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Happy hour at The Grove

Hi, We always go to the Italian restaurant, La Piazza Ristorante Italiano, G90 on the map. It has happy hour wine, outdoor seating next to the fountain, so a great location and a happy hour menu. The food is v. good and the atmosphere is really festive.

Jan 13, 2014
canyon in Los Angeles Area

San Gabriel Boulevard?

Hi again,
As I said, it's the Asian restaurants on San Gabriel Blvd. that I was interested in. Or very close to SGB. Ambiance doesn't matter. I'm coming down from the Arcadia area and I drive up and down SGB several times a week now. Restaurants between Santa Anita Blvd. and SGB would be helpful too. I could try different approaches. I know that both areas are famous for different types of "Chinese" food. I just finished reading about Hunan on Yelp.

Jan 07, 2014
canyon in Los Angeles Area

San Gabriel Boulevard?

I was wondering about the Asian restaurants I see--Tasty
Choice. I just looked it up and found out there are 3. The parking lot is always full but I can't see under the curtains as we drive by. There are tiny restaurants behind potted hedges. There's a Hunan restaurant, I think.

Jan 07, 2014
canyon in Los Angeles Area

San Gabriel Boulevard?

Hi Everybody,
I make frequent trips up and down San Gabriel Blvd because I'm visiting a relative in a nursing home just south of San Gab Nursery. We see so many little storefront restaurants, we were wondering, are any of them any good? Should we stop?

Thanks for any help.

Jan 07, 2014
canyon in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Happy Hours?

I'm going to the COLCOA films at the Director's Guild over the weekend. Any advice on happy hours would be appreciated. We definitely walk over to the Marmont every year. We're pretty sure we're going to Yamashiro's because it's daylight savings now and that's so fun. We know Mussos has late hours now. What do other people like? Thanks in advance,

1999 North Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, CA 90068

Apr 22, 2010
canyon in Los Angeles Area

Christmas Drinks?

It's the bar fly again, what bars would people recommend for Christmas cheer? I found out about Varnish and 7 Grand from this list, but there are 4 bars in the 213 group. What do people think of the Broadway Bar or the Golden Gopher? What are peoples' most Christmassy bars?

Dec 03, 2009
canyon in Los Angeles Area

LA Speakeasy

I was in San Francisco, all set to go to Bourbon and Branch ,and then all the plans changed. Can someone tell me if there is an LA version of the new speakeasy style, with the pass words and the knock 3 times and whisper low? I hear that Mark Peel is opening the Tar Pit, but is something open now? Thanks for any tips, jej

Dec 01, 2009
canyon in Los Angeles Area

One Day, two Nights NOLA

Hello Everybody, I'll be one day, two nights in NOLA waiting for the train (not quite Jimmy Rogers, but close). I'll be down in the FQ, prolly the Des Armes, can walk anywhere. Is there a good nontouristy place for beignets and coffee; is the Cafe du Monde and good or is it just a scene? Also, do you still like Galatoire's or Arnaud's? On the website, Arnaud's reminds me of the Tadic Grill in SF, V. good place. Is Arnaud's still good? Thanks for any help. Traveler.

Aug 14, 2009
canyon in New Orleans

Georgetown Waterfront Recs

Hi, I'll be in DC for a week in September, staying near Foggy Bottom Metro. Never been before. I've been reading the posts and some people mention the "Georgetown waterfront" and another waterfront. I read the Georgetown answers to the lunch question (and laffed). What are your favorite seafood/"waterfront" restaurants in DC (what counts as waterfront)? High end--Citronelle, CityZen, etc--don't interest. Low key, easy going, good food. For high life, we'll go to the big, old bars. Thanks.

Clubby restaurants in DC?

Dear Deangold, We laffed and laffed. We "dig" you! We've been going to M&F for MANY, MANY years and eat their house salad, their bread, their ravioli and their Diplomat pudding. M&F is unique because it's possible to have an echt LA experience and still spend less than $30+drinks at the bar. I checked out the Jockey Club menu: that's serious money. The Chateau Marmont is less expensive than the Jockey Club.

Clubby restaurants in DC?

I'm from LA and we have a famous old clubby restaurant called Musso and Frank Gille, started in 1917/1919. For anyone out there familair with both LA and the capitol, is there a DC equivalent to Musso's? Are the old hotels a good place to look? I'm going to visit DC for the first time in September and I'm trying to decide where to go. Thanks in advance.JEJ