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Perfect evening at Tocqueville spoiled by final service

You could just say: "Excuse me, may we have the check please?" That should help next time.

That being said, holding eye contact should be enough to bring a waiter over in a restaurant of the caliber of Tocqueville.

I would call and let them know. I'm sure they'd be happy to hear about your experience.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

So what I can gather from this thread is that the chowhound manifesto is poorly worded

What's the difference between a "Chowhound" and a "Foodie" ??

I'm going to put it to bed with that one.

What's the difference between a "Chowhound" and a "Foodie" ??

Someone has to add new venues to yelp . . . Must be the chowhounds, right? :-P

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

That's a very interesting sentiment. I think you nail it there.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

Nothing is permanent. When you read, you are a reader, paint, a painter, you cease to be a photographer for that moment. You may self-identify with the term "photographer" when you are asked, even in the middle of painting or reading.

Specious reasoning would be to assume one could be either a chowhound or a foodie (by the definition of the manifesto, not mine, of course) and being one would mutually exclude the other. Only without human contact of any type could one claim to be a chowhound at all times.

In essence, you are saying, even when you are doing things that a chowhound does, you are still a foodie?

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

All right! That's what I'm talking about! We're always going to have ignorant fools who call people queer, but we don't have to accept that person's views as the gospel.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

So when they're eating somewhere someone else recommended, they're foodies?

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

That's exactly how I feel.

The problem is the denigration of the word. From this perspective, to make fun or demean people that refer to themselves as "foodies" doesn't make a "Chowhound" seem more knowledgeable, it makes him seem more foolish.

I would guess that this is true for 99.99% of the food community; if a one feels negativity associated with the word "foodie," someone else put that negativity there, and that person is just parroting the sentiment without having thought for themselves about what the word means.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

I only indicated that you didn't read the whole post because you must have gone to my website to get the title of the post . . . I guess you could have just moused-over the link, but that wouldn't really serve any purpose.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

Does a solid manifesto define itself by telling you what it's not?

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

The problem is that when money is no object, the decor and service seep into the review. If you put on two identical pairs of shoes and one has a swoosh, what are we subconsciously thinking about quality?

My point is that "foodie" is a pejorative term because of other food snobs.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

If you think that about this "final word," you didn't read the whole post.

I'm a foodie and I'm proud

I wrote this post today on and I just wanted to take some snippets of it to post here to see what kind response it would get. I think it sums up the animosity behind the word foodie, but also looks at it from the other side. Here are the salient items and those relating to this website:

I have been reading all sorts of blog posts that are anti-foodie lately (of course, they’ve been around for quite some time, they’ve just recently been brought to my attention) and I’d like to clarify some things. The posts say that self-proclaimed foodies are snobby, don’t know much about food, enjoy luxury food because it is luxurious (and to the contrapositive DO NOT enjoy plebeian food because it is plebeian), and care more about the name of the chef, star rating, and exclusivity of the seat than the taste of the food. Going one step further, Chowhound officially denounces the group as people without minds of their own:

-------Foodies eat where they’re told.

This is probably more to stroke the egos of the people on the Chowhound message boards than anything else, since they go on to say, “Chowhounds blaze trails,” and “This discerning, passionate crowd has long been completely invisible and utterly disenfranchised” as if every single @%#$ing one of these underdogs that sign up for usernames on this message board is the first one to experience that special moment at each restaurant for the first time everywhere they go. How’s that for holier-than-thou?

Why would you choose to poo-poo a word at the expense of hypocrisy? Another post on the site again discounts foodies as sheeple, the irony being that it comes from someone so thoroughly taken with his identity in a word that his title at the newsmag is simply Chowhound-at-large. What would that person’s primary job responsibilities be? Despising hype? Not being fooled by flash? To find great food and tell other people about it? OK, so you’re a Chowhound and the rest of the people who read your posts are also Chowhounds; they’re most certainly NOT foodies who only eat where they’re told . . .

Am I missing something here? Jim’s posts on the Chowhound message board lead me to believe the guy is on the right track about bringing people over to the gourmand side, but he’s steering his flock in the wrong direction in his campaign, seducing them into the attribution of negativity to the word in question. I guess I’ll just have to chalk it up to pride in his website (in deference, he has every right to be proud; I use the site religiously).


Do I care where the food comes from? @#%$ yes I care where it comes from. After my first taste, am I about to blindly follow consensus or formulate my own opinion? Come on. Do I allow that there are people who go all Emperor’s New Clothes on each successive trendiest-spot-in-town? Absolutely.

The ascription of the negative foodie to someone is an assignment by a food snob. If they’re right, there are two pompous jerks involved in the transaction; if they’re wrong, only one.

I hope that clears things up.

If you'd like to read the rest of the post - You can check it out here:

What NYC based food blogs do you read?

Just wondering. I am reading right now and . . . Looking to spread my wings a bit.

Baltimore - best spot for dinner these days?

Petit Louis Bistro will knock your socks off if you are thinking Baltimore. In a very quaint part of Roland Park with a superb staff. Order the eggplant napoleon (fried eggplant over fresh tomatoes, pesto and goat cheese) and at least one of you get a baked chicken. Also, whaetver creamy soup they have, try it.

What Is Mineral Oil?

Wouldn't it depend on what kind of cutting board you were using? They're talking about wood, of course, but bamboo reacts differently to some oils.

Sep 18, 2009
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Best Pho in/around DC?

Weigh in? I am going to pick one for 24 in 24: DC and I need some recommendations.