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Fresh Figs?

Due to the cold winter, my well-wrapped fig tree died nearly back to the roots. It is covered in figs now but I think we are at least 2 weeks away from having them ripen here in Herndon.

Bob's Shanghai in Rockville- Report

The ginger slices are indeed cooked, though not for long.

Kinder eggs in Baltimore/Annapolis area?

Unfortunately they are illegal to import/sell in the US. Something about our children being so incredibly stupid that they would think the prize (inside a plastic egg that is inside the chocolate shell) is edible and it contains very small parts.

Bob's Shanghai in Rockville- Report

The XLB here remain delicious and we have yet to get one that had lost its soup prior to our man-handling; we rarely lose any when picking them up. Today we ordered the basil squid, which is an entree-sized dish. The squid itself is unexceptional, but the dish is chock full of ginger slices and roasted garlic, as well as basil. The ginger slices in particular are outstanding.

Gom Tang E in Eden Center?

We have been to the Centreville location. Soups are good but we have not tried anything else. They make a spicy pork neckbone soup that Bruce really enjoys; I find it a bit difficult to eat. The chicken and ginseng soup may be available only in the summer; it is supposed to fortify your body against hot weather.

Kogiya in Annandale

I have not been to the Annandale location recently enough to make a good comparison. The Chantilly location is a lot closer to home.

Kogiya in Annandale

I dined there with Steve and two other local 'hounds yesterday. The bulgogi was VERY sweet. The two pork belly dishes (miso and spicy)were better, the duck was good, and the noodle dishes were both very nice. The banchan spread was extensive though nothing was a big stand-out. Most of us wore our coats throughout the meal.

I do not think they are better than the new Annangol location in Chantilly where I had perfectly crisped spicy pork belly last weekend.

Is the Super Bowl a good time for restaurants that don't take reservations in NYC?

Thanks all. I'm traveling with a 15 year-old who is very excited about Momofuku and not so into the very high end places. It's good to hear that the line is never that bad there.

Jan 30, 2015
PollyG in Manhattan

Is the Super Bowl a good time for restaurants that don't take reservations in NYC?

I see lots of questions about where to watch the SB, but none about "where to go to take advantage of the fact that people are watching the SB?" My daughter and I are doing a Broadway weekend and we hate lines. Are we likely to find places like Momofuku's noodle bar easy to get into during the SB, or is everyone too hip for sports and likely to be dining out?

Jan 30, 2015
PollyG in Manhattan

I'm looking for good ramen in the Reston/Herndon area. Anyone have suggestions?

My daughter suggests Hama Sushi in the Herndon Clocktower plaza. However, she says it does not come close to the ramen at Tanpopo in Annandale. I've had Tanpopo's and it is pretty darned good. Incidentally, my daughter thinks Mikaku offers udon and soba, but not ramen, but perhaps they have changed their menu recently to match what is on the web site.

Eden Center, Vietnamese, help this Boston hound please?

I'd go for the roast pig rather than the roast pork at Cho Chu Saigon. This is a roast pig half with a very crispy skin and a layer of fat between the meat strips. Their roast pork is okay, but the pig is quite good.

Aangan; descent indian lunch buffet in Herndon

Supper Club of India has merged with Harvest of India; Harvest appears to have adopted the Supper Club of India dinner menu.

Peter Chang opening restaurant in Rockville in early 2015

We had some pretty darned good food from the Fredericksburg location a few weeks back. The soup dumplings were our only disappointment; they were really too large and almost all of them tore prior to consumption. We've eaten soup dumplings in several locations and we do know how to pick them up!

Bahn Mi in Sterling!

Pho Rever is the latest Vietnamese restaurant to inhabit the Sterling Clock Tower plaza on Route 7 just West of Dranesville Road. We have sampled relatively little of their menu so I'm not ready to give a full review, but they make a very credible bahn mi to go. So far we have had lemongrass chicken and lemongrass pork. This is certainly not a destination restaurant, but having bahn mi out here in the hinterlands is awfully nice.

Appeal of larger sized Maryland crab, considering cost?

2 people in my family of 3 are relatively slow pickers. We will happily pay for jumbos because it cuts down on the amount of work. Last year on Labor Day, we split a dozen jumbos between 4 adults -- which we all agreed was satisfyingly plenty.

Reston non-chain chow?

In addition to Angeethi, Paradise Indian on Elden Street has a very extensive menu, including some Indian-Chinese dishes and some humungous dosa options. I think Angeethi is higher quality overall and a nicer interior, but the kitchen can be slow at dinner time.

best/cheapest olives

Wegmans and Whole Foods both have olive bars. But for value, our middle eastern markets usually beat both of them. Mediterranean Bakery on Pickett St. in Alexandria's west end has a very good selection. Theirs are in jars and the staff will need to scoop them for you.

Gastronomical adventure in DC?!?

Steve has good points, but I'm going to focus on "inexpensive." For inexpensive, fabulous, and not too far from public transit, you are not going to do much better than Eden Center. There you will find a mindblowingly huge number of Vietnamese restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops. Depending upon appetite and size of your group, you could graze around the Eden Center. I'd suggest cha gio at Huong Viet (and the lotus rootlet salad if you have multiple people, just be aware that the little white "hair" is from the lotus, not a sanitation issue), the shrimp noodle soup at Nha Trang, and bubble drinks and fried tofu and Than Son Tofu.

If you have a car, you may also want to adventure into Annandale for Korean food -- you will find many recommendations here -- or small plates of Northern Chinese cuisine at A&J and some darned good ramen or, if the elderly gentleman is at the sushi bar, the chirashi at Tanpopo Ramen in the same small plaza on Markham Street in Annandale.

If you are interested in new varieties of heat and have a car, Bangkok Golden (Lao) and Hong Kong Palace (Szechuan despite the name) are in the same corner near the Eden Center in 7 Corners, Falls Church, VA. There are numerous rave reviews of each here.

Looking for lamb in restaurants

Cumin Lamb at Hong Kong Palace. I think you're probably SOL on that good glass of red wine, though.

nonsmoothie nonmilk bubble tea in northern VA?

A&J in Annandale has a limited number of flavors, mostly fruit, without milk. Their bubbles are of much better than average quality, being neither oversoft nor too tough. I think they do not use powders.

In addition, there is a new bubble tea shop in the Eden Center with a huge variety of flavors. It is in the corner near the fountain. They had quite a few tea variations.

Affordable Birthday Cake

Matt, since you are not crazy about sweet cakes, you might like the Korean bakeries. Shilla makes some very attractive cakes and they tend to be a good bit less sweet than American cakes. They also have individual portion sizes for many of their cakes so you can try something to see if it it meets your preferences.

Dinning Options near Dulles/Herndon, VA?

A few nearby suggestions:
Angeethi in Herndon is good Indian food and they have a private room about the size you want.

Mikaku is the best Japanese restaurant in the Herndon area and also has a private room for a group your size.

Neither of these will break the bank.

The restaurants in Reston Town Center will be LOUD.

A bit further away in Centreville you can ask for a private room at Soo Won Galbi, a Korean place whose waitstaff have always been welcoming to my family. Their galbi (grilled short rib) is the best we've had in the DC area. We've never had a dish that we thought was a "miss." They don't turn the spicing down for non-Koreans, but my 70-something parents and in-laws have generally not had an issue with spicing levels.

Battle of the Potstickers

While they are not the traditional shape, the pan-fried pork dumplings at A&G (Annandale and Rockville) are excellent. Ask for the black vinegar.

Saturday dinner in Leesburg

Angeethi has an outpost on Rt. 7 just East of Leesburg. I have not eaten at that location, but their Herndon location offers an extensive menu of Indian dishes with plenty of vegetarian options. 5 Vegetarian apps, 13 entrees, plus all the breads, so your guest will not lack choices.

Just discovered whole belly fried clams

Passionfish in Reston has them and tosses some fried dill slices into the mix.

Last Minute Trip

Zaytina is a good choice for food-friendly kids near the Spy Museum. With all those small plates, you can get a selection and your 9 year-old can try everything and perhaps get their own plate of the one he/she really loves. The same goes for Jaleo.

Our restaurants are all kid-friendly if you dine early. My daughter loved Corduroy and the front room at Palena.

DC Metro source for frozen Har Gow/Har Gau/Hacao (Shrimp Dumplings)?

The grocery store in Eden Center has a large selection of frozen dim sum in trays that separate each piece individually. I can't swear that they have har gow, but it seems likely.

Jersey chowhounds coming to Portland looking for Recs

We are also staying at the Mark Spencer this week and These have been very helpful. Last night we had pasta and the beautifully fried frito misto at Grassa. I just came back from Tasty & Alder. I hate dining outside and I have trouble eating if I am overheated. But we ended up at an outside table and it was worth every bite. The grilled octopus was tender, and the lemon zest paired perfectly with it. We had the pork skirt steak and were blown away. Hard to decide which of those two dishes we liked the best. We could easily go back and eat that same meal again tomorrow night.

Aug 06, 2013
PollyG in Metro Portland

Jersey chowhounds coming to Portland looking for Recs

How funny, we will also be at the Mark Spencer, Aug 5-8. The proximity to Powell's Books was the clincher for us.

Aug 02, 2013
PollyG in Metro Portland

Woo Lae Oak

Their kalbi is served in cubes rather than slices, but is pretty good. I recall having an exceptional jap chae, with the noodles really picking up the broth flavors. I get taken to a banquet-style meal (limited menu selection, private room) there at least once a year through my tae kwon do connections. If you are looking for something lighter, they have Hwe Dut Bap, which is sashimi over rice and lettuce with a hot sauce on the side to season to taste.

On the whole, I find Woo Lae Oak a little too much like Korean Lite; everything is good but strong flavors are often toned down. That being said, one of my former Korean clients and I must have come close to a world record for Most Garlic Consumed at a Business Meal. If the kalbi is being grilled at the table, they provide a plate with raw garlic and sliced peppers that you can add to the mix; my client got the server to bring several extra helpings of garlic.