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February Openings and Closings

That sounds like Four Stars. Sort of across from the town hall. I remember going there with my family a few times in the 1980s! The food was not that memorable for me (probably why we stopped going). It is now Fuji Steak House.

Fuji Steak House
1430 Highland Ave, Needham, MA 02492

Feb 28, 2011
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

Zeppole Countdown 2010

You actually had "real" zeppole in both versions you tried. However, the ones made for St. Joseph's Day are usually filled. Growing up I used to go to Federal Hill and they had the heavy fried ones with the cherries for Lent. On the day itself they made more of a cream puff version with an orange-ricotta or whipped cream filling.

I had one in NY a few weeks ago that was carnival-style hot fried dough cut open and spread with half grainy prune-cream and half lemon-whipped cream cheese and then dusted with sugar and the requisite candied cherry. So, I guess anything fits the category.

Mar 11, 2010
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

Belgian Waffles in Boston?

I was at a food show last week and tried a new American brand of Liege-style waffles that should be in stores soon. Very tasty with the pearl sugar in it. The company was founded by the guy from Alexia Foods.

Mar 07, 2010
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

Looking for Lyle's Golden Syrup

I usually buy Lyle's at either Stop & Shop or Shaw's. It used to be in the international aisle with British foods, but have seen it lately in the sugar aisle near honey. The plastic bottles are all I buy now, but if you search some places still carry cans of golden syrup.

Sep 13, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

Egyptian Dining in Boston

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I spoke to my visitor today and she assumed that with Boston's "diverse cultural population" we would definitely have a white tablecloth-type Egyptian restaurant. She isn't really interested in a few odd/casual dishes. I am already taking her to O Ya, L'Espalier, Durgin Park (her request), and Sorellina, so I think I'm all set on entertaining. I've suggested my associate will have better luck in NY (the next leg on her trip) for finding the food of her childhood.

Sep 08, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

Egyptian Dining in Boston

I have a business associate in town for last week in Sept. from Toronto that I'll be taking out to eat few times during her stay. She's asking for one really nice meal at an authentic Egyptian restaurant for food like her mother made in Cairo (can't find it north of the border). Willing to go outside the city, but haven't found any place at all in my searching. Any suggestions?

Sep 05, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

New WF in Dedham

I spent $100! Maybe I should have bought that whole demo fish. As it is, they couldn't figure out how to input the sale price on chicken sausage so I paid $0.99/lb instead of $2.99 (regularly $5.99). ;)

Sep 02, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

New WF in Dedham

I was the one that ended up being interviewed by NECN outside the store (WF doesn't like bothering customers in the store). Surprised that more people weren't waiting for the doors to open, but no special sales besides current flyer. Didn't get any freebies with my order. Already tried the fresh Severino pumpkin ravioli and beef soft taco for lunch (both very good). Otherwise, as I heard someone say "It feels just like a Whole Foods."

Sep 02, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area

kosher meat in boston, ma

Hurwitz in Framingham closed a few years ago.

A few of my friends together buy from a distributor in the Boston foodmart area for the holidays. I've gotten brisket and ribs from the guy which were very good, but large quantities (i.e. two full racks of short ribs sealed in cryovac). Supposedly, its done as a favor through a friend of a friend so I have no idea of the guy's name.

I've bought from Larry Levine in Peabody who has nice selection several times, but a little bit of a shlep from the MetroWest.

Last few times I wanted meat I ordered from Specialty Provisions ( and had it delivered to Newton for pickup. Not cheap, but no worse than any other butcher. Liked the quality much better than The Butcherie.

Sep 01, 2009
Desineguy in Kosher

Anyone Remember this Place in Lexington Center?

Could it be Joyce's Gourmet English Muffins? They had a location in the Atrium mall in Chestnut Hill that my family visited weekly in the late '80s and had like a dozen flavors. Too bad giant luxury english muffins never caught on. I still miss the cheddar flavor.

Jul 25, 2009
Desineguy in Greater Boston Area