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What foods have traveled in your carry-on?

I’m hoping to fly from Chicago to Boston with a Gino’s East frozen pizza – just cheese. However, there IS the sauce I have to worry about. But it’s frozen. I really don’t know if it’ll make it through security. Anyone tried to take a frozen pizza as a carry on?

I can’t believe how weird that sounds…

Feb 04, 2010
rallykate in General Topics

Chicago Tour Part One- Kumas, Full Shilling, Lou Malnatis, The Green at Grant Park

Carnivale has simply the best fish tacos I've had in Chicago. I work two blocks away, so I'm guilty of frequenting there for my lunch hours.

They may even have some of the best guac I've had in the city too. Don't forget to order their mojito!

Sep 30, 2009
rallykate in Chicago Area

Sustainable Thanksgiving Turkey

I’m hosting my first Thanksgiving this year for a group of 18 people. Granted, only 14 will be having turkey, as the rest are vegetarian. I’m interested in, at the very least, researching a reputable farm/company to purchase a sustainable/local turkey from. I’m located in the city, so a delivery option would be ideal.

If anyone has any suggestions, they’re much appreciated! If it proves too much of a hassle, I will likely order directly from Whole Foods. Thanks!

Sep 28, 2009
rallykate in Chicago Area

Have lots of wine...need new BYOB ideas...

This isn't in Old Town (which I just moved from!) but it is directly off a brown line stop - literally only a few steps away - at Rockwell. Pizza Art Cafe. It's a fabulous little place with outdoor seating on the sidewalk. It's usually hard to get seating out there unless you arrive when their dinner shift starts at 4:30 (closed Mondays). Indoor seating was plentiful when I went during the week and it never looks too crowded on a weekend (I pass it everyday).

I just ate there my first time this past weekend and it was amazing, and a quaint spot - perfect for you and your new husband or even a fun girls night out. I highly recommend it - and I would definitely try Jasmin's Brushette. It's a great summer app, even though it's a dough/bread base it's very light along with the brushette tomatoes and feta. Loved it!

Jul 28, 2009
rallykate in Chicago Area

Visiting Boston with a Shellfish Allergy…

Thank you all so much for your replies! This was definitely the advice I was looking for. From the sounds of it, we have options for each day we’re there. I’m going to run all of these by the group – it looks like there’s great options for all of us.

Thanks again! I won’t be going until the end of August but I can report back and let you know how everything goes

Jul 28, 2009
rallykate in Greater Boston Area

Visiting Boston with a Shellfish Allergy…

It may sound silly that I’m visiting Boston having a shellfish allergy (mollusks and crustaceans) but hey, I’m going, and I need to eat :) I will be there Aug 20-24.

I’m basically looking for suggestions on, you guessed it, places for lunch or dinner where I can count on them to be aware of their guests allergies. I know that there are plenty of places out there with a variety on their menu, however, I’m always worried about cross-contamination. My allergy is severe (throat swells, vomiting, hives, shortness of breath) so I can’t take any chances.

I have been to Boston once and my friends insisted they get the lobster rolls at Neptune Oyster. Cute little place and the food smelled amazing, but my throat became scratchy and irritated. The bartender literally laughed at me when earlier, I had asked her about her thoughts on someone with an allergy getting a burger there.

We’re planning on doing the big lobster roll feast for lunch after we go on our whale watching tour which leaves from the aquarium. If anyone has any suggestions in that area, that would be great, otherwise our group can hold off on their lobster rolls (and me, probably a club sandwich, blah) until we can get to a place with decent food wherever its located.

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jul 27, 2009
rallykate in Greater Boston Area