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Top reasonably-priced picks for Kyoto (2 days), Tokyo (2 days), Osaka (1 day)

Great, thanks for the Tokyo sushi recs! I think we have set our meals in Kyoto as:

Lunch: Shoraian
Dinner: Tempura Yoshikawa
Lunch: any recommendations in Nara?
Dinner: kaiseki at our ryokan (Motonago)

This might be a stupid question, but can you switch tabelog to english? I didn't see an option to...

Jan 29, 2014
laurent692 in Japan

Top reasonably-priced picks for Kyoto (2 days), Tokyo (2 days), Osaka (1 day)

I'll be making my first trip to Japan at the end of March. There seem to be a lot of threads about the best high-end places to go, but I'm looking for some more reasonably-priced recommendations as well. My boyfriend and I have 2 days in Kyoto (one with a side trip to Nara), 2 days in Tokyo, and 1 day in Osaka that we want to plan amazing meals for (the rest of our trip we will be with a bigger group).

Here is what we are looking for in terms of price ranges:
- 1 splurge meal (up to ~¥20,000 per person): considering Narisawa
- 1 expensive meal (up to ~¥10,000 per person): Kyoto kaiseki? Is Ogata above this price point?
- the rest: ~¥6,000 or less per person
- any casual breakfast/lunch recommendations as well

Definitely want to prioritize eating types of food that each city is known for (i.e. tofu in Kyoto?), and also want to try as many different types of places as possible (i.e. tempura, sushi, etc.) over the course of the trip. Assuming lunches will be more casual/quicker (i.e. Nishiki market in Kyoto) since we'll be out and about sightseeing, but we're definitely open to going to a nicer restaurant at lunch if it's more reasonable then.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jan 23, 2014
laurent692 in Japan

Vienna: have 2 dinners picked out, need advice for 3rd

Thanks so much for the suggestions! Of these, which is/are the most reasonable in terms of price? Also, I'm assuming we need to make reservations since we'll (2 of us) be going on a Saturday night?

Apr 29, 2012
laurent692 in Europe

Vienna: have 2 dinners picked out, need advice for 3rd

Hello! I'll in Vienna May 10-12 and am trying to narrow down all of the recommendations from previous posts to decide on a place for dinner on Saturday, May 12. We already have reservations for Steirereck on Thursday and are planning to make reservations for Rudi´s Beisl on Friday night. Any suggestions for our last night that would provide a different food experience than the other two? I was thinking one of the places that Strumi lists for 'best inventive new Viennese cuisine' -- would you agree? If so, which of these places are more reasonable/offer the best value? Thanks!

Apr 28, 2012
laurent692 in Europe