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Westchester places for lunch

Do not agree. Lexington Cafe is overpriced and under performs. Very inconsistent food and mediocre wait staff. I will say they have a nice space but that doesn't make it worthy. There are better places nearby.

il barilotto and aroma osteria

i wanted this restaurnat to be great since Zagats rated it so high but i can't give it the accolades it has been given. The lamb shank and pappadelle were under seasoned. The grilled baby octopus was bland and needed more grilling. I will say the house Nero was quite nice. The atmosphere was loud but I expected it to be. The prices are reasonable

il barilotto
1113 Main St, Fishkill, NY 12524

The Former Woody's on Main in Mt Kisco

A Foodies Review: Nice atmosphere, great bar, basic service (but not knowledgeable), average prices, good beer selections, average wine selections.

Now for food: Good smoky thin crust pizza, creative salads, good burgers, soups and some appetizers. Don't go if you're looking for a creative entree (you may not recognize some of the esoteric ingredients that inhabit the chefs dishes) This is not a bad thing just something you should be aware of so ask your hostess before ordering. The dishes are inconsistent stick to the plates I mentioned and you will be satisfied along with a smaller bill.

I dont love places that change chefs within 3 months and I don't love kitchens that overcook calimari. You may think that is silly but its a measuring stick. It tells me the staff is not focused or properly trained. Trust me on this. Born in Italy, you would get shot for overcooking pasta making the risotto run. So go to Village Social have a nice pizza and salad and maybe even an appetizer ( go for fritters, stay aware from bland fish tacos) you'll be gald you did.

Arthur Ave restaurants that take reservations?

Stay away from Arthur Ave restaurants unless they are called Roberto's and Zero Otto Nove!
There are other restaurnats in the Bronx that you can go to that will fit the bill and not too far away

Mar 26, 2010
jnic3933 in Outer Boroughs

Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

Wow, Gio050 you reminded me of the old days on Arthur. I grew up there too. I can remember my mom buying snails from the fish market and then I would race them at home.
The tinker in the market was closed because he went out of business. He had a 50% off sign one day and he said he had enough. Its sad.
Umberto's Clam House will always be the chicken market to me. I smell it when I pass the restaurant.
I still go to Arthur for EVOO from Titel, bread from Terranova, Veggies from the 3 brothers in the market, pizza from the shop in the corner of the market, ravioli from Borgatti's, expresso from Marie's, mozzarella from casa and meats from Biancardi's ....but it's not the same as the old days when very shop was an italian treat. Good luck

Mar 26, 2010
jnic3933 in Outer Boroughs

Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

Roberto's is excellent. When I was there, Mayor Bloomberg came in and I heard he is a regular. Can't say I blame him. Zero Otto Nove is also very nice but I've only been there for lunch. The no reservation policy is an issue but only for parties under 8.

Zero Otto Nove
2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

Mar 26, 2010
jnic3933 in Outer Boroughs

Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

I second terranova bakery for bread. Cooked on premises in original coal fired ovens. I've been back there and there is nothing like it. The bread is used by many of the restaurants in the area and they have a lot to chose from.

Mar 26, 2010
jnic3933 in Outer Boroughs

the Best Canned Tuna?

try Pastene if you like Genova. A bit harder to find unless you go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx

Aug 31, 2009
jnic3933 in General Topics

East Hampton Restaurants 2009?

Went to Bostwicks last night. Salads were excellent. Nicely dressed, fresh and good portions. The Halibut with Potato Crust was overcooked. I dont understand how a fish place overcooks fish. Would you go to a steak restaurant and order med rare get med well and feel good about your meal. Good seatings, nice sunset. I'm sorry to give it a B.
since I was looking forward to what some other hounds said about it.

Semi-comprehensive Montauk dining guide (long)

I agree with most of your picks but after going to the Hideaway I can't say I would recommend it for dinner. A good lunch place however.

The fish tacos and sopes are very good but the quesadillas were soggy and the nachos were just OK. You just can't give customers soggy quesadillas. That is just not acceptable in a descent Mex place. Also, be prepared for plastic dishes, plastic forks and a picnic table while you pick up your food. That's fine but just come mentally prepared for that atmosphere. View is of parking lot and Harbor...not bad.

Montauk Restaurants Recomendations..

I was not happy with the FishBar. The Cod was overcooked, the Scallops were perfect but the risotto they sat on was bland. The Calamari were good. The veggie fettucine was awful.The It took forever to come out so I thought the chef was taking her time doing a custom job on our dishes. It was a weekday for God's sake!

The service was kids with summer experience. Translation.. amateur.
There are better. Go for a drink, great sunsets. Non ti vicinare!!