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Sushi on Bloor: Am I missing something?

I have reviewed Chowhound's board prior going here and many people seems to recommend this restaurant as their 'go-to' cheap Sushi spot (not Kaji / Hiro / etc). Based on many positives from this board I decided to give this place a visit today.

We ordered their lunch specials (Unagi-Don, Dynamite, Salmon Roll, Avocado and California roll) as well as their Spider Maki. First of all, it's cheap. All those mentioned only cost us $33 after tips and taxes.

However, food quality seems to be in the bottom. I can recall that their sushi quality is probably on par with Wasabi or other random Japanesse AYCE buffet. The food quality is downright appalling and abysmal.

Price is cheap as mentioned, but highly not recommended!!!

Jul 25, 2009
ethels in Ontario (inc. Toronto)