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Orange Bitters

Sounds wonderful! Where do you get the Everclear alcohol - liquor store or drugstore?

Dec 03, 2009
lifeof spice in Recipes

pH test strips to measure range of pH 3 to 6?

The Master Food Preservers at your local Cooperative Extension Office could probably sell you a roll or "give" you a piece. There's one in Sacramento County - (916) 875-6913, and also one in El Dorado County.
I would imagine grocery chain stores would have some, especially meat departments. Or, try food products vendors or culinary schools.

Best cookware set for college apartment

You might get something at BIG LOTS, or you could pick your own set at a thrift store (you might even get better quality stuff at a thrift store or garage sale)

Aug 18, 2009
lifeof spice in Cookware

roasting your own almonds

Two cycles on 'dark' in my toaster-oven or a minute and a half per plate in the microwave worked for me. Of course, you may have to play with the duration as each one's toaster-oven or microwave is unique, and the quantity will also differ.

Aug 18, 2009
lifeof spice in General Topics

Where to buy Angostura bitters?

I've seen Angostura bitters at WALMART - believe it or not!!