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Authentic cooking experience in NOLA?

Don't know if you would need you own access to a kitchen, but you could try to set up something customized with Chef Gason:!home/mainPage
(No personal experience, but got the recommendation from a friend who used to work with him.)

Mar 25, 2015
culinas in New Orleans

Group dinner??

If you want Cochon style food but need a bigger space, try asking about Link's private dining space upstairs?

Apr 12, 2014
culinas in New Orleans

Dinner lab new Orleans

No membership fee required:
Their facebook page has photos/menus.

Oct 18, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

Buying Cheese to take home in Bologna

And bonus, if you make it to Bra and Giolito's and he's not super busy, you could ask to see his museum downstairs. A mix of an aging room and cheesemaking/selling memorabilia from the past 100 years or so, mostly from his family.

Oct 17, 2013
culinas in Italy

First trip to Italy- Florence and Venice, please help with gluten free options

There is an Italian association for celiacs with a list of participating restaurants on their website, if you need to be very strict for your friend:
I actually came across it quite randomly today while looking at the website for the restaurant Enotria in Florence.

Under "Ricerca Esercizi" you can sort by region and province, and then search for menus and reviews from there.

I won't claim to be an expert on gluten-free diets or the exact preparations of all dishes, but you could probably do well in Florence sticking to bistecca, trippa/lampredotto (obviously not in a sandwich), braised meats, game etc. Good luck!

Oct 17, 2013
culinas in Italy

Italian Winemaker garners outrage with racist facebook comment

He's been cut from Slow Food's next wine guide as well because of this:
(Scroll down on the page for English)

Aug 30, 2013
culinas in Wine

Hot dogs for cookout

Cleaver & Co. uptown makes hot dogs and other sausage-y items in house

Aug 07, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

Please help me remember where I picked up this delish bourbon bread pudding...

You didn't make it hard. :)

Verti Marte - 1201 Royal St - (504) 525-4767

Mar 21, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

Italian in N.O.

Northern Italian is trendy? Well...Andrea's claims to be Northern (and Creole/American) Italian, but it's kind of the opposite of trendy. Also, Vincent's for Creole Italian.

For more contemporary I like A Mano (central/southern focus).

Feb 17, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

Late night?

As in you plan to arrive downtown by about midnight? Or you have a flight landing about midnight? If you want to stay near the warehouse district, it's probably going to limit your options to mostly bars that serve food.

I know St. Lawrence (on N. Peters, I believe) is open usually until 2-ish.

Just a bit further down is Felipe's, which I think stays open as long as they've got customers. Not uniquely Nola, but you could definitely do worse for late night post-travel food.

Feb 04, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

Austin CH coming to NOLA - Looking for Best Tasting Menus

Seconding Coquette. The food is fantastic, and there's a 5 course one listed on the menu, and a 6 course "we'll send you wantever we want to send you" one as well.

Jan 10, 2013
culinas in New Orleans

First time in Nola for Thanksgiving Weekend

I would not wear (and would not want to be accompanied by someone wearing) jeans to either Commander's or August. (And it's not an old fashioned and/or stuffy thing, I'm in my late 20s). Haven't made it to GW Fins.
Second Coquette for lunch, if you make it uptown to Magazine St. (at Washington). Good window/actual shopping and people watching area. Borgne is another Besh place that specializes in local seafood and is open for lunch. Avoid any restaurants in the quarter with a barker/cling wrapped display plate of food outside.

Nov 18, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Reservations Twelve Folks Casual

Mondo in Lakeview might work well.

Nov 05, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Visiting Tulane - Any Suggestions for Dessert?

That's the Loyola University campus (not LSU) just for clarity for the original poster.

Jun 26, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Mayhaw Jelly

I think I have seen it at Cochon Butcher occasionally. You could call them and check. I'm pretty sure they use it there and at Cochon in some specialty cocktails.

Jun 04, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde menu?

Ah, I lied! I've got a friend in the Navy, and I remember him enlightening me to this fact.
There is indeed a Cafe du Monde with a menu:

But of course ours remain as stated above.

May 07, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde menu?

And chocolate milk. And hot chocolate. And t-shirts and mugs and beignet mix, if those count since they're on the "menu."

But yeah, that's it.

May 07, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Post 11pm dining suggestions & of course critique my food itinerary

I would've brought a sport coat for Commander's and August at least. (Well, if I were a man.) It's been a while since I've been to Commander's so I don't know (also, never had to think about it on account of wearing dresses), but there and at August they're used to tourists, so....yeah. But yes to real pants everywhere but maybe Green Goddess, and perhaps Domenica and Cochon.

As far as real sit down kinda places open late, I really like Maurepas in the Bywater which is open till midnight every day but Wednesday, and there's also Root in the warehouse district which is open till 11 during the week but 2 am on the weekends (but 9pm Sundays). I'm not sure what time the Delachaise on St. Charles stops serving food, but I think it's at least until midnight as well.

May 06, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Romantic, Fine & Fairly Intimate Dinner

If she is deathly allergic, then you need to tell any restaurant when you make the reservation, regardless of type of cuisine.

'Cause we put butter in everything.

I wouldn't specifically aim for a certain type of food just because it typically has less dairy. Just about every *good* restaurant should be able to accommodate you, you've just got to tell them when you make the reservation. I'd trust a place with a chef with good reputation/background with these instructions/restrictions much more than I would want go to a more mediocre restaurant where you'd just be aiming for the possibility of dairy-free stuff on the menu.

Some places outside of the quarter in/under that price range: Le Petite Grocery, Lilette, Coquette, Patois, Clancy's, Brigtsen's, or Gabrielle (at the Uptowner) (weekends only). I don't know what's generally accepted as "romantic" or "intimate," but in the opinion of this mid/late-20s lady, I'd be happy to be taken on a date to any of the above.

Apr 19, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Sweet Olive

A restaurant with the same name =/= The same restaurant.

Apr 12, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Please offer suggestions on my 5 day Easter weekend list with 23 yr. old boys...

If a place takes reservations, and you want to eat there around Jazzfest, make your reservations yesterday.

Apr 03, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Commander's Palace Questions

Getting away with something and being within the dress code are two different things. Better to just dress appropriately, even though a hostess might miss sneakers from behind the hostess stand.
Your fellow diners will appreciate it.
To the OP, I think nice capris would be fine, but I wouldn't worry about the dress/bruises thing either either :)

Apr 03, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

any new veggie treats?

Not exclusively vegetarian, but a good selection at Maurepas: (The menu's on their Facebook page).
If you're looking for pop-ups, also check out Tsai ( where they generally announce dates/locations not too far in advance, and PPX ( which is doing a gumbo z'herbes demo at Jazzfest. Streats ( (also not fully veggie, but about a good chunk of their menu is meatless) is moving into Siberia in the Bywater.

Mar 28, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Looking for great steaks!

Another vote for Mr John's

Mar 17, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Looking for Great Dinner with NOLA/Creole/Cajon Influence on a Sunday....

I wouldn't necessarily change the reservation at Emeril's but, check out the menu at Dante's Kitchen and see if that is more suitable to your group. It's more casual (in dress code and price wise) than Emeril's, but sounds like what you're looking for. Think Dick and Jenny's but 20 times better.

Mar 08, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Domenica service

I was so excited about Domenica, even before it opened, to have more options for Italian (and not Creole-Italian, not that there's anything wrong with that) in New Orleans.

There are so many things that look so good on Domenica's menu. I want so badly to go back but like you said, I have just heard (and, once, experienced) too many crazy service stories.

(My personal one, maybe 1-1.5 years ago includes bring out the wrong salumi platter, server being unable to identify the different meats, and bringing out entrees about 5 minutes after we received first courses, with our server holding our plates above our table and asking "Um, do you want these now?") Around the same time period, my boyfriend and his parents received similar service on two seperate occasions. I'm sad that these kinds of things are still happening so much later.

As sanglier said, even as just a line cook I know I hate to read bad reviews for a place where I've tried my best to put out good food to have the experience ruined by bad service (or to be unable to prepare food with the right timing due to bad service, but that's not the point. BOH and FOH are perfectly capable of screwing up independently of each other, haha).
I just want to be able to eat and enjoy the food Chef Alon has envisioned/created/described on the menu.

With recent reviews and at that price point though, I'm afraid I'm going to have to keep skipping it, or maybe just take the minimal risk (budget wise) and try the happy hour.

Feb 29, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Taking my mom to NOLA for the weekend. Would LOVE you forever if you could help.

Yes, what expat said. Avoid the tourist trap that is Masperos. Dinner at Cochon (or Butcher) would be good in the same price point for Cajun influenced food. They're closed Sundays, but as mentioned, you probably won't need a huge meal depending on how late you've eaten brunch.
And I say keep Emeril's.

Feb 27, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Marathon Meal--A Mano, The Italian Barrel, or Cafe Giovanni

So you're running for real? :) (I know a few folks who like to use the carb loading excuse just to eat an entree and a half of fettucine alfredo the night before a 5k).

Personally, I recommend A Mano just as a great New Orleans restaurant, not only in the "Italian restaurants" category. They're very into authentic central/southern Italian food as well as what's in season here.

Feb 26, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Marathon Meal--A Mano, The Italian Barrel, or Cafe Giovanni

Are you looking more for a real, nice meal that happens to be Italian or more for large quantities of pasta? I don't really think A Mano when I think carbo loading.

If it's more about carbs for your buck, look into Angeli or Reginelli's, or maybe Mandina's. I can only speak with experience to A Mano (where the pastas are more of an appetizer or small entree size with proteins listed as the mains), but the restaurants you listed are places where you're going to be paying for the quality of the food more than the quantity. Again, not knowing exactly what you're looking for or your transportation situation, you might also look into Andrea's in Metairie.

Feb 26, 2012
culinas in New Orleans

Reviews of Boucherie?

Same chef, but I would call and see if they would even do a 10 top before you consider too much. I've found Boucherie has been consistently good, but the dining room only holds about 30 people.

Feb 25, 2012
culinas in New Orleans