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Thai Food today only Corktown Detroit

Chef Brad Greenhill had scheduled a $45/person pop-up dinner for revolver this weekend, but due to some sort of kitchen malfunction it is now not going to happen. Since there is food already in prep, he's going to finish it and sell a la carte at Motor City Wine from 6pm today only.

This is a big deal (to me, anyway) because I had some of his Thai food at a Katio (his upcoming food truck) preview a few weeks back and was seriously blown away by it.

This guy is getting into Thai food like Pok-Pok's Andy Ricker (Portland & NYC) has.

Info & menu here--


Due to a kitchen malfunction our revolver dates this weekend were canceled. No bigs, we're moving the party over to MotorCity Wine and doing the menu a la carte from the Katoi truck. Come eat some dope Thai food.

(charred carrots + lime + peanuts + coconut yogurt


(garlic cucumber + birdseye chili + szechuan peppercorn)

(tiger prawn + sour curry + yolk + crispy rice cake)

(crying tiger smoked brisket + toasted chili sauce + sticky rice)

(grilled wild mushrooms + lemongrass chili sauce + sticky rice)

(fried chinese dough + durian custard)

v = vegetarian

Jul 12, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Harrison MI (north of Clare): PASTIES!

Thanks for that tip! I'll definitely be trying those if I ever get up that way.

Closer to home (in my case metro Detroit), have you ever tried the pasties from Thomas Cake Shop in the plaza with Thai Taste on Livernois & Long Lake in Troy? It seems an unlikely source, I realize, but I spotted a "pasties" sign in their window and was curious enough to inquire about them. Yes, the nice woman replied, they do include rutabaga. I bought one just to try, even though I already had Thai food for our dinner.

It turned out to be the best pasty I, child of a Yooper, had ever eater.

Jun 27, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

New Annual Thai Food Festival-Thai Temple-Sterling Heights (not MBMC-Warren)

There's another post on this, with a nice, informative article here--


I do plan to go, and I often go to Sunday Market @MBMC.

For any others such as myself who can't get enough of the more atypical (relative to metro Detroit restaurants) Thai food, there's a second opportunity on Sunday. Chef Brad Greenhill, formerly of Carmen in Boston's North End, has been doing catering and pop-ups around Ann Arbor (as Righteous Rojo) for a while now. He's got a Thai food truck in the works to debut hopefully later this summer. But this Sunday evening he's doing food for Motor City Wine's (Corktown) weekly Sundaylicious event.

Here's the event listing for Sunday and a link to an article about his intermittently-mobile Thai cuisine project. The menu he'll have available at Motor City Wine is copied below.



SOM TAM (v option) 7
(pounded green papaya salad


(blistered corn + grilled leek + green curry)

KHAO SOI (v option) 11
(chiang mia curried noodles + drumstick)
v: mushroom + tofu

(pork skewers + peanut sauce + spicy cucumber)

AI TIIM (v) 6
(iced coconut cream sundae + sweet sticky rice)

(v = vegan)

Jun 27, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Detroit restaurant hummus-where/how is it produced?

I don't really know either, but I am sure the proprietor (youngish guy) at International Foods on Dequindre near 17 Mile in Sterling Heights is very, very proud of his! He'll also caution you that it is fresh, so cannot be expected to have as long a shelf life as the commercially processed kind.


May 28, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Pandan leaves (DTW)

Try Seven Seas on Nine Mile near Ryan in Warren. I think I saw some there within the past couple of weeks.

Definitely phone ahead, though.


May 28, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

El Papa de los Pollitos - Detroit MI

Los Gallos is very good, but definitely not the same people (nor the same marinade).

When I asked at the soccer field (where Papa de los Pollitos used to show up after they left that problematic storefront), I was told they'd stop coming around. Sad.

Looks like their last post to their Facebook page was last July. Includes quite a few nice photos from Patton Park, though. https://www.facebook.com/elpapadelosp...

Patton Park is west of their former storefront location, and west of Los Gallos. It is nearly across the street from Roman Village. In conjunction with the Sunday Hispanic Futbol (soccer) league games-- often six of them simultaneously-- there are always food stands. I've been going on off weeks from Thai Temple. Some stands are better than others, some very "grandma and the kids." Interesting and I think worthwhile though.


May 28, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Detroit for 4th of July

Detroit Fireworks are June 23, which is outside the window of Joanie's visit.

May 20, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Weekend in Ann Arbor with a 2 year-old: suggestions?

Just one note-- Los Altos is mostly (? all) booths, Nuestra Familia is tables. I think high chairs work better with tables, by far, but FYI either way.

May 07, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Weekend in Ann Arbor with a 2 year-old: suggestions?

I don't know what happened to El Rey (it seems to change hands or change active participants from time to time) but I stopped by for some tacos a few weeks back and they were just bad-- leathery yellow corn shells, overcooked chorizo, dried out cilantro, only one not-good salsa choice. That is sad to me because I've really loved the place previously-- both the food and just the look if it. I did not try their grilled chicken so I don't know whether quality has declined there as well.

Mentions of Lupita's always amuse me because Los Altos is the same owner, same recipes, etc. but a larger place, more extensive menu and I think far more comfortable. Los Altos has adjacent paved, fenced parking, and now accepts credit cards and has a liquor license. Here's an interview with the owner of both.


Taqueria Nuestra Familia is absolutely my favorite place for Mexican in Detroit. The food, the service and the decor are all great, and it is very common to see small children dining with their families in here. They also have adjacent, fenced parking.


I like Mexicantown Bakery better than LaGloria, perhaps mostly because I think it is a far cuter place, plus I like their flan and their Mexican cheesecake. I think the bakery counters at E & L and Prince Valley markets both have better empanadas than the bakeries though, and PV's tres leche cakes are both delicious and showy.

May 07, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Thai Temple in Warren

I arrived a few minutes after noon and found little left. Was told the Counsulor services being offered that day really brought out the crowd early.

Next time I'll try to arrive earlier, and hope for more remaining selection.

May 05, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

No reviews on Hefling's? [Suburban Detroit]

I recently discovered (was pointed to) this place, and also wondered whether it had been mentioned here. I think it's quite the find-- and no, they don't have any trouble moving prime cuts most any day of the week I don't think.

It is a fairly small place, and they offer a lot of single-serving sized chunks of beef. I don't mind that, but others may prefer otherwise. They purposely let stock deplete from Thursday on through Saturday so there's not much left to have to store until the following Tuesday when they reopen. Sometimes they'll mark what they do have left down a bit late in the day on Saturday, but there's never much selection remaining by then.

They also sell pork, poultry, eggs and milk.

May 02, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Recommendations for Greektown Eats? Good Gyros a Plus [Detroit, MI]

Never having tried Five Guys, I can't answer that question. It has just been a puzzlement to me that they (some generic if allegedly above average burger place) could survive on that prime corner in Greektown when there's actual Greek food available within a couple hundred feet.

My point was that the (lack of) quality and (lack of) price/value of that $7.25 Golden Fleece gyros seemed to be the answer. What else is there to eat nearby for $7.25 or less? Five Guys.

May 01, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Recommendations for Greektown Eats? Good Gyros a Plus [Detroit, MI]

I used to get the gyros at Golden Fleece fairly regularly a few years back, then wasn't around there much and mostly forgot about the place save for mentions on these CH boards.

Found myself over there yesterday, marched in and ordered the gyros sandwich. It was horrible. And $7.25. Never, ever again!

That sandwich used to come on the thicker, Greek-style pita, and used to consist of fairly thin, even slices of thoroughly cooked ground meat, thinly sliced good onions, multiple tomato slices and a thick white sauce (packed on the side for to-go) whose garlic content (or not) I do not quite recall.

Yesterday it was awkward, not-possible-to-fold chunks of rubbery, visibly-high-fat-content meat, irregular slices of low grade onion, ONE sloppy hunk of tomato and perhaps a teaspoon of some very thin white sauce which rolled off immediately. Just uck.

It also didn't have much flavor. The pre-sliced gyros meat I've occasionally had from the local deli tasted better, sad to say. I can now understand how Five Guys Burgers survives just across the street.

Apr 30, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Looking for Dinner Recommendations in Detroit

I used to love El Barzon until they got w-a-y too expensive for me. Have you looked at their prices recently? Vicente's is great but sadly their dinner entrees exceed $15/person as well. http://www.vicente.us/dinner_menu.pdf

Apr 25, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Looking for Dinner Recommendations in Detroit

Again not quite walkable (1.4 miles) but I think Midtown Shangri-la would work for you. Open until midnight, tables for 8, reservations, waiter service, full bar, multiple vegetarian choices, easy to order at under $15/person. Fairly easy street parking on a Saturday.

The draw here is menu-ordered (as opposed to cart) dim-sum, and I think it's what they do best. I've much enjoyed some of their noodle soups. They also offer typical Ameri-Chinese, sushi, some Thai entrees.

I see it as a place you can go, sit together quite comfortably, enjoy each other's company, enjoy some interesting dim-sum dishes rather than as a major chow-ish destination.


I love Nuestra Familia and would consider it a similar situation to Midtown Shangri-La, only Mexican. Not so sure about vegetarian there though, as their cooking is very traditional.

Over in Dearborn I'd head for Cedarland, except no alcohol there. However anything on W Warren puts you proximate to Shatila and their inexpensive, tasty treats.

Apr 25, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Looking for Dinner Recommendations in Detroit

I would definitely avoid Traffic Jam. I work right in the area and get dragged in there from time to time. The place is maddeningly inconsistent, but even when they're "on" the price:value just isn't there.

Apr 25, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Cantoro, Plymouth, DTW?

People have been posting on FB and on Yelp that it is indeed open. Some photos here--

Mar 20, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

DTW: least sucky restaurant in RO

Bistro 82, but I wouldn't want to have to rush off to a concert.

Mar 15, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

DTW. Torino as Freep Restaurant Of The Year

I don't think there is any danger of either of these places overbooking their reservations! In neither case would you ever have people hovering over you waiting for your table. I'd say if you want to go, go any time you can get a reservation.

I suggested Torino to someone on here months ago, and was relieved when they liked it. I second the "not for everyone" comment, but it is a dining adventure for sure-- though not unlike what's available in other cities, and similar to some of the high end pop-ups (Guns + Butter and the like) here. On the other hand I think if would be hard not to love Marais.

Mar 15, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Veggie options in Detroit and etc...

Not surprised. Those guys are really, really sharp.

My problem with them is distance. There was talk of a Troy location but so far it has not happened. Love to see it as it would at least be closer. They really should come to Midtown, though! Despite the university, the med center and soon the light rail from Downtown, there really is no Indian anything worth mentioning in Midtown. (See also the new, always-busy Go Sy Thai!)

Feb 24, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Tried Noble Pig in GPF, MI (Detroit area)...

I'm a big fan of crab cakes (possibly spoiled by those from the late, great Muer's on Gratiot) and live nearby, but had never tried any of Kahlich's prior eateries. Based on the discussion here I went in and ordered crab cakes, to go. Got them home only to find they were burned-- and that was that. :-(

Feb 16, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Mulefoot Gastro Pub--Imlay City, MI

Thanks for that info, Mattromine. That tells me a lot more than "we decided to make a gastropub and use local ingredients because that's what's cool right now, so here we are."

Jan 30, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Mulefoot Gastro Pub--Imlay City, MI

These sled dogs from downtown Detroit? As for me, only if that sled has a well heated cab!


Jan 28, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Seeking car show dining guidance (round 2!)

It's getting late to add to this thread, I know. Still, a few comments ...

Original Buddy's is far superior to the Buddy's in Dearborn. Original Buddy's has guarded parking. I (non-intimidating female person) go there. No problem.

I know Loui's has its fans. I just don't know why, when Original Buddy's is available. It's all about the crust.

I loved Bucharest's shawarma a year ago, but think it has gone way downhill of late. They changed the way the chicken is cut (thinner now) and they just keep burning it-- uck! Still they'll deliver around downtown, and quite late, so I'll tolerate it in a pinch.

El Barzon gets such mixed reviews (some serious service problems) and their prices have gone up so much I don't think I'd even bother in this weather. Their new patio is lovely, so maybe just maybe that would be worth the price of admission during the summer.

Senor Lopez nearby on Michigan Ave has some so the same Mexican specialties I most enjoy at El Barzon, close in quality and at less than half the price. Currently they're running an Auto Show special-- 40% off (!!!) if you show your ticket stub. Open later is Nuestra Familia over on W Vernor near Central-- consistently good Jaliscan food. Up Vernor a bit, La Terraza with their seafood focus is another option, and often has live entertainment in the evening. The make-up of the crowd tends to depend on the entertainment. LaT also does a huge after-church business on Sundays, going through many crates of fresh oranges. I'm not thrilled with their breakfast dishes, but they'll serve their entire menu pretty much any time.


Jan 25, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Mulefoot Gastro Pub--Imlay City, MI

Thanks for that link, Trapani. Looks interesting, and highly unlikely for Imlay City or that area in general. Any idea of the backgrounds of the folks behind it?

Their FB says "new menu" as of mid-January. I wonder if that's the one on their website? Also, I do hate menus with no prices!

Jan 24, 2014
ak994 in Great Lakes

Dinner near The Fisher in DTW

Price point? They are being soooo secretive about prices, I've really resented them and have therefore avoided the place.

Dec 19, 2013
ak994 in Great Lakes

Grocery Aisle/Cart Ettiquite? [DTW]

I agree with woodburner. And with RedTop.

And I'd have gone ahead and snapped that pic, probably.

Dec 02, 2013
ak994 in Great Lakes

Can't Miss in Detroit-Dearborn

Where did you end up, Clevelander?

Nov 22, 2013
ak994 in Great Lakes

Can't Miss in Detroit-Dearborn

Saturday mornings are for Eastern Market in Detroit. There are some restaurants surrounding the market, but it's quite possible to just walk around and nosh. I always enjoy the croissant stand (almond, chocolate, various savories) among others. You'll also find the famous (Zimmern) Love's Custard Pies. And a variety of food trucks. Here's a market map (takes a minute to load) http://www.detroiteasternmarket.com/m...

My favorite in Dearborn for homestyle middle eastern fare is Cedarland. For very good straightforward basic dishes (shawarma) I head for Hamido. Either way, my dessert stop is the always enticing Shatila-- especially for their tropical flavors of ice cream. Plus wonderful pistachio.

Y*lp links are a short-cut way to convey addresses, hours of operation, website links and photos--


Zingerman's is very good but very pricey. It depends on what you want, of course. I don't think it tops the Saturday morning Eastern Market experience, though.

However, if you do go to Ann Arbor and you're near Kerrytown, Fustini's is a don't miss. Oils and vinegars may not sound that exciting, but wowie zowie those samples are addicting! http://www.yelp.com/biz/fustinis-oils...

Nov 14, 2013
ak994 in Great Lakes

Dinner near The Fisher in DTW

FYI Rodin's chef is leaving and their food service is changing over to something less dinner-y and lesss French. More emphasis on drinks, though. Good bye, sloppy lamb. Hello ... burgers


Nov 10, 2013
ak994 in Great Lakes