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Best technique cookbook?

I am a chef, and my original "go to" book for how and WHY is "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" - Berthold, Brecht and Child. ALL of the technique and very accessable for the untrained.

Aug 19, 2011
lulasforlunch in Home Cooking

Rally for Hounds who will eat ANYthing.

Thank you escondido123 for the belly laugh!

Aug 05, 2011
lulasforlunch in General Topics

Watching an adjacent diner's meal in disbelief and envy

Lord have mercy NO ONE should be embarrassed to eat the creamy, crispy (hopefully charred and potentially cancer causing) fat from a good piece of beef! Stab the leftovers off of your lover's plate! One of the most generous thing my husband does for me is give me the best piece of fat off of his steak. That's REAL love...

Jul 01, 2011
lulasforlunch in General Topics

Help me find "powdered sour" [moved from Home Cooking]

I have nothing educational to report - however, I must say, I learned something new within this post and these replys and really enjoyed reading them! I made up a recipe for German Salt Rye using sour cream and it's dead on...

Mar 04, 2011
lulasforlunch in General Topics

Bangkok fried Chicken

I know this is cheating and not the same flavor but in a pinch has anyone tried ground coriander and then some cilantro stems/leaves

Aug 21, 2009
lulasforlunch in Home Cooking

Santa Barbara: places to avoid or are most good enough?

Bouchon, Bouchon, will have a moment of clarity.

Jul 31, 2009
lulasforlunch in California

Chicago this week

staying on Mag Mile/Streeterville, hitting Bistro 110, just went to Spiaggias, looking for good recommendation that is Italian/Northern Italian?

Jul 31, 2009
lulasforlunch in Chicago Area