders for that place, especially because I love their sauce.

Barbecue Road Trip

I was planning on going to Moonlite back in September but had to divert my roadtrip through Oklahoma when I got tickets to the UGA/OSU game. I hear a lot of mixed things... do you order mutton there? Please recommend dishes in case I make it through.


Barbecue Road Trip

I loved The Brick Pit in Mobile, AL. On the blog, I definitely gave it a perfect 10/10. I thought Clinton BBQ was good and slightly better than Fresh Air but not the same quality of the food as The Brick Pit.

I also highly recommend Leatha's in Hattiesburg, TN and The Joint in New Orleans if you're down in that direction.

Brick Pit
5456 Old Shell Rd, Mobile, AL 36608

Alabama barbecue and southern cooking recs

I've eaten at a few barbecue restaurants over the past 2 months in the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa area as part of a spiritual journey to discover the best barbecue in the country. From what I've had in Alabama, I was definitely disappointed by Dreamland's ribs despite how great their sauce is. Dreamland grills its ribs for 45 minutes over an open pit -- that's hardly barbecue if you ask me. I hear the consensus in T-Town is that Archibald's serves the best barbecue.

I thought Saw's Barbecue (used to be Broadway) in Homewood (Birmingham) is the best I've tried to date in the area. Jim N' Nicks was decent, Full Moon's pork was really good (I hear their chicken sandwich is legendary), Golden Rule was decent for a chain, while Big Bob Gibsons up in Decatur was tragically awful.

I reviewed each restaurant at http://3rddegreebbq.blogspot.com if you care to read in greater detail with photographs of what I ordered at each.

The best barbecue in Alabama is easily The Brick Pit in Mobile. Definitely check that out if you're ever down near the Gulf.

Barbecue Road Trip

Road Trip / Spiritual Journey.

Barbecue Road Trip

I forgot that I actually tried Central BBQ the last time I was in Memphis for a friend's bachelor party and really liked it. I've heard mixed reviews re: Payne's. Locals love it and swear it's the best but friends who I know that have tried it gave it less than stellar reviews. Sometimes barbecue places have subpar days so I'll add her to the agenda. Thanks!

Barbecue Road Trip

I will be travelling across the country over the next few months in search of the best and most unique barbecue restaurants from Kansas to Georgia. Please refer to the enclosed link to map/route and let me know if you know of any great places that might have slipped below my radar.