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Happy Chinese New Year!

thanks! Year of the Wooden Horse? I think that Trojan horse was made of wood. LOL!!!

Feb 08, 2014
joisey al in General Topics

Best pizza in Little Italy?

Lombardi's, 23 Spring Street.

Feb 06, 2014
joisey al in Manhattan

Happy Chinese New Year!

Goon Hay Fa Choy to all CH's, Year of the Horse

Pizza for a crowd near Fairmont Hotel [San Francisco]

sbp, try the Nob Hill Café, 1152 Taylor Street. It's a few minutes away from the Fairmont. Unfortunately, no delivery. Enjoy your dinner event!

Fried rice like the old days

You can use the entire egg. In the restaurants
we used egg whites for egg drop soup. Hence, the yolks in our fried rice dishes.

Jan 28, 2014
joisey al in Manhattan

Fried rice like the old days

ipsedixit is correct when it comes to cooking, the most important part is the temp. of the wok. My family owned several Chinese-American restaurants. Here's a roast pork fried (or chicken, beef, shrimp) rice recipe. In a hot wok, couple of teaspoons of veggie oil. Add the roast port, chopped Spanish onions, bean sprouts. When the first three ingredients are hoping in the wok, add rice (ideally, day old white rice) then add scramble egg yolk, bit of soy sauce (for color) and green scallions at the end. The roast pork, chicken can be made ahead of time, as well as the scramble egg yolk.

Jan 28, 2014
joisey al in Manhattan

Need recommendation for lunch near Madison Square Garden

Hi CH's, Need a resto. recommendation for lunch tomorrow near/around Madison Square Garden.

Dec 20, 2013
joisey al in Manhattan

Greek restaurants

Hi CH's,

I'm looking for recommendations for Greek restaurants in mid-town Manhattan.


Dec 03, 2013
joisey al in Manhattan

Sauce to serve with roasted chicken other than pan sauce or gravy?

I prefer cranberry sauce vs. pan sauce or gravy.

Mar 20, 2013
joisey al in Home Cooking

St Augustine, FL: Two dinner recommendations please....

Try Old City House Inn & Restaurant, 115 Cordova Street. Small restaurant in a B & B, owners from South Africa. Great hospitality and excellent food and beverages.

Feb 06, 2013
joisey al in Florida

Sushi in Hong Kong - not Michelin

Sakaegawa Japanese Restaurant
7/F Macau Yeat Yuen Centre
525 Hennesey Rd.
Causeway Bay

Try the Prawns sashimi style, you won't be disappointed

has anyone seen the peppermint salt water taffy at Trader Joe's this holiday season?

Beachgallisa, go to They have the item(s) you are looking for. Five pounds goes for $20.95 + shipping and handling. I found the candies to be pricey but the on-line store is dependable. I ordered 24 bars of Bonono Turkish taffy and arrived in three days in spite of a destructive storm in our area.

Nov 19, 2012
joisey al in Chains

75th BIRTHDAY in Hong Kong

What a fantastic way the celebrate your birthday. I cannot suggest venues for your occasion, but; I noticed you received some recommendations from Charles Yu. He should be the mayor or a member of the tourist bureau for HK. He's pretty spot on w. his suggestions/recommendations. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

San Jose restaurants with private room

Try Bella Mia. Italian restaurant w. good food and prices.

China Bowl - Edison closed?


Aug 10, 2012
joisey al in New Jersey

China Bowl - Edison closed?

What is the address of the new location?

Aug 09, 2012
joisey al in New Jersey

Chinese Hot Pot in Hong Kong

Hi, hope this helps. Garden Restaurant, Nathan Road near the Temple Market place. There was six of us, about an hour wait on a Friday pm. Price was about $18.00 pp. US. Enjoy!

Downtown San Jose Restaurants

I will be staying at the San Jose Marriott (downtown) in mid-September. Need recommendations for eating establishments near hotel.


Calling all Myrtle Beach chowsters, help!!! ~~SOS~~

Umberto's, Barefoot Landings Mall; North Myrtle Beach. It's been there for some 20 plus years.

Feb 28, 2012
joisey al in Southeast

Traditional Irish Breakfast??

Is there an address for the Blue Rooster Bakery and Cafe in Cranbury?


Feb 06, 2012
joisey al in New Jersey

What was the name of that restaurant?

Does any one remember the name of the restaurant on the top floor of the St. Francis Hotel? This is around the late 1970's-early 80's. I remember they had a dress code (men had to wear jackets) and the food was really good.

Pasta near Nob Hill / Union Square? [SF]

SZMN, try the Nob Hill Cafe on Taylor Street. Additionally, get there early because there can be waits up the 30 minutes. I don't where the White Swan Inn is located, but; enjoy the work out walking up to the NHC.

Small winery in/around Healdsburg area?

Try Geyser Peak a few miles north of Healdsburg. Love their sauvignon blanc and reserve Alexander, red; more of a meritage.

Is going to Sai Kung worth it?

Dear Foodnut8, loved your post &videos of Sai Kung. During my first visit to HK, my cousin took us to Sai Kung, took an two hour boat ride (former fishing boat, the women also lives on it) around the island. I love seafood, unfortunately; during lunch not one seafood dish was ordered. Next time!

One nite in SF - solo Request recs

Rue Lepic, 900 Pine Street (between Mason & Pine) Nob Hill section of San Francisco.



What is good to eat at the Hong Kong Airport? Have a six hour layover

Good move, Additionally if you take the MTR/Express train to Kowloon/HK, It's $90.00 HK dollars (12-13 US) each way. The restaurants at HK International are pretty good. It's not like your typical domestic airport fast food junk places. Albeit, I'm sure they have it at HKI.

saturday breakfast near alemany market and sfo

Neal's Coffee Shop in the Burlingame Shopping Ctr. 1845 El Camino Real, Burlingame. However, on Saturday the place opens at 7:00 am....healthy menu, specialization in egg white omelettes.

Neal's Coffee Shop
1845 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA 94010

LA Girl would LOVE any help on venue suggestons on Chinese Banquet style Wedding in SF !!! Please!!!!!

Far East Cafe, Grant Ave, SF. I've attended two weddings and a Red Egg & ginger party at this venue. Good luck!

Far East Cafe
631 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA 94108

Central Jersey or Staten Island Private Party Recomendation for 60-70 people

Sir John's is in North Brunswick, NJ about half-mile off route 130. It's about 15 minutes south of exit 9 of the NJ Turnpike. Been to several events at this venue. Great food and they serve alcohol. Speak to Lily, she will provide information/logistics for your daughter's event. Good luck & congrats. on your her Christening.

Mar 10, 2011
joisey al in New Jersey

Frog Legs and $1 Oyster Happy Hour at Bistro M in Windsor

Can you recommend establishments that serve frog legs near the Union Square area? Thanks!