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Is Scarborough the dining capital of the world?

Toronto Star posted an article about this as well as the places visited...

chocolate mint candy bar

I really like the Cadbury brand Pep patty but can't seem to find it anymore, Aero Peppermint and Junior Mints!

Rare Flavor of Fanta Soda?

Check with "Sweet Tooth Candy Emporium" at Scarborough Town Centre 416 279 0432... I saw a Peach Flavoured Crush they may also have Fanta ... If you really need your fix I heard of Soda Pop Shop out in Whitby seems to have a lot of flavours of every type of soda ...

Where to find Moffles/Mochi-Waffles in Toronto

Where can I find mochi-waffles also known as rice cake waffles? I only found one place called Cafe Princess by Yonge/Finch. Anyone? Thanks

Create your own Ice Cream Sandwich in GTA


Looking for bakeries or ice cream shops that offer a variety of ice cream flavors and cookie options so you can "Create your own" ice cream sandwich. Some places I've noticed have them pre-made with limited selection. I've tried BakerBots the Ossington neighborhood of Toronto and absolutely love it but looking for other options as well. Any recommendations?


Sushi and Izakaya in Scarborough Area

Looking for a decent Sushi and Izakaya Japanese restaurant in the Scarborough/Markham/Pickering area. A-la-cart preferred but can be AYCE. Does such a place exist? Thanks!

Where to find Vietnamese sandwich/Bánh mì outside of downtown Toronto

Looking for a spot in Toronto that's not downtown such as Scarborough, Markham area that makes fresh or sells resale of Vietnamese sandwiches. I can't always make it to one of the two main Chinatown'ss in the downtown Toronto core.

Thanks in advance!

Tamarind - Levi's - Casa Manila: Filipino Food

If you're looking for a place downtown I highly recommend LaMesa at Queen and Bathurst. It's a modern take on Filipno food/fusion

Also recommend Max's ... if you have room for dessert skip the Halo Halo and try the Ube Creme Decadence (Purple Yam Panacott)

Breakfast in Niagara Falls

I second The Falls Manor for their breakfast offerings... it is near by the Canada One Factory Outlet's on Lundy's Lane... also good for Broasted Chicken and their Fish and Chips!

Fratelli Village Pizzeria – review + pics

Has any one visited this restaurant lately? Thinking of going for lunch on a weekend. Any thing a must try on the menu? Thanks.

Burgers in downtown TO

Looking for a good burger joint OR place that serves a hearty and tasty burger. I like Five Guys, looking to try something different like Burgers Priest? When you have a burger craving which pub, resto or burger joint is your go to?

Where to buy individual cups/pods for single serve brewers in GTA?


I am looking to try a variety of K-cups or Tassimo pods, instead of buying full packs does any one know a speciality retailer that sells them individually in Toronto, Scarborough, or even Pickering? I've noticed some Staples sells some K-Cups individually, but their selection is limited.


What would you LOVE as a midnight snack @ a wedding? [Do you even want one?]

I'm planning a wedding next year and my finance and I were thinking about the midnight snack options too... i think the pizza idea is safe, you can make it vegetarian or vegan (by omitting the cheese)... it'll taste good warm, hot out of the oven or even at room temp...

also if you wanted to add a sweets option do some cookies, brownies, or squares to complement the wedding cake (if your'e serving it at that time too) or cultural desserts or homemade desserts... i've also seen chocolate fountains as a big hit as well

i went to a wedding that did the midnight porchetta/roast pork carving for sandwiches WITH pizza and a selection of sweeets/pastries and i recall more people went for the pizza

Harlem Restaurant


Just wanted to know if there's been any recent visits/reviews on Harlem Restaurant specifically the Richmond Street East location. I am thinking of doing a group birthday lunch in a few weeks. I'm looking for something different to try and the menu looks fantastic. Would this be an ideal place? What has your experience been?


Group Birthday Lunch - Downtown Toronto

Looking for some ideas for a group birthday lunch. We'll probably be a group of 16 or so. It'll be a Saturday weekend, but finding a place that accepts reservations has sometimes been a challenge. Here are some criteria:

- Entrees should be in the $12-$20 range
- Offer vegan or vegetarian options
- Cuisine type preferred is Asian, Italian, Canadian, Pub
- Atmosphere should be casual or smart casual
- Neighbourhoods considering: Yonge/Dundas, Entertainment District, Yorkville area, King West or other nearby areas accessible by TTC

In the past I've had great experiences at Joey's at Eatons Centre, Spring Rolls, Yamato, looking to try new venues, chains or not.

Thinking about Origins on King Street or Bloor Street Diner.

What have been your experiences on group or birthday outings?

Thanks in advance!

Where can I find whoopie pies in GTA?

Lots of special bakeries/patisseries are selling cupcakes, french macarons, cake pops and donuts... but where can I find whoopie pies? Particularly in Scarborough, Toronto area?

Thanks in advance!

Game Meat Butcher in Scarborough

I am looking for Game Meat (deer, rabbit, moose, ostrich, and other exotic meats) Butchers in Scarborough area. Thought about St. Lawrence Market but it's too far to venture out to. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best places for wings and/or pub food in Niagara

I'm looking for casual resto/pub that has tasty wings and/or pub food in Niagara Falls or St. Catharines, ON area ... Preference would be non-chain restaurants ... what are your picks?

Thanks in advance,

ISO Fresh Pasta in Toronto

Hello... where do you recommend I find take-home fresh pasta in downtown Toronto? Thanks.


sushi or cooking clas in Toronto

I am looking to join or gather a group for a sushi making or vegan/vegetarian friendly cooking class. I am looking for a single class, affordable, and downtown or accessible to TTC. So far Loblaws offers the rates for their classes but the schedules are sparse and locations vary.

Thanks for your help,

Quebec City Birthday Dinner Recommendations for Ontario Foodies

Hi All,

I'll be visiting Quebec City and was looking for recommendations for a nice birthday dinner at a place that serves Quebecois / Canadian dishes.

We'll be staying at the Delta Quebec so any nearby/walking distance venues would be greatly appreciated.

Also any suggestions for a poutine hot-spot? From what I've read so far there's mixed reviews on Chez Ashton's. What do you think?


Soft-shell crab GTA, Niagara, London?

Looking for places that serve Soft-shell crab as an appetizer or meal not just Spider Sushi Roll.
Where do you go in the GTA, Niagara or London area for soft-shell crab? How is it served? Is it available all year round?

Thanks for your recommendations,

vegan/vegetarian friendly non-chain restaurants near Union Station Toronto

Hi All,

Meeting up with friends for lunch near the Metro Convention Centre/Union Station in Toronto. We'd like to avoid chain restaurants such as East Side Mario's and Lonestar Texas Grill. We'll be dining with a vegetarian and vegan so that limits our selection. We're also looking for a place that's not over-priced theatre district or financial district expensive if such a place exist.

Looking forward to your suggestions.

ISO Swedish Julmust in Toronto

Hi All!

Anyone know where I can find Julmust in Toronto or GTA?


ISO currywurst/German curry sausage in London, GTA or Niagara

Does anyone know where I can find currywurst either at a market, grocer, or restaurant in the London, Ontario, Greater Toronto Area or Niagara Region?


reasonably priced Japanese/Sushi restaurants downtown Toronto

Which Japanese/Sushi restaurants that are reasonably priced (lunch entrees $10-$15) do you recommend that are in downtown Toronto? Looking into these neighbourhoods Entertainment District, Yorkville, Queen Streets and surrounding area. It's for a small group birthday get-together. We've already over-done Guu and been to Ematei but prefer places that also offer regular sushi offerings not just specialty small plates or authentic Japanese cuisine.


30 Saint Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T3A3, CA

398 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5B 2A2, CA

mango tea

I had the best mango tea at Wanda's Pie in the Sky in Kensington. Does anyone know who their supplier is or where I can find it? Or if you have a favorite mango tea (loose or bagged) what is it?

The Best Samosa in Toronto

I like the ones at South Indian Dosa Mahal (Landsdowne and Bloor)

South Indian Dosa Mahal Restaurant
1284 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H1N8, CA

Delicious Food Show

The Delicious Food Show is a new event coming to Toronto October 20-23 at The Better Living Centre. Does anyone know what to expect here? Is it worth going? Thoughts?


deep fried nanaimo bars at The Ex

Does anyone know which food vendor at the CNE is offering deep fried nanaimo bars? I know it's being offered this year, along with deep s'mores, pop-tarts, oreos, twinkies ...