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Cannelles in the GTA?

Where can I get cannelles (the small little french cakes) in the GTA? I was in Paris this summer and preferred cannelles of all the French pastries (yes, even over macarons and pain du chocolat!).

I'd love to serve them over the holidays. I know they're available online thru Williams Sonoma but I'd rather buy them locally.


Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Mix in Toronto?

Williams Sonoma sells a creamy hot chocolate 'mix' for the holiday season. It's actually chocolate shavings.... reminded me of the hot chocolate fr Angelina's in Paris. No, it's better! Not cheap tho... $24 a can!

I was disappointed by the new PC hot chocolate.

wedding lunch (ceremony + reception) - possible restaurant ideas required

I went to the loveliest wedding at The Boiler House in the Distillery District last night. Food was just right, excellent service, venue beyond belief!

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

Other faves:

Mi-Ne... the crunch roll? dreamy!
Joe's Hamburgers.

We'll try Tomo and Old Galley next time.

And, very much looking forward to the opening of Panera.

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

Mini Viet - same plaza as Tomo and Old Galley.

Richmond Hill - favs and foodie finds?

MINI VIET! - best Asian resto deal in Richmond HIll? Yes!
Richmond Hill Chowhounds must visit MINI VIET's new location at the Weston Produce Plaza (sadly not at all visible from Yonge St, it's beside the shoe repair shop). Our family used to frequent this restaurant when they were at Woodbine and 16th, and searched for this level of yumminess all over Markham and York region when they closed. How thrilled we were when we somehow found them relocated to Richmond Hill!!

Service is A+. The decor is hardly upscale, but it's very clean and pleasant. It's a family run business. The owner's wife is the chef. Some days you'll find their 6 year old daughter hanging around after school. They don't speak English very well, but who cares? Our family is there at least once a week b/c they're so warm and welcoming. And the food? Like homemade Asian, but better!

OK, let's get to the food... First of all, very reasonably priced and portions are more than generous. Our family of 5 ordered the following last Saturday night:
1) large pho - rare + well done beef. The broth is incomparable!
2) Hainan chicken platter w/ rice. Ask for it with the garlic rice, you won't be sorry!
3) Honey garlic spare ribs. So good I can't describe it, just order it already!
4) Mango chicken - deep fried chicken, mango + chili sauce. You gotta try this.
5) Pad thai noodles. A little spicy, not the best, but the portion, huge!

Portions were so generous we had lots to take home for lunch the next day.

Dessert, free on weekends, was a family-size Thai coconut rice pudding . They topped this up too, and let us take it home. It's like eating at grandma's house!

Best of all, total for all of the above was $45 incl tax. Yes, for a family of 5 w/ 2 teenagers!

They offer $6.99 lunch specials, too.

Can't wait to get back there.... again!

Restos near Toronto Centre for Arts?

meclone2... I'm glad you enjoyed Mezza Notte Trattoria. It's my favourite unsung Italian resto when I worked near the area. Can't wait to return when we catch 'Jersey Boys'. Great simple Italian food, very reasonably priced.

Which Congee Wong (or similar) is best in GTA?

I second Congee Queen on Steeles/Don Mills area. Same menu as Congee Queen, same prices, more upscale decor, much better service.

recommendations for Toronto Centre for the Arts?

Definitely Mezza Notte Trattoria, on Yonge just north of the Centre. Best family style Italian in Toronto imho. Try the seafood linguine in paper (can't remember the name). Crispy thin crust pizzas are yummy too. You won't regret it. Dinner for 2 w/ wine and appetizers, under $60.

Your inexpensive, Unusual locations to "Grab A Bite"?

I recently discovered banh mi - vietnamese 'sub' sandwiches, very tasty and filling for usually around $2 each.

Here's a thread on the subject:

I'm sure they can be found all over the GTA, but the locations above don't have tables. Can't get much cheaper than a toonie though, and no tax!

President's Choice Insiders Report

I love the lemon tart too! ... then I read the nutrition label and stopped denying that it could be 'low cal' because it wasn't sweet. Still, I'm enjoying it very much.

Meeting for coffee or drink in north Toronto?

Mirage is also licensed.

Meeting for coffee or drink in north Toronto?

Try Mirage cafe at the Sheppard Center. High ceilings, newly renovated and furnished, great coffee drinks, desserts. It's a family owned business and service is wonderful. It's attached to the Sheppard Grande cinemas but unfortunately for Mirage it doesn't bring them much business.

Worst in Toronto

- Gal's Korean on Hwy 7 east of Bayview. Yuck.

- Vic Hong on Bayview / Major Mackenzie. The worst food, beverages and service ever.

- ALL Starbucks coffee - hot or iced or blended or lattes, all not worth the money and can't hold a candle to Second Cup. Makes Tim Horton's coffee heavenly in comparison.

Paris restaurants closed this week

Thank you! I'm putting Christian Constant on my itinerary.

Feb 29, 2008
goodmom8 in France

Paris restaurants closed this week

Berthillon's is closed from July 21 - Sept 2! SOB! I was so looking forward to trying this for my first trip?

Where else might Berthillon's ice cream be sold or served? I will be in the 6th arrondisement between Jul 23 - Aug 3.

Feb 28, 2008
goodmom8 in France

Blue Menu New Products - What have you tried?

I liked the BM blue cheese dressing too.

Blue Menu New Products - What have you tried?

I tried the PC Blue menu - Berry Crumble pies. Not sweet, but tart and satisfying. I recommend it!

"Living" in the 6th for 12 days. M'aidez, s'il vous plait!!


I have rented a studio on Rue Dauphine for me and my 16 yo daughter as well for the end of July. I'd be very interested to know how your trip went, incl where to shop for food, restaurants, all foodie stuff, as well as the rest of your trip.

Enjoy! Merci!

Feb 12, 2008
goodmom8 in France

Family friendly dining near ACC

We'll be at the ACC for 2 occasions -- pre a Raptors game on a Friday, and pre the Spice Girls concert on a Monday. Any recommendations for family friendly (and wallet-friendly) restaurants within walking distance of the ACC?


Best Food Courts

Best food court for Asian IMHO is First Markham (Hwy 7, east of Woodbine). Best overall in Northern GTA is Vaughan Mills, Upper Canada Mall close second.

I loved the Village by the Grange food court also, when I first started working over 20 years ago.

Bahn Mi North of Finch?

B&T Bahn Mi Review

I visited the B&T takeout deli (across from ChuckECheese beside the Vaughan Mills mall) today. This is my first banh mi experience, so I don't know how it compares to others, but it was exactly as I expected.

There were several choices, either $1.50 or $2 each. I was overwhelmed by the selection. Curried chicken sausage, barbeque pork, barbeque chicken, sweet pork sausage, too many choices. I decided to splurge : ) on the $2 lemongrass sausage banh mi.

The sandwich was crusty mini baguette (yes, a baguette), with mayo, stuffed generously with sliced lemongrass sausage, pickled radish and carrots, coriander and a spicy vinaigrette. It was quite spicy, but yummy! I had to take off the top half of the baguette b/c I just couldn't stuff the sandwich in my mouth.

Out of curiousity, I also purchased a $1 shrimp cake, which was like a muffin stuffed with shrimp and mung beans. What was I thinking? It was stale and greasy and I ended up throwing it out. I should have bought the 85 cent spring roll instead.

Anyway, I can't wait to bring my husband for lunch here when we go to the mall. Even with the bad cake, I paid $3! I can't get a small latte for that! How much would a Quizno's or Mr Sub cost? Probably at least twice as much.

We are so lucky to be living in the GTA where an Asian grocery and deli like B&T or T&T can happily do business adjacent to a nice mall where you will find Holt Renfrew, H&M, Lululemon, Club Monaco. Where else in North America would we find that?

Bahn Mi North of Finch?

Thanks for all the suggestions, and keep it coming. I can't wait to try them.

Tricia, yes, I will definitely post reviews when I've tried one or two of these places. They're all conveniently located.

Spanish Latte recipe?

I had the best spanish latte at Urth Cafe in LA. It was espresso with steamed condensed milk. So heavenly! It was the highlight of my California vacation.

I've been trying to replicate the drink ever since. Any recipes you can recommend?


Oct 17, 2007
goodmom8 in Home Cooking

Vietnamese or Spanish coffee - north of 401?

I had the best spanish latte at Urth Cafe in LA. It was espresso with steamed condensed milk. So heavenly! It was the highlight of my California vacation.

I've been trying to replicate the drink ever since. Do you know where they might serve this in TO (east of Vaughn, south of Aurora, north of North York, west of Pickering)?

I realized that Vietnamese coffee is made the same ingredients, although cold. Any recommendations for good Vietnamese coffee?


Bahn Mi North of Finch?

that location is perfect. thanks!

Vic Hong - Richmond Hill review

We had a similar experience this weekend.

Our family of 4 decided to try the new Vic Hong last Saturday at 6pm, since we used to visit the Beaver Creek location. It was truly the worst service I have ever had at any restaurant ever!

I ordered beef pho, my daughter ordered fried pork + spring roll w/ vermicelli, son ordered grilled pork + spring roll w/ vermicelli, hubby ordered rice with sliced beef and shrimp with pineapples. My pho arrived quickly, but the waitress seemed very confused and unsure whether it belonged on our table. Although it was tasty, the presentation was gross (the broth had spilled onto the saucer below), and the it looked quite oily. My son's vermicelli arrived 5 minutes later. .... and that was it for a full 25 minutes.

Finally my hubby's rice arrived, and it was very tasteless. My daughter's vermicelli order (which was almost identical to my son's order), but she chose fried pork, arrived well after the 3 of us had finished our dishes. Poor thiing! I wish the vermicelli was worth the wait but it only made us nostalgic for the vermicelli at Mini Viet.

Ugh! If you want good Vietnamese with great service and atmosphere, go to Mini Viet. I wish we had!

Bahn Mi North of Finch?

Are there any spots north of Finch (Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill area) that have banh mi?

I've tried the usual Asian malls (First Markham, Pacific), but haven't seen any. Suggestions?


Sushi at T&T - Cherry St.

Don't do it. Gross and will turn you off sushi forever. Try their dim sum instead.

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

My absolute favourite is Mezza Notte Trattoria on Yonge just south of Finch. Great service, great price, best seafood linguine ever!