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REVIEW: Cici's Cafe in Tarzana (Pictures)

I decided to try CiCi's after seeing what the lines and the crowds were all about and I am glad that I did. I had their pumpkin pancakes--and they were fluffy, cakey, and very HUGE. They were topped with a pumpkin marmalade and a very dense whipped cream. They were the best pancakes that I have ever tasted in years! I also ordered the mint tea, which they get from Mighty Leaf...I might have to order some of that for me at home, because it was a very full minty (but not strong and astringent mint) flavor. In addition to breakfast fare (pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, fruit, eggs, and omelets) their menu offered a variety of salads, sandwiches, and hamburgers. I will definitely go back and try some of the hamburgers and have more pancakes!

Mar 24, 2008
qsamel in Los Angeles Area

ISO to die for cakes in Los Angeles

The one at Ralphs is yellow cake layered with chocolate mousse and vanilla custard topped off with chocolate ganache. It is also topped off with a couple of strawberries and whipped cream. You can buy it whole or a single serving at the bakery counter.

I get mine at Ralph's in the Westwood Village on Le Conte. I am not sure if they have it at other Ralph's but I don't see why not.

Jul 07, 2007
qsamel in Los Angeles Area

A Failing Grade

I think we shouldn't make kids (or adults for that matter) feel badly about their weight. I think it can be more damaging that way.

Instead, I think the focus should be on the fun of cooking/preparing healthful meals and useful tips on how to increase daily activity. There should be less dancing veggies and fruits and more straight to the point information that can be eye opening for many people. If the approach is realistic, people will have the confidence to try it ("perhaps I can do that too")--and may find that they love a healthier lifestyle!

Jul 05, 2007
qsamel in Features

ISO to die for cakes in Los Angeles

Hello there,

I love cake and can live off it.

I am looking to try some really awesome cakes from any type of bakery--as long as it is awesome. I am familiar with Sweet Lady Jane in West Hollywood and Portos in Glendale. I have also found the opera cake at Ralph's to be pretty good. But I need to venture out and explore new horizons! Where to?

Jul 04, 2007
qsamel in Los Angeles Area

where to buy japanese stuff

There is a beautiful selection of tableware at a store that only sells tableware in the Yaohan Plaza in Little Tokyo--next to the Mitsuwa market. Once inside, you should be able to see it. The name escapes me, but they have fancy fare as well as everyday usage tableware.

Once inside the Yaohan Plaza, there are various eateries that are family owned. I am sure that if you go and ask for the owner, he or she would direct you to a good place to get high quality cookware.

However, I have noticed that in Wing Hop Fung off Broadway in Chinatown, has a lot of the SAME tableware from the SAME manufacturers for cheaper. This was several years ago, so I would check both to see the prices. They also have a large selection of crystallized fruits, if you like candy.

For sushi, there are 2 restaurants that I frequent. My favorite place is Ahi Sushi. Their address is 12915 Ventura Blvd, Studio City and their phone number is 818.981.0277. I suggest the yellowtail sashimi, kampachi sashimi, toro cut roll, and the scallop with sea salt and lemon sushi. My other favorite sushi place is Asakuma on Wilshire Blvd, cross street is Barrington (inside the Barrington Plaza). There I suggest the spider roll, spicy tuna roll and kampachi cut roll.

If you prefer noodles and curry dishes to sushi, there are some good places off of Sawtelle between La Grange and W Olympic in West Los Angeles. They are what I call good cheap eats.

Enjoy your visit to LA and bon appetit!

Jul 04, 2007
qsamel in Los Angeles Area