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Delicious recipe, but I found that it is a bit salty. I'm curious -- could the kosher salt be to blame? This is the second baking/dessert recipe I have used from CHOW (the other being the very blueberry muffins), and both seemed just a bit too salty. The odd thing was, it wasn't a general saltiness, but rather salty "pockets" that threw off the balance. This led me to believe that the kosher salt was not dissolving entirely, resulting in some bites being saltier than others. I followed the recipe exactly (with unsalted butter, etc.), except for using the brand of kosher salt that CHOW recommends, which I could not find in my local grocery store. Is there any way to remedy this problem? Are some varieties of kosher salt coarser than others?

Aug 02, 2009
anderson in Recipes