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Where to buy fresh perogies?

Not in the east end, but worth the trip. I live in the east end and frequently make the journey across town to go here:

Super Kolbasa & Deli
83 Roncesvalles Ave

Great perogies! Many different fillings available - we particularly love the sauerkraut and mushroom ones (and cherry filled ones for dessert). You can buy them cooked in the deli or big bags of uncooked frozen ones that taste waaaay better than Loblaws, and they're pretty inexpensive, too. I'm eastern european and fussy, and they get my seal of approval.

They also have good cabbage rolls, borsch and sausages. And to top it off, good thick sour cream that isn't filled with mysterious chemicals and stabilizers like the big name crap you find in most supermarkets.

Oct 27, 2011
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Delish Brand bajan Hot Sauce

You can order it online, they will ship to Canada.

We stock up on this hot sauce when we're in BIM. Their Bajan green seasoning is wonderful as well, but you only ever seem to see Trinidadian green seasoning in Toronto stores. Which is nice, but not the same...

Mar 29, 2011
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO Mexican Stone Serving Bowls

I think you're looking for the plain smooth basalt type of Molcajete. Gourmet Sleuth have them.

It might be worth asking someone in Perola's, Latin America Emporium, or Market-Tino. Even if they don't have them, they might know where else you might find them.

Latin America Emporium
243 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

247 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

2394 Keele St, Toronto, ON M6M 4A5, Canada

Sep 03, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Pickles? Are they only in NYC?

Check out Benna's or Super Kolbassa on Roncesvalles. Further afield, Yummy Market is a veritable pickle wonderland. Or you could try Continental Deli in the plaza at 180 Steeles W, west of Yonge. They're also ridiculously easy to make, btw.

Jun 24, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Chinese takeout for tonight in south Etobicoke or east Mississauga

Fu Lai is OK for classic Canadian Chinese Food. It's around Six Points, 3858 Bloor Street West near Kipling.

Jun 17, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)


On a slight tangent, I thought I saw a sign that said Burak Supermarket is opening soon on Danforth, right by Zeitoun near Donlands. Does anyone know if this a second location of the Keele and Finch store, or if they are moving down there? (Either way, it's better for downtown dwellers like myself - I miss Tahsin Market in the 'hood.)

Jun 16, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

ISO: some great Persian food in downtown Toronto!

We like the Pomegranate on College, and were introduced to it originally by a Persian friend who said there weren't many other decent (non-fast-food-y) Persian restaurants around. They serve stews showcasing the complex flavours that drew me to this cuisine in the first place. Lovely dips and spreads too - parvardeh olives are a personal favorite. And homemade saffron / rose water / pistachio ice cream for dessert!

For kebabs, try Banu Iranian Kabob Vodka Bar on Queen. It's a bit pricey, but the meat is of a much better quality (and more interesting cuts) than most kebab places, plus there's about 20 different kinds of vodka at the bar and interesting fruit juices.

Just writing about Persian food is making me hungry...I think I'll head up to Super Khorak tonight - the staff may be a bit rude sometimes, but you gotta give a little love to a place that can sell you a big tub of Persian ice cream 24 hours a day.

777 Queen St West, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1, CA

Jun 16, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best place for Piedmont region Italian food?

The Crane is in Barbados, not Bermuda. The location is really lovely, great beach, great views, very luxe indeed. If someone offered me a job there (or anywhere in Bim), I'd be there like a shot. Best of luck to Gianni and Maria!

Jun 16, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Hidden away, independent cafes, worth making a special trip to visit.

Rooster Coffee House (479 Broadview Avenue) has been open just over a month, but is already building a good neighbourhood following. The coffee is excellent, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and the owners (Shawn and Dave) are really friendly attitude-free people who live nearby. There isn't much in the way of food yet, just a few pastries, but our lattes were lovely - deep dark flavours without being acrid (Te Aro coffee!). Lots of space to sit and chat, read, work on your laptop (free wifi), play Scrabble, or just watch life go by in Riverdale park. Sweet. Even the loos are nice! It's our new go-to place in our 'hood for just hanging around.

Feb 03, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Looking to buy Chayote? From Oshawa

This vegetable is also known as Chocho, Chowchow, Christophene, or Buddha's Hand Squash (not to be confused with Buddha's Hand Fruit, which is a citrus fruit). It is sold in many Caribbean and Asian stores as well as Mexican ones.

There are plenty of Asian supermarkets in Markham. There's a West Indian store in Whitby (Brock S of Dundas), and I believe there are a few South Asian Grocers in Pickering.

Not so much of a mexican community out that way, though. Type "Mexican Oshawa" into Google maps, and Taco Bell comes up.

Feb 01, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to buy green chiles in Toronto?

They have lots of different canned chilies (and fresh/dried ones too) at Perola Supermarket in Kensington Market. A good solid latin american foodstuff destination.

Jan 30, 2010
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Windsor, ON: Smoke & Spice or Tunnel B.B.Q.?

You can order TBQ sauce from their website:
We always bring back some whenever passing through Windsor.

Aug 10, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dutch condiments

You could try:

Holland Store
2542 Weston Road
(416) 247-8659

It's one of the only places in Toronto I've ever seen fritessaus or paprika crisps, too.

Jul 30, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Danforth Entertainment Book

Kalyvia would be the best of that bunch, but i'd advise you to stick to the mezes. If you're having the dips, ask for all pita to be served with it, unless you are fond of scooping up taramosalata with greasy garlic bread. The horiatiki salad is mediocre and even the small is enormous, too much feta, not enough olives. We usually go to Avli instead for the Imam Bayaldi and other mezes and Lagos Stifado.

Most Greek restos in TO are not fine dining so don't expect it. I live on the Danforth and have had good and bad meals at almost all the Greek establishments along the stretch. But on a cheap and cheerful level, Kalyvia is OK.

Jul 30, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Best Ribs in TO

I've found the pork ribs waaaay too fatty at Highway 61, but the beef ribs are too dry, BQ sauce not withstanding. And there isn't enough flavour in the rub they use. We're not rushing back there in any hurry.

Jul 30, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Shrimp Cocktail Chips

You can get Skips at The Chocolate Box and Mrs. Bridges' British Bakery. Bulk Mine near Yonge & Bloor and the Nutty Chocolatier (Beach location) sometimes have them. They are marginally cheaper at the Chocolate Box, which also stocks M&S soups, teas, biscuits and sweets (and Indian movies!). Not right downtown, but certainly closer than Newmarket.

Mrs. Bridges & Chocolate Box also do web orders:

Chocolate Box
413 Donlands Ave, Toronto, ON M4J, CA

Mrs Bridges' British Bakery
1 Eglinton Square Scarborough ON

Nutty Chocolatier
2179 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E, CA

Mrs Bridges British Bakery Ltd
322 Eddystone Ave, Toronto, ON M3N, CA

Bulk Mine
655 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

Jul 27, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to find kaffir limes in Toronto?

It has moved to:

Vientiane Trading Co.Ltd.
51B Jutland Rd, Toronto, On M8Z 2G6
Tel, 416 743 2911
Fax 416 743 8004

Jutland runs between Kipling and Islington, a few blocks north of the Queensway.

I haven't been to the new location yet, so I have no idea if everything is set up and open... the move appeared to be a bit chaotic. I'd call them to see if the limes are in...

Hope this helps!

Jul 25, 2009
kitfo in Ontario (inc. Toronto)