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White Plains area...Fresh Seafood Shop?

I have recently gone to the Monton Williams and to my surprise they have actually done a beautiful job renovating... They have upgraded the entire store and it looks wonderful. The fish is as fresh as ever (compared to when it was Turco's), cheese is better then before, and there is a new bakery, coffee bar with seatingm expanded meats, deli and produce as well... it is definetly worth checking out... some of the employees who I have known for years (same people there was it was Turco's), told me that they are having their grand opening the weekend of October 5th, which I won't be missing!!

Dinner off I-84 - Newburgh/Fishkill/Middletown/ Title

if you want great chinese/japenese food, YOBO is amazing, it is right off the exit, right before you go under the underpass. great atmoshpere also

Moving from Tribeca to UES - what do I need to know?

The gormet stores like Agatha and Valentina, and Eli's are both nice places to go (although Eli's prices make me gag!) I do all my day to day shopping at Morton Williams Associated on 81st and 1st. It is a clean store, decent prices... it's small but has some charm to it and has the variety of what I am looking for.

Jul 04, 2007
Steve444 in Manhattan

Newly Renovated Morton Williams

I decided to stop by Morton Williams (formerly Turco's) to see what was going on inside with all these big renovation signs outside. Although they are still in the middle of their renovation, I was pleasantly impressed with the changes that I saw so far. The produce was opened up with a much better variety now, the entire deli was changed with beautiful new cases and yummy looking food The 2 parts that impressed me the most were the service meat case and the cheese section, both makeing me hungry (had to buy some cheese and parsely Italian Sausage and some bocheron cheese). It also feels much less cramped with the new window in front of the store... I am very excited to see how this place will be when they are done...It also looks like they are putting in a new floor, as it is being ripped up, yet amazingly the store is still easily shoppable. Has anyone else been there recently?