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Pie Wood Fired PIzza (Barrie)

Curious. Do they still have the Furious Canuck Pie? It's not shown on their website.

Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant in GTA?

As it is the Weekend and many still celebrating Chinese New Year, you might want to add a few more Singapore/Malaysian restaurants as backups. They might not be full service or top flavors but at least you won't be waiting for hours and hours especially at Restoran Malaysia. Both South Asia Malaysia and Yummy Vietnamese are in the same plaza at Midland ave/McNicoll Ave.

Iso authentic Vietnamese food

Nice list. I had Bun Rieu Oc before.
Is that popular or more commonly eaten as Bun Rieu or Bun Oc?


Open 24 hours and made fresh daily is perfect.
What hours do they dish out the freshest?

Bronx Burger

LoL, I read elsewhere that someone noted Apache in Etobicoke is the greasier Harvey's.
Looks like not much love for charbroiled burgers.

Best place for Korean bindaetteok - mung bean pancake

I would also like to know because the first and only place I've tried this Mung Bean Pancake was at Born Jook near Christie subway station. An elder lady gave us a try while we had the Jook there.

Dim Sum at 'Ka Lung Court', Richmond Hill - Not bad at all!!

I saw on Fairchild TV News a few days ago that Ka Lung is now closed. The same News said La Chine was closed too if I'm not mistaken.

$125.00 per person dinner at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center prepared by TO's top Japanese chefs!!

I saw these postings everywhere too and figured if I saw it, I'm probably too late to attempt to get a ticket since others see it too. Especially Cafe Michi and Izakaya Ju posted near the washroom area.

ND Sushi and Grill - Laird Dr-Highly recommended

The website shows a lot of French flare. can you confirm it's a dressy business casual environment? The patio looks nice, but maybe closed now? Thanks Bigpestle

Halal in Vaughan?

Good question. I'm by no means the best to answer that but I've looked this up before.
Don't take me up on it because I haven't tried much from this site below, but I do hope this helps.

Hot Pot downtown

My friend and I have been pondering this question as well. I'm thinking it's partly because of the low profit margin unless you charge 1.5x - 2x uptown hot pot places. Secondly, you need a properly ventilated facility which some downtown structures cannot fit the bill.

If it made sense to do so, then Made in China probably would have done it already since their Scarborough spot is a Hot Pot dedicated restaurant. Any other advice and input from others?

Golden Crown Dynasty Cuisine, Richmond Hill - Another GOOD dim sum place for your list!

I'm loving this haunted ghost story, sounds like the perfect place for Halloween dim sum. I'll report back if it's a male or female. It's the men's washroom, right?

Preserved Duck Eggs aka Thousand Year Eggs - Best commercial version found!

It might be a trend as well that there's runny yolk versions. Awhile back In Toronto, most Hong Kong or Southern Chinese use Preserved Duck Eggs in Congee or Steamed Eggs, but now you will notice there's more Northern Chinese and Taiwanese flavours in Toronto leading to more uncooked/cold appetizers such as dishes like Tofu/Preserved Egg with Soya Sauce that needs such a requirement for Preserved Duck Eggs.

Preserved Duck Eggs aka Thousand Year Eggs - Best commercial version found!

Hey Charles, many are now Made in Taiwan and they have website with details more so than the Made in China ones which still come wrapped with Rice Chafe & Clay. The previous traditional preparation method is not as healthy/safe as the modern method but when you have chemical elements transforming the original state of any item, just make sure you eat it in moderation no matter how they lure you on the wrapper.

Absolutely HORRENDOUS meal at.......wait for it!..........'Fantasy Eatery, Scarborough'!!!

I saw a banner where Chinese Beef Lamb House at Birchmount/Sheppard used to be now saying (避風塘小炒) Royal - Opening Soon. I'm assuming they are moving rather than having a 2nd location so nearby, right?

'Fantastic Curry House, Markham' - Anyone??!!

It's a Hong Kong style Curry shop... Opened a few months back and even had 10% off during their grand opening. It's the spicy level of HK style curry, not too spicy/exciting but a slight spicier than Japan curry mix.

You know how Hong Kong people like the Potatoes in the curry almost more than the protein, it's that kind of meal here. They have Viet noodles and other stuff on the menu but I would say its not inline with any comparison to Gourmet Garden and such.

Gourmet Garden Restaurant
4465 Sheppard Ave E, Toronto, ON M1S, CA

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

No wonder I've never heard the term as a past employee...
One of Colonel's many secrets.

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

That sounds very similar to KFC's Pressured Deep Fryer method. It cooks 4 x 9 piece chickens maximum in one go in a reduced time of roughly 25min or so. I believe it cooks faster because of the pressure cooking style. So that's broasted, eh. New word, very cool.

Those broaster fryers look very suspiciously similar to KFCs, I worked back in highschool days.

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

That sounds awesome, but I read on their website a few months back that they won't know where & when Cajan Bajans will re-open again.

Toronto's Best Fried Chicken

I'm just a bit curious what makes Stockyards a favourite for Fried Chicken? For sure the cooked to order part sounds great although takes time, while KFC cooks in batches then in a holding oven.

Juicy chicken really depends on when the Chicken comes out from the fryer and how long it sits out. 1/2 Chicken portion would be a 4.5 piece compared to KFC, Stockyard is on par excluding those sides/drinks.

To me, it would be the the seasoning, marinade, even-coating of flour on the pieces that makes one better over another but that's just my preference. My experience with those were kind of lacking, could it be a one time thing? I didn't even have to wait for mine, it was ready in 5 minutes. Did they give me leftovers?

Polynesian & Hawaiian Food/Restaurant in TORONTO

I kind of did a search last year and didn't have any luck either, therefore I had to make my own Hawaiian luau using just online recipes. The Kalua Pork is a tough one to do since it's easily overcooked, make sure you give good insulation and moisture. I'm no expert, but at least watch it carefully. Good Luck.

Most boring one-dimensional food - Persian Kebab and rice!

In regards to restaurant-centric, I've been eating persian food as good if not better than many kebab restaurants from home cooked food my Persian friend's mother makes. In many years I barely hear him eat out at Persian restaurants.

I guess we have to keep in mind that some of us are fortunate enough to grow up in a food culture that embraces astronomical dimensions while some simply consume food more as a necessity and others inbetween the two extremes.

I had same thoughts as Charles when I had my meal at North, but my Persian friend(noted above) said he'll take me there one day so I'm kind of surprised to say the least. What's boring to Charles and myself is not boring to my buddy.

Most boring one-dimensional food - Persian Kebab and rice!

Charles, you should read those 2.5 star recommendations on North.
That's how yelp becomes useful although sometimes pain to read.
Maybe need some Persian fusion? :)

WTF - Churros in Toronto

Great Beach restaurant

I'm pretty foreign to the Beaches as well and if I wasn't on a casual stroll and didn't have time or wasn't curious, I would have never stuck my head into the small street and saw that house with a menu posted on the front which is Amuse.

Mongolian in Toronto?

I think this is the same case as when I was looking for Hawaiian cuisine, not Hawaiian pizza but more authentic. I had to look online and do my best from wiki and recipe info. I think aside from a Hawaiian Luau, I would also like a Mongolian firepit dinner. Everyone surrounding the fire and sizzling up lamb and drinking horse milk... or do I have the wrong cuisine, lol?

Cold Stone Creamery coming to Ontario

I first experienced coldstone in Tokyo and I guess because I was on vacation I tend to enjoy more of something new.

When I went to Taiwan I saw it again and wanted to try another flavour but this time the staff their were really enjoying their job and were passing the ice cream around to each other in the air like a juggling act.

The ice cream isn't bad, but to me it's about the atmosphere and environment. The staff at the Taiwan store looked like they love their job and made me feel like I was in my youth again having sweet ice cream.

Fulton Market Burger

Thanks Duckdown. I had a feeling it wasn't worth a trip. I didn't exactly like AppleJack's in the first place. I wonder why businesses are still willing to introduce high-priced low value restaurants in a slow economy. Super risky minded executives, spend first think second.

I rather go to harvey's especially the few times I went, they have always had either good value coupons for their angus or a receipt for free burger on next visit.

Fulton Market Burger

My friend passed by and gave me a coupon. It had two restaurants on it, one of them I recognized as AppleJack's which I have been to once or twice which is standard western chow. The other caught my attention because it said Fulton Market Burger which got me thinking. Another burger joint franchise???

If you look up their info on the web, it sounds like they have been to few places in US searching for the perfect burger but still eventually I won't be able to differ between a Lick's Homeburger, or Harvey's Angus, or A&W's Angus, CraftBurger, etc...

Anyone has info on this place? Worth a try or not?

Loblaw Buying Canada's Biggest Asian Grocery Chain, T&T

I have to say this was quite unexpected for me. I went away to baltimore for a weekend and I come back to see on friday's news that loblaw plans to buy T&T.

It is one of my one stop shop for asian ingredients and because of that it is one of my favourite place to even just walk around looking at new products, even though I have to say I don't alway buy food there because of the price premium on certain items.

I wonder what Loblaw plans to do with this purchase?