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When the waiter wants to clear the dishes before everyone is done

Im a waiter, have been for years, It is good manners to ask before removing plates, some want the plates removed ASAP... some don't. I work at a high end Mexican place and there are sometimes 10 dishes per person and it is quite a task to clear the table. It can be the difference of maybe 10 - 20 tables more being served during peak times. Some people do not want to wait for a table at a busy restaurant, they will simply go to another place if they are not sat quickly. Its hard to please everyone HOWEVER.. we are ran ragged in our jobs and we have managers sometimes literally screaming "RUN RUN RUN" at us. It is our job to clear the table so we can turn it quickly for another seating ASAP. We are paid $2.13 and hour and the Mgmnt really pounds the drums when it comes to making things move quickly

Jul 26, 2009
waiterdude in Not About Food