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Food and drink to have around for the man in your life

What are your go to items to have in the pantry or fridge, to prepare a simple snack or drink for your guy at the end of a long day?

Oct 19, 2013
honeybee926 in General Topics

Anyone have a Vitamix? [moved from Not About Food]

+1 on all of the positive comments. I love my vita mix. I use it daily to make smoothies, green drinks, almond milk, amazingly smooth pureed soups with no dairy, etc. You just have to commit to using it regularly to offset the cost.

Jan 22, 2012
honeybee926 in Cookware

About to go Vegan - need cookbook advice!

+1 on the Candle 79 cookbook.

Dec 28, 2011
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Baltimore car-less grocery shopping for foreigner?

For apples, I highly recommend the Waverly farmers' market which is held on Saturdays. Visit for directions, hours, and other details. This farmers' market is located a short distance from Charles Village. There are several Maryland and Pennsylvania based orchards who sell a wonderful selection of apples during the fall and early winter months. There are other vendors who sell high quality veggies too. For actual grocery shopping, I am not familiar with the Hopkins shuttle routes but I believe it stops at the SuperFresh supermarket on 41st, and also probably the nearby Giant Foods supermarket. I generally avoid those supermarkets - in my opinion, the produce is not particularly desirable. I shop at the Whole Foods markets (either downtown at Inner Harbor East or in Mt. Washington, on Smith Avenue). Mill Valley Garden Center, at 28th and Sisson Street, also has local, seasonal produce available from One Straw Farm and other vendors (although the hours are a bit weird and the selection limited). I hear there is a new shop opening on Cathedral Street that will feature local produce, meat and dairy (aimed at those who cannot make it to the farmers' markets on the weekends) but I do not know the name or the opening date). Best of luck to you and welcome to Charm City!

Fruit flies - help me get rid of them!

Try setting a small dish with a splash of apple cider vinegar, a few drops of dishwashing soap, and a spash of water near the onions. For some reason, fruit flies are attracted to this mixture. I have found it to be highly effective. As for onion storage, as I understand it, they do best in a cool, dry place.

Jun 29, 2010
honeybee926 in Not About Food

Grano in Hampden (Baltimore)

I had to give a shout out to Grano, the new pasta bar on 36th Street in Hampden ... had a very very good dinner there this weekend. I normally do not like pasta but this was fantastic, had the special penne w/ brocolli rabe and sausage. Pasta perfectly cooked, very flavorful. I think they use Springfield Farms meats too. It is BYOB for now but the Wine Source is very close by. I highly recommend it and will definitely return.

Ketchum/Sun Valley Restaurant Suggestions

I lived there for 10 years and have been back for visits over the past few summers. I rarely venture beyond the places in your list of usuals, especially the Pio and Grumpys. Although I do also like the fish tacos at KB's. And I liked Christina's when I tried it two summers ago. And the Kneadery for breakfast. IIMHO, the Wood River Valley is just not the place for fancy, complicated dining. Happiest day - long hike followed by cold beer and burger at Grumpys or Sawtooth. I enjoy that so much I have pretty much no need to look elsewhere for a meal.

Jun 08, 2008
honeybee926 in Mountain States

Woodberry Kitchen

there is a private dining room available for such events

Baltimore Cupcake Tour (Cakelove & BCC)

onocoffee, for a good cupcake in nyc try sugarsweet sunshine on clinton street in the bowery - moist, flavorful cake, just the right amount of not-too-sweet frosting!

Lemongrass Bmore Address?

it's on Bank Street, across the street from that new condo building, is it Canal Street Lofts??

Artifact Coffee


Woodberry Kitchen

yes, there is valet parking and two lots - the large brick warehouse building on Clipper Road and a parking lot across the street from the brick warehouse - both a 1 1/2 minute walk from the restaurant, in addition to limited street parking on Clipper Road

a Thanksgiving turkey post: Baltimore area

Try Springfield Farm - - off Yeoho Road. You can order a naturally-raised (i.e., hormone free but not organic) turkey from them. Excellent poultry and lamb too.

Decaf please...(wahhhh!) [moved from Not About Food board]

try counter culture or blue bottle, both excellent

Oct 02, 2007
honeybee926 in General Topics

Dessert in Baltimore

since it's August - prime ice cream season - I'd suggest Sylvan Beach Ice Cream in Mt. Washington, near the Whole Foods. Excellent ice cream. If they don't serve coffee, there's a Starbucks nearby.

Paderno Pots /how to clean bottoms

Try Bar Keepers Friend to clean your pots. I use it on my all-clad stainless, and my stainless sink, and it works beautifully to remove gunk, without scratching. It is a powder, sold in a containder like Comet or Bon Ami, but much gentler than those products, and no bleach. I find it at my local supermarket. Love it.

Aug 14, 2007
honeybee926 in Cookware

ISO Tips for freezing extra fruit and vegetables!

the cooks illustrated article (Aug. 07 issue) includes the following guidelines -

for tough greens, remove tough stems, blanch in salted water for 2 minutes, shock in ice water, drain, spread out insingle layer on baking sheet lined with paper or cotton towel, freeze in single layer on baking sheet lined with parchment for 2-3 hours, then once frozen, package in ziploc freezer bags in 2-cup portions

to use them, no need to thaw for moist heat cooking methods (steam/boil) or using in recipes, but partially thaw for dry heat cooking methods (saute)

they recommend this blanch/dry/freeze method for corn, green beans, sow peas, snap peas, shell peas, greens - high moisture veggies such as tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, and eggplant do not freeze well

I have used this method for kale, green beans, and snap peas, and I was pleased with the outcome

for fruit, CI recommends a sugar syrup - I have not tried it because I don't want to add sugar to fruit - I just spread out unwashed berries (and pitted sour cherries) on a baking sheet and freeze - works well

Aug 14, 2007
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Baguettes in Baltimore

I agree w/ Bonjour - very good bread

ISO Tips for freezing extra fruit and vegetables!

following guidelines from a recent Cooks Illustrated article, I have been freezing berries on a cookie sheet with success. Do not wash first, the extra moisture will be a problem. For vegetables, I blanch, drain, remove as much moisture as possible (ie, with a tea towel) and then freeze on a cookie sheet (single layer), then place in ziploc bag for storage. This has worked well for kale, green peans, sugar snap peas. You may want to visit the cooks illustrated web site to find that article - I think it was in the July 07 issue, or maybe June.

Aug 14, 2007
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Mt. Washington or thereabouts (again)

maybe Donna's at Cross Keys would work - menu available on line. Decent food, right around the $10-12 price point for salads, sandwiches. And maybe Miss Shirleys on Cold Spring Lane. (But I prefer Donna's).

Extraordinary Champagne for Birthday Present

the New York Times dining section this week had a bit on champagne . . .you can check it out online

Aug 10, 2007
honeybee926 in Wine

Fresh tomato ideas, please

I agree, if the tomatoes are good, I'd say, the simpler the preparation the better, let the tomato flavor shine

Aug 09, 2007
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Wheat Free Birthday Cake

I believe that spelt is made from wheat, or is a type of wheat.

Aug 09, 2007
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Californian needs a Mexican food fix...

I generally don't but I am interested in trying some of the places in Fells Point mentioned on these boards - I know they will not be anything like the California Mexican the OP is looking for, but I've heard good things and I am curious (and I'll confess to the occasional Chipolte carnitas tacos when I am having a fast food emergency - on the road, ravenous, and in need of a quick, cheap meal - at least I know the pork is good quality, not the usual mass industrial mystery meat, and the food is clean and flavorful)

MOMA on Sunday

thank you RGR, La Bonne Soupe was just right, I had a lovely, fluffy omelette ratatouille before my visit to MOMA. It was just right.

Aug 05, 2007
honeybee926 in Manhattan

MOMA on Sunday

thank you, that looks perfect!

Aug 03, 2007
honeybee926 in Manhattan

Wine suggestions for chocolates tasting

Banyuls. I recently had the Domaine de la Rectorie Mute Sur Grains Banyuls 2004, Roussillon. It was served with the dessert course at a special Bastille Day dinner. Fabulous with chocolate, esp. dark chocolate.

Aug 03, 2007
honeybee926 in Wine

MOMA on Sunday

I will be going to see the Richard Serra exhibit at MOMA on Sunday and need good recs for coffee, and lunch. TIA

Aug 03, 2007
honeybee926 in Manhattan

Garlic Paste in a Tube

I confess, I have used garlic in a tube . . . trim brussel sprouts, halve them, toss them with a squirt of tubed garlic, olive oil, salt, and roast for 20 minutes. Addictive. It is also good to mix in with steamed kale (add red pepper flakes too). I've tried the brussel sprouts with fresh minced garlic but I end up with chunks of garlic, which tends to burn quickly at high temperatures (when roasting). The puree does not burn.

I'm all for fresh garlic for most applications, but the tubed garlic puree is really good for certain uses. I would never use it to replace fresh garlic in a tomato sauce, or most other dishes, but I love it on roasted brussel sprouts and steamed greens.

Aug 02, 2007
honeybee926 in Home Cooking

Baltimore RW reviews

the japanese eggplant dish at Nasu Blanca (which is on their regular menu) is dangerously good . . .