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New Spots?

I'm back in Toronto for 1 week. What's new in the last six months I should check out. Anything Unique come around? If quality is there -doesn't matter if diner or 5 star.

Halifax, NS - Best restaurant for a corporate cocktail party

try Brussels it is downtown and great for events

Apr 10, 2010
tempranillo44 in Atlantic Canada

Catering - Halifax

Hi Guys,

Looking for catering in Halifax. Weddings, Cocktail parties, sit down dinners,etc. Also Venues that hold 80+

thanks for the help

Mar 08, 2010
tempranillo44 in Atlantic Canada

Wedding @ The Great Hall -- Experiences with OTM Catering

The Great Hall is exclusive to On the Move now. Don't know if On the Move owns it or signed contract but same end result. Sorry don't know anything about them.




Hi guys,

looking for seabeans in TO. Anyone know any spots?