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big asia!

thanks everyone for the suggestions...i'm posting pictures of my trip...more to come!

taipei: best bakeries?

hoping to get some best bakeries in taipei! thank you! Tokyo

thank you so much for this list! :)

Nov 12, 2011
misc1774 in Japan Tokyo

thanks so much! i definitely don't mind trekking for something delicious/special/authentic/out-of-this-world...

i did read that i can see a lot in the basements of department stores so planning to check them out as well. toraya's supposedly in almost all the department stores i believe.

Nov 10, 2011
misc1774 in Japan Tokyo

hi everyone:

i was hoping to get some suggestions for bakeries and traditional japanese desserts for tokyo. i'm not looking for international brands (i.e. from france) but actually either: 1) bakeries by locals, and even better if they mix eastern and western flavors; and 2) places to find authentic traditional japanese desserts of all kinds. also any suggestions for kyoto and osaka would be great as well.

thank you so much in advance! if you can provide name as well as what you suggest i get that would be wonderful!

Nov 10, 2011
misc1774 in Japan

seoul - 3 days for solo diner

hi everyone:

i'm heading to seoul alone in about a week and would love some recommendations. please keep in mind my i can't speak any korean (but planning to learning some basic phrases).

i'm staying in the Jung-gu area but willing to travel anywhere for good food. not looking for anything fancy - just want some solid koren food (fatty pork bbq, soup of all kinds, live octopus dish, etc...). i also hear that most bbq (particularly beef) are not really worth it if you live in the US...true?

also if anyone happens to have any recommendations for french pastries it would be awesome.

thank you thank you. sorry to be so general.

big asia!

suggestion for best pineapple bun in hk? i know they are everywhere and i had read a post for "mongkok cafe" and can't seem to find it...

big asia!

hm i should probably provide more info to help you help me. born in taiwan, moved to the US when i was 9 to san francisco (still fluent and can read). spent the last few years in nyc working and eating through the city, since moved back to san francisco in 2011. an aspiring french pastry chef (hence the pastry recommendations). this is my first big trip to asia (only been to taiwan). when i think asia i think street food, hole-in-the-wall, mom&pops...and not necessarily fancy-micheline restaurants (feel like i've had my share in nyc, and con't to, in sf). to sum it up, looking for delicious local eats...and even better if you can recommend dishes with location (please keep in mind that i'll be eating alone...). helpful?

big asia!

yes, got tasty's in hung hum down. agnes b not for food-food but pastries...i think there's a shop in IFC mall central?!

My Rest. Choices for Shanghai + Beijing

address/location for the noodle shop in xujiahui district please!

big asia!

i don't have a budget but prefer hole-in-the-wall places versus high-end. and since i'm traveling around, i would think that i wouldn't eat ramen in china since i'll be in japan...etc (have read some ramen recommendations for china).

just to share some places i've looked up to checkout...

hk: tim ho wan, fu ho, and tai po hui market cooked food center for dim sum; kai kai noodle shop; mongkok cafe; agnes b; tai cheong egg tart; mandarin bakery; five generation dessert; and roll bakery.

shanghai: da dong for peking duck; shanxi noodles; de long guan for xiao long bao...

con't to research...what's the street food situation like in hk and china?

big asia!

hi everyone:

i'm heading alone to asia for a month: hong kong - shanghai - beijing - seoul - tokyo - kyoto - taiwan. would love some recommendations. not looking for anything fancy but just good down-home yummy eats that i shouldn't miss. i know this seems general but i've done some research for HK and have decided that i'm basically eating dimsum and noodles while i'm there. what are some of the "can't-miss" places? also would love french pastry recommendations.

thank you!

Vienna Dining/Cafe Suggestions for Solo Female

hello chowhounds:

i'm heading to vienna tomorrow for three days. i'm (female) traveling alone and staying between stephansplatz and the opera house.

from various posts, i think i will definitely head to MAK and glacis beisl. and though i don't drink, i would be happy to head to a beer house for some good food.

my key criteria are good/unique/traditional food and safety, particularly during the evening as it gets dark quite early these days.

if you wouldn't mind, i would love some suggestions--please state whether it's better for lunch or dinner (1 to 2 expensive places are fine, as long as there's no dress code), as well as coffee houses that i should not miss. and if possible, even what i should be ordering from the menu!

thanks a bunch!

Mar 01, 2011
misc1774 in Europe

Yes/No to my researched list...this weekend

thank you both so much!

okay, so MHenry for brunch on saturday is what i'm aiming for, and then somewhere that can take reservation for sunday brunch. my thoughts are sunday was staying away from new american given the alinea meal...or am i just over thinking this?! will definitely look into north pond (weather is suppose to nice on sunday as well).

as for saturday night dinner...would anyone recommend that i go for chicago style hot dogs and deep dish pizzas versus either purple pig or sweet & savory? (btw, no reservations available for architectes). but really would have to be a "can't miss" thing since i'm not a big fan of either...

Jun 24, 2010
misc1774 in Chicago Area

Yes/No to my researched list...this weekend


I've read through the posts for the Chicago Area, as well as doing some research on my own. I'm flying to Chicago to basically dine at Alinea Sunday night. But while I'm there, thought I'd look up some other fantastic places to eat.

I can only fit in four meals (assuming I'm not tempted by anything at "Taste of Chicago", and my ideas are:
2 Brunches: MHenry and Bongo Room
2 Dinners: Purple Pig and Alinea

So here are my question:
1) Sweet & Savories...dinner or brunch? Should I forgo one of the options and go to Sweet & Savories instead?
2) Is Purple Pig along the same concept as St. John's Bread & Wine in London?
3) Took Frontera Grill as a brunch option off the that a mistake?
4) Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614

Bongo Room
1152 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

Frontera Grill
445 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

Jun 24, 2010
misc1774 in Chicago Area

ONE night only

doing a roadtrip from DC to Houston and stopping over in NOLA for just one-night. after reading all the posts i've so far only decided to:
- pre-dinner snack at Mr. B's for bbq shrimp
- tuesday breakfast at cafe du monde

most recommendations on previous posts seem that the case in NOLA...prices at Brennan's, Commander's and Dante's aren't really what i'm willing to pay (unless you really feel is THAT amazing). I think Cochon may be closer to my price range...

with that said, my bf and i usually like local eateries (hidden somewhere, don't care about the decoration and just care about the long as we're safe)...any ideas?

p.s. is brennan's the same restaurant that was in houston but burnt down?

Jul 28, 2009
misc1774 in New Orleans