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Post-elopement party

We just got back from a wonderful trip to Napa Valley where we eloped. We want to have a party for about 50 to 75 friends in Northwest or Capitol Hill. We would prefer to carry the wine theme, so maybe a wine bar, and some hors douvres. We also have some macarons coming in from Bouchon in Napa, so we would like to serve those too.

We are hoping to spend a maximum of $3000 for food and drinks. Is this reasonable? Suggestions for locations?

Need a venue for a 'wedding-alternative' cocktail party

My fiance and I are overwhelmed about the idea of planning a wedding, and have decided to have go to the Justice of the Peace route, and then have a fairly 'big party' instead of a reception. We are thinking maybe 100 people, mostly our friends (in their 25- 45 year olds), cocktails, 'maybe' hors douvres and a really great DJ. One of the places we considered is Cafe Atlantico, but are not sure how 'private' the space would be. Any other suggestions for locations?
Also, we have not put too much thought into the budget. We would like to have an open bar, and some finger food, but would prefer to spend more of our money on a super honeymoon. Thoughts....?