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Hidden gem recommendations along the drive from Toronto to Niagara on the Lake & also for the Bruce Peninsula ( Red Bay, Sauble beach, Lion's Head, Tobermory)

The Lake House, which you see from the QEW just on the way into St. Catherines on the North or lake side, have a really nice patio just steps from the lake. The food is good if not great, but its worth a stop to have an appetizer and a drink if the food is nice.

Have fun!

bars/pubs/lounges/places for drinks where 40somethings aren't out of place, where conversation is possible without straining your voice, and the music isn't turned up to nightclub levels between 10:30 pm and midnight....

monks kettle at royal york and bloor is amazing. their beer selection is top notch, their charcuterie tray is fantastic, and 40 is the new 30 here.

whelans has been a favourite of mine for years at keele and bloor, but haven't been much lately....

Peterborough nice dinner for young couple

its a bit of a drive, but eganridge up on sturgeon lake is very nice, and very reasonable. i'd make the drive for the atmosphere and stop into bobcaygeon for a beer on the patio at the red tomato (bobcaygeon inn).

happy 3rd!!

Critique my "must try" list for Toronto!

San Remo on Royal York is an excellent lunch choice. Their sandwiches are simply fantastic.

Artisano is not bad either.

Both are fairly simple, but both pleasant and tasty.


Birthday dinner suggestions needed

i love via allegro on the queensway by sherway. great atmosphere, unbelievable wine list, very fancy menu with some good all ages options. always impresses me.

alternately, something not quite as fancy but very nice, rococo's plum tomato is always nice.

Best Roti?

+1 for Island foods. I'm amazed more people don't appreciate it, its a family run business thats been around for 20 years and I keep trying others when people rate them higher.

no better carribean roti in the city, nor anywhere I've been in the islands.

Dining options near Exhibition grounds

there is a pub called brazen head with decent food in liberty. there is a serbian place called jolly on dufferin just outside the dufferin gate which is nice too. roncesvalles offers tons of options if you want to go west a tad. or, if you're driving you could go over to sunnyside cafe, on the lakeside of sunnyside pool and eat on the patio right on the boardwalk.

enjoy, literally tons of options in the area i'm sure you'll have no problems

Sushi in Etobicoke?

sushi to go down on queensway is nice and a little more low key that kaji.

I would highly recommend a trip to spoon and fork in the plaza at kipling and queensway. The sushi is pretty good, creative, and lunch is i think 1399 all you can eat. includes thai as well, bbq, soups, salads, sushi, and normal thai dishes.

Very fun atmosphere, would be fun for a 5 yr old I think, lots of opportunity to try. My 3 yr old enjoys it.

The sushi place on dundas near apache burger, besides li's oriental (formerly holeechow) is pretty good too, and not upitty.


Peterborough to Kawarthas: Food Finds?

heya sweetpea.

I don't know about between PTB and BC, but I know there are several farms offering fresh eggs along hwy 36 between Lindsay and bobcaygeon. Look for the signs, or stop at any of the mennonite farms.

Kelly's is a wonderful stop closer to bobcaygeon, just north/east of scotch line road.




burrito boyz makes me sick. chorizo grill is so much fresher. who grills burritos in mexico.. uhnobody.

fat bastard opened near me a few months ago, maybe 6 now even, and burrito boyz just opened across teh street on queensway. why can't chorizo grill open here, i still have to drive to clarkson. bb and fb are both so bad i go all the way to clarkson, even tho i can walk in 2 min to the other 2.

Chorizo Mexican Grill
950 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J2Y4, CA

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

i'm sorry but i'm with seansston too. i have only been once, and wont go back. the food was good, some better, the beans were a little too much bourbon (i can't believe i'm saying that). the bbq was good, nice tx style but....

when i walked in i tried to order bbq for takeout. the lady asked the man cooking (i kind of assuem it was the owners but not sure) if i could have that. he impatiently told her no in such a way is if to suggest how could i be so stupid. then i tried to order sandwich's and they were out of almost everything. same with the beans but they managed to scrape some together.

all together, decent food, but not nearly worth the hassle. it was like watching a couple with an abused wife having guests over and afraid to upset her controlling husband. awkward, really not fun at all. i'd go back to austin before going again.

unfortunate, i had high hopes but won't be back.

Real BBQ in Etobicoke

Had take out from here today. Paul seemed flustered when I went in, Sandy had to ask him what he had available and he seemed... well distant maybe... he doesn't seem to handle pressure too well.

I really loved the smell so despite being told i couldn't have a dinner, only sandwiches for takeout (they didn't have brisket or meatloaf for a platter but I could have a sandwich?). I ordered a meatloaf, brisket, and pulled chicken. Sandy checked with him again and confirmed I could in fact have all that. (7:30 on a tuesday, maybe not peak time to try). Also ordered a side of beans, and potato salad, and at CH's suggestion extra bbq sauce.

Paul did come over as he finished up my order and apologized for the wait, which really wasn't all that bad, maybe 10 min.

So I split the meatloaf and brisket sandwiches with my cousin and my wife had the chicken. I enjoyed all, the meatloaf was nice, brisket was very good, not too fatty, nice and tasty, very smoky like I was expecting.

The chicken was just chicken, but when I used to have texas bbq in austin it was just chicken there too, not really what you go to bbq for.

The potato salad was very nice, the beans... as someone said, they bourbon flavour is a little much but not bad.

All in all, i'd like to go back and try eating in. I'm not a huge sandwich fan I would have enjoyed it more without the bun. That being said, all was tasty and I will go back. Better than anything I've had in a tex mex place trying to do bbq or brisket.


Etobicoke good eats

eden down on the lake is really nice too, keep going down park lawn south of lakeshore its on the road pl turns in to. also along lakeshore is casa mendoza, great summer patio.

buon giorno is a little italian place halfway between islington and kipling on the north side of queensway, the italian sandwiches are awesome, my wife's fav is a deli sandwich the joey d special, delicious.

vesuvio's pizza in the junction is my fav, and il paesano is a close second. there is a bakery down royal york, south of evans, everything is fantastic.

european meats on jutland (parallel to queensway 2 streets north, between isl and kip) is fantastic for fresh meats, deli meats, and a quick sandwich or burger. right beside is a german store with great cheeses and preserves.

good luck, enjoy, so much to appreciate in etobicoke!

Korean BBQ... Teppanyaki Style?

sorry on bloor just west of spadina

Wheelchairs? West end?

from my above post;

"Thats greek, a greek place just west of islington on queensway, is fantastic"

its "thats greek",

Niagara wine region

the lakehouse on the western outskirts of st. catherines, right on the qew, has great food and the location over the lake is fantastic. its eaiser to access on the way home, but its worth detouring for regardless.

ISO a great Mac and Cheese

surprising i know, i'm glad someone seconded that so people will try it.

good eats in Etobicoke

i prefer just greek, its a small family run place on queensway west of islington. totally agree with mcgoos, although apache is a great late night place. the fish and chips place just west of bank of montreal on queensway almost at islington is good too.

oh and green mango is the best thai i've had outside thailand.

ISO a great Mac and Cheese

greenjeans in the eaton centre has surprisingly good mac and cheese. creamy and with a hint of onion, very pleasant, and cheap, like 3 bucks for a small bowl.

Wheelchairs? West end?

Hey there,

My brother is in a wheelchair so I can give you suggestions as to where we've been. He lives in Barrie but we've eaten out when he's visited.

I'm at Kipling/queensway. Thats greek, a greek place just west of islington on queensway, is fantastic. its my favourite greek place in toronto never mind the west end, and is fully accessible.

Rocco's on islington north of queensway is good, although a little hit and miss on dishes, and also accessible. The mall is accessible, there is a pickle barrel in there that is... well its pickle barrel. i lvoe the brunch, the rest is so so. also very accessible.

very casual but decent food is the grill on the queensway over by east mall north side, decent food and also accessible. i imagine all the chains (east side, montanas, jack astors) likely are accessible, although I can't tell you first hand.

hope that helps, enjoy!

Peterborough to Kawarthas: Food Finds?

the farmers market in lindsay is worth checking out also, saturdays before noon. the red tomato in bobcaygeon at the old inn is okay, mostly pub food but the specials are nice and the patio over the river is great. kawartha dairy has great ice cream, although i'll take empire cheese and their salsa cheddar/mozz anyday.

There is a great veg/fruit stand on hwy 36 just past scotch settlement road, about 20 km north of lindsay on the way to bobcaygeon. the woman who runs it, kelly, grew it from a tiny little stand to quite the production over the last few years. grows most of the veg right there and buys the rest as local as possible. her beans are fantastic, i love making a fresh nicoise salad using beans picked that morning!

the airport in lindsay is a great breakfast/lunch stop as well, on hwy 35 just north of town, and if you have kids its fun to watch the planes. have a small patio, always very crowded weekends tho.

thats all for now, happy feasting!

Korean BBQ... Teppanyaki Style?

Hey there,

There is a korean bbq place, although the name escapes me, on Bathurst just west of Spadina. It maybe 10 or so buildings from the corner, and has a big stone facade, has great korean bbq that you cook by yourself. the steak is fantastic, the shrimp to die for, and the enoki mushrooms are amazing. has sushi too, really great food all of it, and a really fun great experience.



anyone who likes carribean roti needs to try island foods at dufferin and king. i've had roti all over the city over the past 10 years, as well as all over the caribbean, and cant find anything the even comes close. its not cheap if you want boneless (i prefer the chicken) but its well worth it. peak times its often lined up out the door so better to go early if your'e in a rush. enjoy!

oh, a friend of mine, who has had island foods, talks of a place called cory's (sp?) in oakville, and he maintains its better than IF. i'll make sure i get to try that as soon as i can.

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

the huge one you guys are talking about on dixie north of steeles is tandoori flame, right next to the tim hortons south of the huge rogers complex (formerly the nortel complex). its pretty good, gets crazy busy, but the selection if ridiculous, you can find anything there. the eggplant masala is particularly yummy.

Where is the best Mexican in Toronto?

hernando's yum! burrito boyz, i used to like but the last time i had from the port credit location it was so gross i couldn't eat it. it s a little out of town but there is a place at southdown/lakeshore called chorizo grill, very very good. reminds me of the burritos i've had in acapulco and cancun and puerto vallarta. very authentic, quality, and always busy, so be patient. going off lunch time is a good idea. my fav is the chicken but the chorizo and steak are both excellent too (i'm not a seafood lover). for me, i live in etobicoke and my wife insists i make the drive periodically to grab one, they're that good.


my favourite chinese (authentic, i lived in singapore for a year) is peters chung king on college just west of spadina. the moo shoo pork is out of this world, and i don't think i've ever had anything i didn't like. its lacking on atmosphere, but its clean, fast, and the dumplings are amazing.

you won't be disappointed.

Food and/or patio in Port Credit?

actually its Thyme 4, and they do have a small patio out front. its not on the menu but the penne a la vodka is amazing, ask they'll probably make it for you.

I heard that the pump was opening a patio? I hope so. Need more patios in the neighbourhood. the little dive dinner across the river is great for souvlaki or braekfast, very busy place and cheap beer, small patio but depending on your tastes possibly lacking in atmosphere.

Inexpensive but good Greek

I'm not sure where you were looking to go, the danforth is the obvious for the real greek experience. I live in etob and there is a family run place at islington/queensway called thats greek, lunch with a souvlaki with salad would run about 10 bucks. I LOVE |their chicken and the saganaki is fantastic.

good luck!

Indian food in South Etobicoke

Chutneys is, in my opinion, some of the best indian I've had in toronto. I've travelled extensively in india and find this very high quality, and very authentic. we often order at 4:50 and pick up around 530. if you get your order in between 4 and 5 you get 35% off. Our favourites are the beef bhuna and the chicken kalimurch (sp?) is absolutely to die for.

have been to everest, it was good but prefer chutneys. wish i'd tried swaad before it closed.

The buffets in miss are great, i wish there was a bombay palace or tandoori grill place nearby. both are on dixie, bp just north of the 407 and tg about 5 min north. both all you can eat, lunch around 12-13 bucks, both a steal.