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Parisian Macaroons?

The best macarons I've had are from Labamboche hands down. I've also heard them repeatedly being compared to the best ones found in Paris. Any pastries from Pusataries are usually brought in and overpriced and defiantly not worth it. Moroco's are a joke for the price; inconsistent and way too sweet. La cigogne, Rahiers, and patachous lack in flavor and texture. From what i've had Thuets are alright.

Toronto - Best Pho recommendations?

Are you talking about Schezuan legend(its the only chinese restaurant that i know of in the area that you're referring to)? Their pho dish doesn't contain any meat or veggies, but their noodles are drenched in their homemade chilli sauce which is spicy and super tasty!

Splendido reopening

My experience was pleasent, at first I was intimidated by the service(they are very robotic in their manner), but landed an awesome waiter so it was cool. The food was good, well executed and simple. They were also very accommodating to any issues regarding diets and allergies. I guess the only downer is that it was expensive, and the food i had was nothing special. I had a good time anyway, because the food was delicious and the service was great.

Best macarons in Toronto?

Moroco macarons taste like pure sugar. Absolutley no flavor! The ones at Thuet are similiar, definitly not worth it. I've tried some from Patachou, Thuet, Moroco, Celestine(long time ago), Rouelo(sp?), La Bamboche, Nadege, David's Tea... I havent really ventured to the yorkville area that much so i cant advocate for the stores down town. The best I've had are definitly from La Bamboche. They're more on the chewy side, but really not that sweet and have a wonderful flavor! They are also a nice size and the macaron cookie itself is very tasty. Check them out at 4 Manor Rd. E just south of Yonge and Eglinton.

Nadege Patisserie is Bad

The shop it self is beautiful, very simplistic and modern, but I have to ditto pretty much everybody's comments and say that the products themselves are a joke. At the price that I payed, I expected something. 'Effort and hard work' doesn't mean jack if the result is lacking.
The croissants were flat and dense. It doesn't help that each product is displayed individually on a low, white showcase. It emphasized the size and shape of the product and makes them look even worse. The madeleines were awful(tasteless and soggy), and the macarons were disappointing. The cake I had was pretty, but the sake(im guessing) that they infused in the mousse killed the flavor of everything else. The insides basically tasted like a cheap chinese supermarket cake.
Honestly, I don't understand how they can send out and sell products when they're like that... do they even sample them?

Nadege Patisserie is Bad

The reason why Herme can do what he does with his macarons is because they contain stabilizers and extra 'ingredients'.