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Best Burger

to be fair, went on a weekend (probably a mistake) with brother in law - took 45 minutes for first bite...we had traveled too far to turn back. I'm just not a fan of that whole "having to figure out the process" ordering thing some places have.

on a positive note, went back to Boom for a lamb burger which I'd since heard was their specialty...absoutely amazing. and their chocolate milkshake was perhaps the best I'd ever had (McCool's in Madison holds the NJ Monthly shake crown. but you can't lead it with a burger!).

you know a place is good when you can't stop thinking about the food the next day

Boom in Belmar

Interesting posts on this one - was curious as to what others had to say 9 months later.

Tried Boom for first time today while tripping down shore. For me, it has it all - excellent food, relaxed and clean dining room, and prices we'd like to have up here in Northern NJ. We tried Bobby Flay's place nearby recently - not as good. At Boom, I could have made a meal out of the onion rings alone...still thinking about them, they were incredible

I have been known to journey for the advertised "best" ($20) burgers - Copeland's, Stage Left, etc. - and Boom is right there. At $8, these could be a daily indulgence...damn, if only I lived closer!

Jul 28, 2009
Morris Diner in New Jersey

Best Burger

Little Chowhound, I have one for you. I have been to many of the places listed so far, but this is hot off the press:

Went to BOOM in Belmar today and was blown away. Maybe the best burger I've had + in a clean, restaurant-like setting near the ocean. A wide counter for's a high end soda shop feel. We started with beer battered onion rings that were phenomenal - they'll make you forget french fries.

I recently tested the so-called "best burger in NJ" at Copelands in Morristown, but the Boom burger far surpassed it....the $8 vs $20 cost doesn't hurt either.

And White Manna? I'll give them some "old-school" points for the setting, but anyone who's waited in that line will tell you no burger is worth it.

When down the shore, go try BOOM