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Brioche Donut by Mr. Holmes Bakery in San Francisco

Fillmore Bakeshop also has "bronuts," as they call them, introduced at the end of January.


It's on the list of things to try...

Apr 20, 2014
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Cragel from House of Bagel - a Croissant-Bagel Hybrid, SF - who's tried it?

I got one for free a couple of weeks ago when they were still in pre-release mode. It's as good as a regular bagel, but a little more buttery due to the croissant style construction. Now I want to try their Cinnamon Toast with bruleed bottom version.

Apr 02, 2014
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Pad See Ew in San Francisco?

My favorite Pad See Ew ever was from Thanya and Sallee, which was located where Rocket Fish is now at 18th and Connecticut. Even though they used regular broccoli, they sprinkled on some sort of magic powder that gave their version a flavor I've not found in most other Pad See Ews I've had. I did find one other place that used the powder called Skychef Noodle, which was located at 23rd and Geary where Um Ma Son Korean restaurant is now. To be honest, I'm not too picky about my PSE such that even KOTN's version satisfies me. But if I ever find one with that powder I just might travel to try it.

Dec 30, 2013
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Cronuts at Safeway?

Seeing the trans fat in the ingredients stopped me from buying them. A friend who couldn't resist said they were not very different from regular donuts.

Oct 03, 2013
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Makgeolli Anyone?

Been looking for it ever since imbibing it on a business trip to Japan many years ago. It's on To Hyang's menu but I never tried to order it there the few times I've been.

Sep 25, 2013
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

b. Patisserie opening mid-December on California St (SF)

Agreed re: chocolate ganache filled KA. However, the "red fruit" (their term) KA is even better, for the same reason.

Sep 24, 2013
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Good Karma - Park City, UT

Visited Park City a couple weeks ago for vacation and got a craving for Indian food for lunch. Couldn't find anything on Main Street, but discovered Good Karma not too far away on Prospector Avenue. Not strictly Indian - described as "Indo-Persian" - it was absolutely delicious. Had samosas, a three curry sampler, and naan. The samosas were baked rather than fried, lending to a lighter feel and taste. The curries were chicken, lamb, and the vegetarian daily special. Each distinct in flavor and easily rivaled anything I've gotten back home in San Francisco. There's no tandoori oven so the naan is a little different, but still very tasty. Service from Andre was great, and even got a visit from chef/owner Houman Gohary.

Saw they offered breakfast/brunch and decided to go back for brunch a few days later. Oh boy - sooo good. Challah french toast, cumin-spiced sausage patties, scones, eggs, bacon - my wife and I came away stuffed. Chef Gohary recognized us from lunch a few days earlier, and his wife helped serve us, bringing our coffee and chai.

Overall, great value and service. If we ever come back to Park City, we'll be sure to eat at Good Karma.

Apr 15, 2012
eliu01 in Mountain States

sandwiches for Angel Island?

Freddy's keeps surprisingly well overnight in the fridge. If you can get there at all on Saturday...

Jan 21, 2011
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

sandwiches for Angel Island?

Seconded. Freddy's for sure. Italian Combo on soft sour roll...

Jan 21, 2011
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Best Braised Lamb in San Francisco or Marin?


Oct 11, 2010
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Corpse reviver #2?

I've only tried one, as my initiation to absinthe. It was at Orson, and it was delicious. I will need to try one at the other places mentioned.

Orson Restaurant
508 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107

Aug 01, 2010
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Pagan Burmese Moving/Branching Out to inner Richmond

My wife and I walked by on our way to Halu this evening around 6:30 and it was empty. The one time we ate there a few months ago we thought it was better than Burma Super Star. I also hope they can survive.

Feb 05, 2010
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Volcano Curry

They must be affiliated with Kitaro Sushi, as the website piggybacks off of kitarosushi.com (check the full URLs of the page links e.g. http://kitarosushi.com/volcano/about.php)

Jun 23, 2009
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

French restaurant where the waiters speak French?


400 Dewey Boulevard, San Francisco, CA 94116

Feb 23, 2009
eliu01 in San Francisco Bay Area

Flavor of the week at Beard Papa?

Wondering if anyone can tell me what the current cream puff Flavor of the Week is at Beard Papa? I've tried the pumpkin a few weeks back, but am hoping that it's different this week. Thanks!

Aug 10, 2006
eliu01 in Chains