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Toronto Bourbon/Whiskey Tastings??

Does anyone know of any places in Toronto that regularly hold (or have one coming up soon) Bourbon and or Whiskey tastings?

Visiting Toronto in August

I was replying above when i saw this, I wouldnt go to Starfish or Pangea if you paid me, 2 x bad meals at both.

Visiting Toronto in August

I guess its just preference, I rap on the service and price of Canoe all the time (for what it is) and yet alot of people swear by it.

I usually split 5 dishes at Cava for 2 people, I tend to go for the lighter ones just because I like them better, so $50-60 with a beer for two. I guess if you had cocktails or wine and 6 of the heavier dishes it would add up fast.

I'm suprised you mentioned the waiter upselling you as one of the things I like best is the coaching you get from the waiters about which dishes they think you will like best (especially once you have been there a couple times).

Ok, I'm gonna stop since I'm starting to sound like a Cava fanboi and thats kinda lame. I was just surprised as yours is the first negative sentiment I have heard regarding a restaurant I feel is Toronto's current sleeper hit!

A smorgasbord of restaurants I would like your opinions and advice about

Scaramouche is a perrenial favorite, if you dont mind spending some dough, go to North 44, do not go to Canoe for anything but a business lunch in my oppinion.

Romantic dinner for teen couple?

I have to say my last meal at Mildred Pierce was extremely average, worst of all my food came out almost cold, it felt like it had been sitting on a counter for 20min..... service was nothing special.... I have, in the past, liked the restaurant enough that I will give them another chance

Romantic dinner for teen couple?

George would be a very good pick, as would Cava (both trendy and quite cheap without wine {although they both do corkage as an alternative as well}), as they are modern, chic, and I have had great service at both (perhaps the best in Toronto at Cava).

If you want somewhere a little less formal but still fun, the Patio at Boba is a great place, mention the occasion to Bob (he and his wife Barbara own the place, though he is usually more out and about) and he will likely do something special.

Visiting Toronto in August

maybe its just bad luck, I've never had a bad meal (or even a mediocre one) at Thuet, and Cava overpriced? my brother and i go there for a light dinner and often spend less then $25 bucks each (no drinks)

Sunday brunch? (yet again ...)

yes thuet is also very good, forgot to mention that one


I really like George, I think its one of the better restaurants in the city. Whats sets it apart, however, is the fact that every single person I know that has been there thought it was spectacular, rarely does a restaurant appeal to everyone as much as George does.

Where can I buy Truffles?

White or Black?

Either way: Talk to Tony DiMarco, the owner of Harvest Wagon (at Yonge and Summerhill), he can usually help, if not, All the Best Fine Foods (ask for Sue or Jane) next door most likely will.

Visiting Toronto in August

Thuet is easily the best restaurant in Toronto pound for pound if price is no object (though its cheaper then some of the options listed here), if you want something Asian try Blowfish (can hit it on an off night but usually the best asian food in town).

If you want to save some cash or bring your own wine; I really highly recommend Cava (modern Tapas thing) (the most underated restaurant in Toronto, owned by the former executive chef of Avalon) or Tutti Matti (best spag house in town).

Sunday brunch? (yet again ...)

three absolutely amazing places (each in there own way) descending by price:

1) Xaccutti; If you want to spend a little bit more, this is easily the best place to have breakfast in Toronto bar none, expect a short wait, although I *believe* they take reservations.

2) Globe; Super trendy, on the Danforth, good food and the nicest interior of any breakfast place in Toronto.

3) Aunties and Uncles; this is the kind of place you find bleary eyed frat-kids and hung-over movie stars. Try it atleast once no matter what your tastes are, you wont be disappointed. My only gripe is that on Sunday morning the staff is usually as hung over as you are.... =)

Tutti Matti -- report

I always say to my friends and family; "Tutti Matti" is the most consistent (and definately one of the best) bowls of pasta in Toronto. That's not to say they don't do the same level of justice to everything else they serve, its just that its hard to find a good bowl of pasta now based on what was good a few months ago (see Sotto Sotto's decline into mediocrity).

Everything there is heavily Tuscan themed, although Alea (sorry if i mispelled it) ads her own touch to just about everything.

If you want a great story, ask her about the time one of her former employees put a full, hot pot on the floor and forgot about it.....

If you are a wine lover, they have a corkage policy that is very reasonable (and a great list).