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30 Scoops in 30 Days

Love Han's chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches!!

30 Scoops in 30 Days

Which one is your favorite? What ice cream places did they miss?

Favorite foodie ethnic neighborhoods?

One restaurant doesn't mean a city is an ethnic neighborhood. So, Anaheim has two German restaurants.

AOC Open table spotlight drama and rude service

There is never a good time to give bad news. But, waiting until after your meal and then being charged/paying more than you expected, you're not going to be happy in that situation either.

Though, there is no excuse for any restaurant to be rude.

Mariscos Chentes -- Review the dishes

Just call MC, they will be happy to tell you if Sergio is working that day.

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

Your pics were taken right when the pizza came out of the oven. Since we know HP is take out & delivery only, we can assume most of the pics were taken after people got home or when the pizza was delivered.

Antica Pizzeria

They have different names, Antica Pizzeria and Pizza Antica.

Not sure why there would be confusion, it's not like Oki Dog and Oki's Dog.

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

Sound very promising and by the looks of these pics, looks very promising!!

Know a good knife sharpener ???

John Powers uses a water stone to sharpen Japanese knifes. He does a great job, too.

Soda Tasting by Galco's

This Sun at 5pm. $12 in advance, $15 at door.


Fried Chicken Spot in North Hollywood?

Somebody has been updating/correcting their website.

It now shows they are not open on Sundays and the Opening Hours tab/link works!!

Winner, Eastside Market and Italian Deli

They sell an Italian cold cut combo sandwich at Coles?

Winner, Eastside Market and Italian Deli

Comparing Eastside Market to Coles or Phillippe's, is apples to oranges.

Eastside Market
1013 Alpine St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Antica Pizzeria - a bit rambling

Maybe they can move into Aunt Kizzie's old location!!

Needed: Quintessential LA

And they would be wrong. Langers is a one trick pony. The matzaball soup is terrible, so bland and flavorless. And I could get a better corned beef sandwich from most supermarket's deli counter.

Mariscos chente confusion

That's what those to-go boxes are for!!!

Mariscos chente confusion

Why do you have to have a certain number of people to order the pescado zarandeado?

Do they have that restriction at the Inglewood location?

What are you doing for Carmaggedon weekend?

Taking Jet Blue from Burbank to Long Beach. Going to At Last Cafe for dinner on Sat. Still making plans for Sun.

Mariscos chente confusion

Does he use snook for his fried fish dish?

Gelato Shop just opened in Sherman Oaks?

It's amazing how often, not being greeted and treated well, happens, even at new restaurants.

Burgers with special requests?

I didn't realize you can't make "special requests" at Umami. Are you sure?

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

I take the Red Line often, from NH to Union Station and that trip is always in the 35-40 mins range. If I go to the last stop of the Orange Line, add another 30-40mins, just to get to NH.

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

That maybe what the schedule says, but in reality, from North Hollywood Station, it's usually 35-40 mins, to get to Union Station. Though if you were going to Culver City, is there a bus from 7th and Metro station?

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

I think Metro is offering free train and maybe bus fare, this weekend.

But, since no trains, for right now, go to Culver City, if you're in the Valley, it would be tough to make it to Culver City. Unless you have four hours to waste on the commute, between 45 mins to 90 mins to get to Union Station from the Valley and then however long to get to Culver City.

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

The weekend of Caramageddon? Tough for Valley folks to get to Culver City.

Good Eats near Metro Link Stations

Been to JTS a few times and the good is average. But Anaheim is place I go to often, so I wouldn't stop there on the Metrolink.

I saw that there is a Zito's Pizza and for OC, Zito's has good pizza. Maybe I'll stop in being my next Angels game.

Good Eats near Metro Link Stations

Been to JTS a few times and the food is pretty average. I saw there is a Zito's Pizza near the Hooters, and I like Zito's Pizza.

Zito's Pizza
5572 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807

Fried Chicken Spot in North Hollywood?

I saw Steve2's post and the Latin on the site. Guess the Opening Hours tab, has nothing do with their hours.

Gotta click onto the Contact Us tab, to see their hours. But, they are in charge of their Facebook page and that should be corrected.

Fried Chicken Spot in North Hollywood?

The info on that other food review site, must be wrong since Soul Dogs' hours are listed as Mon-Sat 11-9pm.

Even Soul Dogs' Facebook page has the same hours listed.

Somebody is asleep at the computer.

Fried Chicken Spot in North Hollywood?

They are closed on Sun, but I haven't heard they closed shop. They haven't been open that long, have they?