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Mid-range to high-end Montreal restos: personal reccos

I second the "Carswell, you rock" comment. Eagerly anticipating your BYO list and hoping you have a chance to post it before my trip up there in early September.

We are eating at DNA Saturday night and likely Bouchonne/Buvette chez Simonne Sunday night (since most other restaurants are closed, and also to keep our costs down a bit)... I have a reservation at CC&P for Friday night, but wondering if I should switch it to a BYO (again, with cost in mind). Loved CC&P a year ago, though...

Aug 21, 2009
diann8 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Narrowing down dinner options...

Hi - Headed to Montreal in early September for a weekend with the girls (four of us, in our mid-20s). I have been to Montreal twice; the other girls haven't. One of us is a vegetarian/pescetarian, which is why APdC isn't on the list below...

On previous trips I loved Club Chasse et Peche and the sadly defunct Brunoise. The girls are looking for a variety of food experiences in a variety of neighborhoods... so if you had to pick three of the following restaurants for dinner, which ones would you choose?

- Club Chasse et Peche
- Bistro Bienville
- Montee du Lait
- Kitchen Galerie
- Garde Manger

Or are there other places you would choose that aren't on my list? I love French food, but am trying to throw in a little (a very little!) variety for my friends' sake. I also took off Joe Beef/Liverpool House because I wasn't sure how veg-friendly they were.

Also, thinking of doing one nice lunch on a Friday. Laloux? Au Cinquieme Peche? Other options?

And finally. Any good bakeries near Berri-UQAM metro? I need to go to a patisserie (or four) while we're there... thinking of just going to Kouign Amann, but is there anything closer to where we're staying?


Jul 28, 2009
diann8 in Quebec (inc. Montreal)