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Best and worst on the Outer Banks

Just to add to the pile that The Blue Point in Duck is amazing. It's the perfect balance of fine dining in a non-stuffy atmostphere; relaxed but professional service; inventive but by no means "arty" food. Colington Cafe is a very good resturant, but The Blue Point is a great resturant, and still would be considered as such in any major city. Just go.

Bad food: Sooeys. Okay, it wasn't bad, but it was ho hum. Good flavor, way over done so it could have been an off day. But with other BBQ choices around, I would take a pass.

Nov 06, 2007
tkropp in Southeast

Brunch/Breakfast in Manassas

Well, I guess "no thanks" in advance would have been more appropriate. ;)

For people that may search this in the future we ended up eating at the Ashton Family Restaurant and enjoyed it thouroughly. I had cuban french toast. Yum. Very laid back. Great service.

Eating with an infant in Lewes.

Ideas for good food in lewes where I wouldn't feel odd taking a 9 month old (and 3 adults)?Places with outdoor seating preferred (the little guy is pretty mellow, but especially outdoors). Also seafood (duh) preferred.

Bonus question: Diner-type breakfast joints in Lewes?


Aug 01, 2007
tkropp in Mid-Atlantic

Brunch/Breakfast in Manassas

Give me your favorites. For this Sat. Didn't see anything from last few years on this. Thanks in advance.