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Rome for New Year's Eve 2014

Spending NYE in Roma this year. Would love a recommendation for a restaurant on the 31st with a view would be great. Staying near the Spanish Steps but would take a taxi for the dinner. Other tips for NYE greatly appreciated.

Oct 06, 2014
mom2mateo in Italy

Vail for Christmas

Thank you Blueox. Really appreciate the list. If you ever need Miami recommendations let me know would like to return the favor. I made reservations at Sweet Basil for the 25th and La Tour for the 26th. Struggling with the 27th. Maybe Bottega? We are stuck on the 28th going to the Chophouse because our divorced friend with three children is joining us and he likes it.

Nov 06, 2013
mom2mateo in Mountain States

Vail for Christmas

And does not have to be traditional Christmas but we do love fine dining. We will splurge for dinners.

Nov 05, 2013
mom2mateo in Mountain States

Vail for Christmas

We are a family of three. My son is 15. We will have a car and we are staying at Lion square lodge.

Nov 05, 2013
mom2mateo in Mountain States

Vail for Christmas

We are spending Christmas in Vail and would like to have a nice dinner on the 25th. Any recommendations? Also, would love to hear about any must try restaurants.

Nov 04, 2013
mom2mateo in Mountain States

Korean BIbimbop in Miami?

I recent trip to Napa and a meal at the Morimoto there has made me crave the Bibimbap. It was outstanding at Morimoto. Where could I find this in Miami?

Miami Chowhounds please advise on how to get French Laundry reservations!

HI guys: Thank you for your replies. I did try the SF board and was just wondering if anyone had tried anything different.

We got the reservations through a friend so all is good with the world.

Can't wait.

Miami Chowhounds please advise on how to get French Laundry reservations!

Hi Guys: Dream of a life time going to Napa first weekend in August. Would love to snag a table for 6 at French Laundry. Any suggestions. Open table is a no go already.

Thank you!

Where to eat dinner in and about Aventura tonight?

Thanks guys! I called Bourbon Steak for reservations and they were booked. Can you sit at the bar without reservations? They did not give me that option when I called. However, I was with my 13 year old and I would rather not sit at a bar with him especially on a busy saturday night. We ended up at Federal Eating house which was far from Aventura but on our way home. We loved it. I had the raw scallops and salad based on Frod's excellent review. Thank you for that Frod! My husband tried the sweetbreads with biscuit which both he and my son devoured. Baby boy had the lamb burger. The home run was the lemon tart for dessert. My son let me try a tiny bit and no seconds he loved it so much. I will take note of your other plans for the next voyage up north.

Where to eat dinner in and about Aventura tonight?

Making the pilgrimage to Aventura mall this afternoon. We want to eat dinner up there for a change of scenery. Any good suggestions. Doesn't have to be fancy.


NEED YOUR HELP: Please critique my Miami/SB itinerary!

Do not come to Miami for Mexican food. If it is underrepresented in Toronto it is almost non existent in Miami.

Help me pick 18th anniversary dinner.

I have been curious to try DB moderne. Hubby would like to go back to Pascual's on Ponce because it is always reliably good. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions? Unfortunately, Hubby does not want Michael's Genuine so that one is out.

Does anyone know a market that sells French groceries?

I highly recommend Marky's they are at 687 NE 79 Street. They have duck, duck fat, caviar of all kinds, french cheese, foi gras. It is incredible high end provisions. It is a super field trip for foodies of all stripes.

The best pizza ever Forno52

Really spectacular fresh top notch ingredients at Forno52. I have had the artichoke pizza and I am totally addicted. The eggplant is fab as well. Three salad offerings only but they are outstanding. Wood burning oven, minimal decor anxious to please staff. For now it's BYOB. Sorely needed at this end of town but worth the drive.

17225 S Dixie HWY
Palmetto Bay


Help! What is the name of the new restaurant in Miami Beach with former Casa Tua chef?

Thank you!

Help! What is the name of the new restaurant in Miami Beach with former Casa Tua chef?

I know I read somewhere that there is a new restaurant on Miami Beach that is romantic with an outdoor area and at the helm is a former Casa Tua chef. I just can't remember the name of it. I know it starts with a C. I have been google searching for awhile now and I cannot find it. Does this ring a bell for any one?

Casa Tua
1700 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

Had a great lunch with my good friends at Michael's. Food was very good as was the service. Pastrami sandwich on brioche was brilliant. Thanks for helping me pick.

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

We are 6 so not really a huge group. We went for Miami Spice menu to Sugarcane and were told the whole table had to order Miami Spice and I did not like that especially since they only had two selections per course. It would be way too hard to get our 6 to agree on just sticking to the Miami Spice menu. Anyway, does not matter going in October. Thanks for your input. I am leaning towards Michael's myself. Just wanted to make sure it was a better choice since some in the group have a hankering for Sugarcane.

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

Thanks BM! You made me laugh! Yes, I can flip the coin but are they really equal restaurants?

Sugarcane Grill or Michael's Genuine for birthday lunch?

Ok my fellow chows I have done my homework and read all the posted messages on both Sugarcane Grill and Michael's Genuine. I have been to both. I like both. I cannot make up my mind. Help me decide where to eat for my birthday lunch with my best friends. If you were me and you love food where would you go?

Happy Miami Spice 2010 (2 U) !!!

Ok I have a Miami spice gripe. Went to Sugarcane raw bar and grill specifically for miami spice lunch and made reservations. When we got there we asked the hostess for the miami spice menu as she was gathering the menus to seat us. She promptly told us that we could have the miami spice only if the whole table ordered it. No off the menu if we ordered the miami spice menu. We asked why and she said it was because they are a tapas/family style restaurant and we would not benefit somehow from ordering off the menu if someone order ed the MS menu. I did not really understand her explanation but we sat down with 3 menus. The regular one which is very extensive, a "specials" list and the MS. We were a party of 3. Their MS offering was ok but they only offered 2 options for each course. That would mean one of us would be duplicating one course at the very least. That was not appealing to us. So basically we ordered off the regular menu. So I think everyone should be warned that unless you are a party of one or two this MS makes no sense especially for a tapas place where you want to share. I really feel that Sugarcane did not serve the spirit of MS very well. In my opinion they need not participate at all as they have a great reputation for good food so far. So it all left a bad taste in my mouth even though the food really was very good. We spent $50.00 per person (each person had one glass of wine) so that is a very pricey lunch. And another thing they do not offer MS lunch on Fridays or all weekend. So come here for really good food but do not follow the waiters suggestion of 3 dishes per person as it is too much food and it really does add up. BTW the sugarcane lobster roll was the only dud we ordered.

72nd Bar + Grill - Sunset

We were there Saturday and were pleasantly surprised. I order the appetizer Peruvian ceviche. Very delicate with choclo and a divine sweet potato along with the traditional red onions. It had shrimp and octopus. For a main I ordered the Spinach alfredo. Loved it. The menu says it has a poached farm egg. If it was there it did not make its presence known but I found the sauce light and the fresh baby spinach excellent. The pasta was traditional egg pasta and perfectly cooked al dente. My husband ordered the Pulpo al olivo which was appetizer size octopus with a a kalamata sauce. The brown sauce was not all that appetizing and the sauce was Kalamata and somewhat overwhelming for DH. However, the octopus was expertly cooked. He also ordered the appetizer size seared scallops with leek confit and pulled short ribs. This was very good. Again the scallops were expertly cooked. The dessert was heaven. We ordered the Key Lime panna cotta with blueberry sauce. Divine. There is nothing like any of what we ordered at Town down the road. I find the menus to be completely different. This restaurant's food is superior to Town. The service was knowledgeable and attentive. The decor is very modern and bright which I personally like but it is a bit loud. They have a full bar which we prefer. Overall I was very happy with this place.

Old Lisbon-Coral Way & 17th

Went to the Old Lisbon on Sunset drive in SoMi. Had the rice with seafood for one. It was very good. Rice and the scallops and squids were perfectly cooked. My son had a great churrasco. It comes with rice and "fries". The latter being large pieces of potato fried but not in the classic french fry or even steak fry style. I loved the pickled vegetables (my dish did not come with it and I would order extra on the side it is that good) A tad on the expensive side but the dishes were huge. My husband had the cod and was not madly in love with it but that's cod for you. They serve the cod that has been salted to preserve and it has a stronger taste than the fresh cod. They have lots and lots of cod on the menu. Service was attentive. Overall a good experience.

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

I went to Prelude and was underwhelmed. I ordered the caesar salad which was supposed to be grilled but wasn't (and the waiter told me they don't grill it anymore), the salad dressing was horrible. Then I ordered the duck confit. It was tasty but the menu said it had sausage in it. It did not. The waiter who was nice and attentive talked me out of dessert and said I should try the goat cheese tortellini instead. Those came with a terrible super strong red pepper sauce that killed any goat cheese that might have been. Then my favorite part is they charge $13.oo for a half of glass of Veuve Cliqout champagne. Who orders a half a glass? When I ordered I did not notice that it was only for half a glass and the waiter did not clarify. He brought us, of course, two full glasses. So the bill was $50.00 for two full glasses of champagne. Is that misleading or am I crazy???? The room is pretty and the service was solicitous but overall I would go somewhere else the next time.

Breakfast in Grove,Gables or South Miami

I love Lario's in South Miami. Great cuban breakfast with really good coffee. Service is good too. I will not go to Deli Lane due to their awful coffee.

Nena's Cafeteria, La Caretta, Luis Gandalias and Islas Carnarias

I am totally dismayed. I drove past the former Nena's establishment and it is no more. Gone. sniff. It is now called Ranchuelito el chufe or something like that. I was so shocked when I saw it. Totally redone (which it badly needed) but still greasy spoon now open breakfast, lunch and dinner. I am in mourning.

Where to eat lunch and dinner on Ocean Drive only challenge.

So my report. Breakfast at Front Porch. Good and we snagged a balcony table on a gorgeous day. Lunch at Joe's. They have a bailout special! Very pleased. Dinner at BLT. It was very nice. Not OMG but nice. Had the skirt steak. I liked the room very much and service was very good. Never found our waffles went instead for crepes at Folie. Then lunch at Le Sanwicherie and the best dinner ever at Casa Tua. Spectacular gnocchis, amazing really. Perfect decor and nice service. It was a great two days! And everything within walking distance. So very pleasant.

Nena's Cafeteria, La Caretta, Luis Gandalias and Islas Carnarias

Oh yes it is La Molina's not El Molino. Thanks for catching that.

Nena's Cafeteria, La Caretta, Luis Gandalias and Islas Carnarias

Agree with lax about Palacios. The only thing I get there is take out chicharrones (fried pork skin the real thing) with a loaf of cuban bread. Oh and a colada. Take to friends as a snack.
I use to love Nena's went there a lot for lunch. It's a Miami institution. However, due to a change in my work venue I have not gone in years. Nena is only for breakfast or lunch. Counter service and some tables.They close at 3:00 pm. Nena was run by 80 year plus Abuela with an iron fist. Food was always good but limited to specials of the day and the standards (think cuban sandwich and palomilla). Is Abuela still cooking there? If not then it could be a whole different experience. I think New Times may have reviewed them back in the late 80s or 90s because back then many former (and some convicted) politicians would eat lunch there. I personally loved Abuela's rabo encendido (oxtail). Think that was thursdays only. But you will never find a menu on line for them. Very hole in the wall. Parking is out back. Front of store is a sidewalk on very busy Bird Road.

I like Lario's in South Miami for their Vaca Frita. I also really like Casavana for their lechon. Casavana has two locations I believe. I go to the one in Kendall Town and Country. People swear that El Molino in Hialeah is the best ever I don't think that place is worth the drive. That place had awful vaca frita.

Habana Vieja is good too. Havana Harry's on Le Jeune also is good. Don't love La Carreta or Versailles except for La Carreta on Bird Road has the most awesome cortadito ever. I cannot drive by there without stopping at the outdoor window for a cortaditio. And that window is always jammed.

Oh and really a palacio de las moscas Rio Crystal on Bird Road. The best carne con pan(steak sandwich) and shoe string fries. Very greasy spoon. Great for hangovers I think.

I am not Cuban but might as well be since I am latin and have spent most of my life in Miami. I have actually asked born in Cuba Cubans what they favorite best Miami Cuban cuisine restaurant is and have been stared at blankly in response. For some all of them are good so long as it is Cuban cuisine. I think with Cuban food it all depends. Depends on where you are and what is convenient. At the end of the day it is very rustic food that everyone tries to replicate from their nostalgia for Cuba. So they are always the same dishes and best if prepared by someone's Abuela.

Good waffle breakfast (not brunch) weekday morning in South Beach?

Been to Front Porch and they do not have waffles. Don't care for News Cafe. And Nemos only offers brunch on Sunday.