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Yes Ariana is not cheap. Never had that problem w. service though. In fact, the owner, Ali, usually is incredibly warm and polite. Often, his wife is the waitress.


When you compare food-to-price, 34 New Street is a great place.

Also, I love Ariana (Afghani-Italian blend), and Sri Thai is the better Thai restaurant.

Samurai is fun is you're looking for loud and festive, if not great food.
Avoid Thai USA and House of India,

Good food, casual dining near Wolf Road, Albany?

I agree that the area is full of chains. We usually eat at Macaroni Grill when we're in the area.

Jo's in Nolita

Anyone know how a guy should dress for a date here?

Dark jeans? Pants?
Jacket? Collared shirt?

Curious how elegant/trendy the place is...

Dec 11, 2009
antipode12 in Manhattan

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

Thanks for the tip on Jani.

I will have to take a trip to Orient or Fortune Wheel soon.

However, while I certainly am interested in ^good^ food, there's a part of me that loves that "greasy" takeout food.

All I'm asking is that I do not find steel wool or nuts and bolts in it. (Not to mention the other things I can't even think about. My pest control guy says -- from experience -- to stay far away from Chinese places.)

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

Isn't Jani a little out of the "takeout" category? Are their dishes expensive?

Finally, a good place for Thai on Long Island

Yes, Sri Thai is miles better than Thai USA in Huntington. Nicer place, too.
(And I've been to Thailand...)

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

I agree. As a foodie, I shouldn't say it, but I love takeout too.
However, is this place ^clean^?

I've had it with filthy chinese joints.

Clean Takeout Chinese on LI?

We live in Huntington (on the Suffolk/ Nassau border) and are just having the hardest time finding a takeout Chinese restaurant that is relatively clean.

Every time we go to a new place, something else happens:
one place the children are cleaning snap peas at a table and dropping them on the floor, spitting, etc. and then throwing the food back in the pile.

another place, we found steel wool fiber in the food.

Anyone have any ideas? We will travel...