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Has anyone been to Rosario's (Daytona Beach) lately?

Rosario sold his restaurant somtime towards the end of 2007, I think. Anyway, the new people closed after about 6 months. Rosario is now at Gaff's Meat Mkt. and Specialty Foods in Ormond....he is manager, butcher and chef. Not the same as sit-down, but great to find you can still take home his great food, some great steaks and deli meats, and pick up a bottle of wine to take home!!!

Jul 25, 2009
sraphael in Florida

Daytona report and wish list (long)

I FOUND CHEF ROSARIO! Since this seems so be an older post, I will provide update.
He was a Pelican Bay, but moved to beachside in 2007. He sold restaurant and the people closed it after about 6 months or just wasn't the same without his touch.
Anyway...I went into Gaff's Meat Market in Ormond....he is the chef and manager there! I miss the old restaurant, but in this economy it's kind of neat that you can get some really good meat selections (very competetive prices) and take home Rosario's foods, along with some good wine! I think they also cater.

Jul 24, 2009
sraphael in Florida

Foodie Fare from New Smyrna to St. Augustine

I know pickins' can be slim sometimes. I have never shopped at butcher markets until lately. There is this great old-fashioned butcher and specialty shop in Ormond (on Nova Rd.) called Gaff's Meats. They have an Italian Chef (from Florence!) that prepares... the take-out foods--also caters homes and offices. ...they customize your meat orders, and even tell you how to best prepare it! I remember he used to have the best Italian restaurant in town, but sold it or something and the people didn't stay in business.(Rosario's) Also great cold-cuts and a wine selection they are building! They have a guy there cooking BBQ as well.....tried it and it was the BEST! (and I'm not usually a BBQ fan).

Jul 24, 2009
sraphael in Florida