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Help me eat something good...PLEASE!

I'm one of those people who work constantly, am totally underpaid, and truly enjoy some good eats. In fact, good eats are generally the highlights of my day. So this Sunday I'm taking the day off in celebration (or mourning depending on your outlook on life) of my bday. My plans are to sleep and then eat pretty much all day. I need some foodie and/or gluttunous suggestions of where to go. I live in OC and there are few places here worthy of a trip so my friend and I plan to trek out to LA and see what's up. We like hole in the wall type places, although those are hard to find in such a trendy town. So we're not looking to go to the newest hottest celebrity chef flash in the pan type places. We just want good eats (ie waffles, tacos, ice cream, soul food, cheese shops... the good stuff). I miss living and eating in NYC & SF! Can my fellow chowhoundsters help me out? I've been trapped in the OC too long!

Aug 27, 2009
cynbarret in Los Angeles Area

North OC mexican market/grocer

I used to go to La Rioja and discovered today that it"s now a Walgreens! Terrible! Does anyone know a good mexican grocer nearby? I don't mind driving a bit, but would prefer to stay in the OC. I would love to find another market with as good of a deli and butcher. I'm so sad that it's gone! Thanks y'all!

Jul 31, 2009
cynbarret in Los Angeles Area

Foodies:What is oatmeal (hot) supposed to taste like?

Everytime I've had oatmeal (maybe 5 times in 28 years of life) I can't stand it. It's bland, slimey and pastey. My roomie wants me to make it for her but I can't bring myself to taste it. The one time I made it for her, I added peanut butter and brown sugar to make it taste like something. I don't think she liked it even though she LOVES pb. Anyway, what should it be like? And are there any restaurants/cafes that have some decent oatmeal that I can taste? Thanks oatmeal experts!

Jul 28, 2009
cynbarret in Los Angeles Area

Plugra butter in OC???

Smart & Final has it. Weird, huh? Top shelf in the reach in cooler with the other butter. I heart butter.

Jul 28, 2009
cynbarret in Los Angeles Area