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Where to find 25 cent oysters in new orleans

We gave $50 cash, need some ones so asked for change.
Shucker took tab/money, turned his back open tab took some money then handed to cashier and disappeared.
Our receipt showed we gave $45.
NO MISTAKE, I saw him take the money!
We were going to tip that anyway so no big deal but very bad if it is a pattern on behavior.

Dec 22, 2011
tansu in New Orleans

Where to find 25 cent oysters in new orleans

Went to Acme 12/11 at 11:00 morning. the oysters were good and the grilled oysters were great, but sitting at oyster bar we gave cash for bill and the younger man stole $5 before giving to cashier. We were going to tip $6 so we did not say anything nor did we tip any more. I hope it went to tip jar and not his pocket.

Acme Oyster House
724 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Dec 17, 2011
tansu in New Orleans

Hide your BBQ shrimp! Kukubura's coming back to town!

Because of all positive the comments on Mr. B's BBQ shrimp we went 12/10 at 5:30.
Everything was served luke warm and the BBQ shrimp was undercooked.
15 years ago, we really enjoyed the BBQ shrimp.
Nevermore for us.

Dec 13, 2011
tansu in New Orleans

Reveillon 2011

Any suggestions for Reveillon 2011?
I am thinking: 5fifty5 and Pelican Club because of the Times Picayune article.

Dec 07, 2011
tansu in New Orleans

Early bird specials?

Are there any "early bird specials" for dinner at "better" restaurants in French Quarter on weekends?

Oct 21, 2011
tansu in New Orleans

Underground Restaurants in Oahu?

If tourist are accepted, 8/30-9/6.

Aug 04, 2011
tansu in Hawaii

Cooking at home

Will be visiting mother-in-law in Sapporo.
No oven, any suggestions on counter top convection/microwave oven with both english and Japanese "directions"? I am bringing a ham and a turkey.

Mar 20, 2011
tansu in Japan

Sapporo food blogs and or restaurant review sites?

Looking for recent information for eating in Sapporo.
I do not read Japanese, wife does but I am doing the homework.
This will be my 8th visit and I have gotten some good information in the past from this site.

Feb 17, 2011
tansu in Japan

Hawaii fruit & fish questions/ advice needed

Any experiences sending pineapple to Japan from Hawaii? cost?
If not pineapple, what? Mother in law must be appeased for us skipping her yearly visit for our first Hawaii vacation.

Mar 07, 2010
tansu in Hawaii

Oahu under $20

Which of your favorites are BYOB ?
And how bad are the dui road blocks?

Mar 03, 2010
tansu in Hawaii

Sapporo at Thanksgiving

No problems at customs (check-in luggage)
3 hams big sucess in sapporo, otaru, and tokyo.
smoked turkey breast - what you would expect, not good but no oven in sapporo.
frozen butterball - I nuked it because I was unfamiliar with the japanese convenction oven and no meat therometer, but tokyo relatives enjoyed their first tasted of (dry)turkey.
I am afraid they may expect this every visit.

Dec 08, 2009
tansu in Japan

Sapporo at Thanksgiving

Leaving from Atlanta tomorrow, taking 150 lbs of "souvenirs" including 3 costco hams, 1 smoked turkey breast, and 1 butterball turkey and only 50 lbs of clothes for Thanksgiving in Sapporo and next day in Tokyo. I got to be nuts.

Nov 15, 2009
tansu in Japan

Sapporo at Thanksgiving

Decided to take a frozen pre-cooked turkey with me.
Still interested in restaurant idea's. maybe eel, ramen?

Oct 22, 2009
tansu in Japan

Cheap beer

What is/are decent "cheap" beers from the "7-11's" or grocery store?
I just drink PBR in US.
I do not know Japanese, but wife does.
I do not mind spending extra on a vacation, but family insist on buying and I feel guilty because I drink a lot. over two weeks - don't suggest drinking less!


Oct 21, 2009
tansu in Japan

Sapporo at Thanksgiving

Any turkey in Sapporo?, I have seen turkey legs for sale but no (pre-cooked) whole turkey.
I will take a (pre-cooked) frozen ham as usual, but cannot take frozen turkey and cook it - no oven.
Any other suggestions for restaurants/food? will be there two weeks.

Oct 13, 2009
tansu in Japan

Looking for Fried Catfish in Birmingham, AL

Oct 10, 2008
tansu in General South Archive

Hilton Head, SC, restaurants

Small wallet, small appetite, need suggestions for early bird specials concentrating on quality not quanity.
Like redfish,seashack,boathouse2, others?

Aug 15, 2008
tansu in Southeast

Ideas for a BBQ tour in the south-looking for suggestions

Apr 27, 2008
tansu in General South Archive

Best choice for crab and beer in Sapporo ?

Suggestions for crab and beer (all you can eat/drink or not) in Sapporo ?

Apr 19, 2008
tansu in Japan

Best early bird specials in Hilton Head ?

Go every year and go to Redfish, Alexander's, and MICHAEL ANTHONY'S for specials.
What other fish entrees places are we missing for specials ?
We also enjoy sea shack, boat house, and old fort.

Aug 21, 2007
tansu in General South Archive

First time in Georgia and at the Big Pig Jig - suggestions?

Creekside Catfish

Aug 20, 2007
tansu in General South Archive


Aug 11, 2007
tansu in General South Archive

Buccaneer Club Savannah

Jul 22, 2007
tansu in General South Archive

Family Dining Suggestions near Stone Mountain, GA

Garden Produce & Country Store

Jul 20, 2007
tansu in General South Archive

Good Food walking distance Agnes Scott

5th Earl

Jul 05, 2007
tansu in General South Archive

Good Chow Between ATL and Charlotte? I-85

Nami Asian Bistro

Jul 04, 2007
tansu in General South Archive